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Like other people who bought this item, it cost $8 to replace the warranty glass to have it shipped to you and then they send you to a store that is suppose to support the warranty who wants $10.00+ to take off the old glass and add the new glass and the kicker is, they won't guarantee it will work.Product sucks and so does the warranty. Cannot be combined with any other promotion. I paid for a warranted part directly from the manufacturer.

Click on your registered product that want to process a replacement. A Help to Buy mortgage is different compared to a normal mortgage and will have different mortgage rates and there are currently only 15 mortgage providers offering them. Once the order has shipped you will receive a shipping confirmation e-mail. 200202647 Zagg Ifrogz New Is Ultra Clear 848467083538 (94.3% similar) We may no longer be able to change or cancel your order. We only accept MasterCard, Visa or Paypal. I purchased a phone charger from Amazon in Canada and the appliance stopped functioning after 2 months.

Bubbles all over, plus doesn't adhere along curve line. The install warranty was for two weeks. I attempt to put the iPad in the case and it doesn’t fit. A lifetime warranty is a scam here. I jus don’t want it why such of pain! Ship the product, with your order number written on the OUTSIDE of the shipping package, to one of the addresses provided below. Bought a screen protector from ZAGG for £12.49.

I said it’s ok grandma I will save up and get a new iPad. I was confused because the iPad is a 12.9 and the case says for iPad Pro 12.9. Don’t bother calling either.

Needless to say i'm not ordering from them again after this. FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED.Needed to claim on lifetime warranty advertised, as it cracked in many places - postage (on the replacement item) is now £7.99! Here’s hoping that their product works this time for more than 6 months, although it is still under warranty. I'm pissed.

We use these tracking technologies to tailor your experience, to understand how you and other visitors use our site, and to target and tailor advertising. The shipping address that is on the order does not match the shipping address that is saved on your Paypal account. I went back to them, the lady working there inspected it, and the woman told me she needed to put a new one on, but didn't have any.

Q: How are Callaway Golf looking after their customers and staff during COVID-19? Three weeks later, they finally got a new one in.

I received a replacement screen for my phone directly from ZAGG. Amazon transferred my call to the supplier called Zagg.

Bad , find another company. This will include all necessary tracking information so that you can stay up to date with the latest progress of your delivery. Bad business morals. I get the iPad in the mail I’m excited. And i'm just waiting to get it and have some kind of problem with it to now, that would be just my luck :\.

I've had a Galaxy S9 for a couple of years and had problems with the Zagg glass shield from the first one.

Limited the number of days in the week that our warehouse is operational. In order to help fight the COVID-19 outbreak, we are following all government orders and mandates for your safety as well as that of our employees. Please be cautious and do not include any non-ZAGG products, as they may be disposed of and unable to be retrieved.

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