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Always take your Yorkie poo out first thing in the morning and before bed at night. A Yoodle is a cross puppy otherwise known as a Yorkiepoo, or a Yorkapoo and is a combination of the wonderful Yorkshire Terrier and the Poodle.

Bathing him does not have to be on schedule, and you can bathe him when it’s necessary. If you have done your research into the breed and know a Yorkiepoo is the right dog for you consider contacting a shelter to rehome a rescue Yorkiepoo needing a family. He is more independent than the Miniature Poodle and does not need you to hold him constantly. Instead, measure out his food and feed him twice a day. Help your children interact with your Yorkie poo under supervision, so they can get to know each other. Currently, most Yorkipoo breeds are from first-generation breeding. If you don’t feel confident trimming his coat then your local dog grooming salon or mobile pet service will take good care of him. October 24, 2017. Every dog needs socialization and training to become a well-rounded dog and the Yorkie-poo is no exception to this rule. The Yorkipoo is gentle and does well with children however he can be jumpy or enjoy a good bark so it is best to stay close. Trim Yorkiepoo nails at least once a month. They are not one of the healthiest dog breeds to own. 3. They are playful, curious and energetic. We would love to see your photos and hear your Yorkiepoo stories so we can better educate people looking into the breed. 4. Do not overfeed your Yorkiepoo and avoid leaving food out all day. Expose him to different sights, sounds, people, and experiences as a puppy. Your email address will not be published. Do you have a Yorkie Poo you would like to tell us about? They are a great companion for those who suffer from dog allergies. Stick to a consistent potty training schedule. So what exactly is a Yoodle puppy and why do you need one in your life.. like yesterday! Originally, the Yorkiepoo was designed as a companion dog for people who suffer from allergies due to his likelihood of having a hypoallergenic coat. Enrol him in puppy classes and invite visitors to your home to allow him to interact with different people. House training a Yorkie Poo puppy can be challenging because they can be stubborn at times, so make sure you are doing short, and fun training activities. Yorkie Poo dogs can live up until 10 to 15 years. Quick tip, if you are training a Yorkie Poo, it would be best to stay positive. The Yorkie Poo is a cross breed between the miniature Poodle and Yorkshire Terrier. 12. The Ccrate training method ensures that your dog does not have accidents when in the house as well as giving your dog a place to retreat, rest or nap. When buying a Yorkiepoo puppy, ensure you obtain the health certificate clearances for both parents. You can trim the hair near his eyes so that it does not irritate his eyes. He is truly loyal and enjoys family activities and compared to other small dog breeds, he is less demanding and easy going. Playing with them helps with their mental stimulation. Yorkie Poo Dogs needs a lot and wants a lot of your attention. Crate training is commonly used for dogs, and this can work well for the Yorkie Poo. They are a social butterfly and can get along with many people and even to different pets. Get along with them and match their enthusiasm, and don’t forget to cheer them on every time their training is a success. Yorkipoos are typically healthy as far as dog breeds go. Everything You Need To Know About Teacup Pomeranian, Top 10 Benefits of Having a Yorkshire Terrier, 25 Dogs Look Like Teddy Bears – Teddy Bear Dogs, Top 10 Benefits Of Having A German Shepherd.

Training them is simple, and can perform your tricks in no time! She is now a writer on various outdoor sports such as snowboarding, skiing, surfing and bodysurfing. Some of the Yorkiepoo health conditions you should check for on the health clearances include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, von Willebrand’s disease, hypothyroidism, and thrombopathia. According to Google many people searching for Yorkie Poos also search for the standard breeds Poodles, Miniature Poodles, Teacup Poodles and Yorkshire Terriers. A multigenerational breed (a cross breed of two Yorkipoos) is odorless and nonshedding. A daily walk or run outside will give him enough exercise for his well being.

Brush his coat daily to keep it shiny, silky and healthy. The coat should be soft and silky when you run your hands through it. He generally weighs between 3 to 14 pounds in weight (1.3kgs to 6.3kgs). Clean the outer ear with a dampened cotton ball. Reward her with a treat each time she successfully goes outside to relieve herself.

Yorkiepoo Training is a fun endeavour  when you have a clear idea of your goals and can spend time reinforcing the behaviour. He is not aggressive or snappy and has great confidence. Yorkiepoos are sweet dogs to live with. Expose him to different sights, sounds, people, and experiences as a puppy. Take him for a walk around the neighbourhood and let him go with you to the on suitable errands so that he can polish up his social skills. Training; Behavioral problems; How to Train an Aggressive Yorkie - Tips & Tricks; How to Train an Aggressive Yorkie - Tips & Tricks. Although the Yorkie-poo is small in size, it certainly doesn’t seem like he is aware of this bit of information! Check out our Yorkie-poo photos to see the latest grooming styles. They have an unending enthusiasm and a love for adventures. The Yorkshire terrier is a small dog that is easily trained, it is not usually an aggressive dog. An energetic, playful dog will obviously eat more than a dog that spends most of his day on the couch. This can be a sign of infection. Yorkie Poo’s are an intelligent breed, which makes them a great candidate for training. He is gentle, playful, affectionate and intelligent. To keep your dog’s coat clean and healthy you need to groom your dog daily. Now before we continue, we would like to ask you to read the previous part about training a Yorkie to pee and poo outside, in case you skipped it. Other similar cross breeds searched for include the Morkie, the Maltipoo, Cavapoo, Cockapoo and schnoodle. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. 2. The Yorkipoo is fun loving and affectionate to people. If anything causes you concern in this area it is best to visit the vet asap. She has served as an editor for Blooming Twig Books and the MADA Writing Services publishing company. All things Yorkie poo, Yorkiepoo and Yorkie-Poo, Lovely Yorkie-poo dog, looking at the camera. He can launch himself at bigger dogs (and from experience this can prove disastrous). The health clearances prove that your puppy has gotten all the required vaccinations and has been tested for certain conditions. 11. Potty training is useful during bad weather conditions – raining, snowing or during a heavy storm. Some are a combination of different breeds, while others are known as purebred. Individual size differs, and mature adult size is determined by the size of the parent Poodle who was used for the cross breed, with miniature poodles producing the smaller Yorkie-poos. Never force your Yorkie into the crate or use it as a timeout spot, though. Check his ears every week for bad odor or redness. Don't give your pup commands when she goes outside to relieve herself. This will prevent bacteria and tartar buildup. Brush his teeth two to three times a week. If you are wanting a puppy there are many reputable Yorkie Poo breeders that can help you find that perfect companion. The Yorkie Poo is ideal for anyone looking for a small energetic dog that is affectionate and easy to train. And that’s what I am here for I am Daniela Carrera, a certified Professional dog trainer and I love helping dog trainers solve any kind of problems they face with their doggies. However, some breeders have attempted multigenerational cross breeding. Step 1. If you haven’t yet done Potty trained your dog, Learn How to Potty Train your Yorkshire Terrier puppy in Just 14 days. The Yorkipoo colors include black, red, cream, white, tan, grey, sable, chocolate, and apricot. Giving them treats would also make them more eager for you to train them, and would be rolling over the ground in no time. As with any bread, starting the potty training process as soon as possible is preferable. When the Yorkie is young, make sure to give him proper potty breaks. House Training a Yorkie or Yorkie puppy Understanding Yorkie’s limits to hold its needs. 9. Rating: 4 (1 vote) 1 comment .

6. Courtney McCaffrey graduated from the College of Charleston in 2008 with a B.A. The Yorkipoo can live in an apartment or house. The crossbreed of the two, the Yorkie poo, will catch on to potty training quickly with a little positive reinforcement and a consistent training schedule. Contact us through the Yorkiepoo community pages, we would love to hear from you!

The recommended daily intake for the Yorkie-poo is a maximum of 1 cup of food a day. Energetic, lively, playful, and affectionate.

So why should a Yoodle puppy be your next fluffy family […], There are lots of different dogs breed to choose from. However, the Yorkiepoo is by far one of the most cherished mixes for dog-lovers around the world. Stay calm and take her out to her potty training spot immediately. See files for Dogs. Yorkies and poodles both respond well to repetition, so a morning routine will help your Yorkie poo catch on quickly, and she will feel most comfortable relieving herself in a familiar place. Crating also allows your dog to be comfortable with confinement in case he needs to be boarded. Here are some facts […]. These canines furry friends are fun to own and definitely cute. By Olivia Grisham, Journalist specialized in animal care.

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