yamaha ydp 142 vs 143

Yamaha has been building pianos for over a century, and the Yamaha Arius YDP-142 continues their tradition of building high-quality instruments. It’s absolutely adequate not only for beginners but also for experienced players, so I don’t see the necessity to upgrade, at least for now. YDP 143 is perfect for both pro-pianists, and novice players at home or stage.

The piano arrives unassembled in a big well-packaged box. You can also subscribe without commenting. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. I was looking for a piano to learn together my daughter, not easy to choose the right one, Thank you very much for this detailed advises comparison etc. Basic features like metronome, transpose and tuning functions are also available on the YDP-143. The major differences when it comes to these two pianos is sound and power, as well as keyboard differences. Try the pianos, feel the difference in tone and key action and find your best piano. Keep in mind, that with the P-115 you will have to buy a stand and a bench separately. Hi, it seems that you’ve overlooked the YDP-143 vs P-115 comparison in this review. PX860 is modern and compact size, and ydp 143 and kdp90 are normal size. On top of that, you’re really getting very good sound amplification and key action on this piano. But be prepared that latency times will be higher compared to the wired connection via the Lightning to USB Camera adapter. I’m happy to report that I’ve finally been able to put my hands on the latest models of Yamaha’s Arius line.

Now on the Yamaha YDP-143, the piano sound engine was a Pure CF sound engine, which included recordings of the Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano. This helps give the sound a very immersive and almost surround sound-like quality. 88-key fully weighted keyboard with matte black keytops, Touch Sensitivity (Hard, Medium, Soft, Fixed), Lesson Function (ability to practice each hand’s part separately), Intelligent Acoustic Control, Stereophonic Optimizer, Acoustic Optimizer, Speakers: 6W + 6W (oval 12cm x 6cm speakers), Tri-sensor Hammer Action II with Ivory and Ebony simulation.

But chances are those differences will carry the most weight when you’ll be making your final decision. There’s no universal standard to determining what’s the best keyboard. You basically need to assemble the base, and then screw it to the keyboard itself using a Phillips-head screwdriver. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Transpose function can be used to shift the pitch of the entire keyboard up and down in semitone steps. Good luck with your musical pursuits!

When listening through headphones, the sound becomes even more detailed and beautiful.

So if you don’t mind getting those new features, go for more money saving piano.

Metronome, as you probably know, is a learning and training tool that helps a lot in determining if you’re playing accurately. You will be able to make the performance more beautiful and will give you more enjoyment. Another useful feature the YDP-143 has is a 2-track MIDI-sequencer that you can use to record and play back your performances right onboard without using any additional devices/software. Unlike the GHS, which uses 2-sensor detection system, the GH3 implements 3-sensor technology that allows for faster note repetition and more accuracy.

Based on what you said and what I need, I compared several types of digital piano and finally brought a YAMAHA p125. The synthesis of Yamaha YDP 143’s powerful dual speakers and meticulous sound sampling will give the best playing experience to players. Keep up the great work . I didn’t notice any distortion at the max volume, but in most cases, you won’t probably use it at full volume at home, especially if you have close neighbors. Thank You so very much for the in depth comparison of digital pianos. But whatever you decide, either of these instruments would be a solid choice. The other noteworthy difference is in the key action. With that said, the assembly is not too complicated, and the instructions are very clear. Just have a listen! Check out the last alternative, which is the P-115, to learn about all the differences between them. Split | You can play two different instrument sounds on each hand within a keyboard. The only major differences are the polyphony and bluetooth availability. Here, the YDP-164 is trying to go the additional mile of making it feel as if you’re one step closer to having the authentic wood keys you’d find on an acoustic piano. But does it live up to the hype? Yes, it has a few extra features like an onboard MIDI recorder, more built-in tones, a small display, Headphones 3D Ambience effect and more powerful speakers (12W vs 24W) but when it comes to the sound and feel themselves, the RP-501R is very similar to the RP-102.

Would you recommend any other makes/models as a good beginner digital piano i.e with good keys and authentic piano sound or would you recommend I stick with the RP102?…Is it worth the extra money and making the jump to the Roland RP501R? I don’t recommend you to get old models, they definitely have inferior technology. Another interesting comparison to look at is the Yamaha YDP 143 vs Yamaha YDP … I don’t think that the deal they offer you makes much sense, considering that for less than $1500 you can buy either of these Lowrey instruments online (though it was difficult to find a store who stocks them, maybe they have been discontinued) and keep your Yamaha! It would also be a good idea to personally examine it before buying. The quality of the sound is very decent for 12W and enhanced by Yamaha’s proprietary Acoustic Optimizer. I was a bit disappointed that the main Grand Piano tone didn’t have string resonance and key-off simulation, which would certainly make it sound more natural and “live”. Tuning function allows you to change the pitch of the instrument in 0.2Hz steps. The Yamaha YDP-144 is one of the newer digital pianos to enter the popular Arius line. It’s worth noting that Dark Rosewood is so dark that it seems almost black when you look at it from a distance. It has the best key action and best speakers out of the three. The YDP-144 improves on this a bit, as it includes an 8 watt speaker system (or 16 watts in total for both speakers). Dual Mode allows you choose two different instruments that you want to layer, and then when you play the keyboard, you’ll hear these two sounds layered on top of each other creating a rich, beautiful tone. Moreover, a good pair of headphones will provide a clearer and more detailed sound compared to the onboard speakers. A private instructor is a solid approach to learn piano properly, so I’d definitely recommend that. To connect the YDP-143 to a computer or an iOS device, you’ll need to use the USB to Host port located on the bottom of the piano. Compared to an acoustic piano, the YDP-143 is much easier to move around, which is a big plus for those who need to transport it occasionally. That’s because this features gives you the ability to make adjustments to the sound coming into your headphones. Onboard Bluetooth connectivity is also something Yamaha should look into, considering that many of its competitors already have it.

Imaginative concerns of online digital piano purchase. Sound | with Pure CF engine sound, Yamaha YDP 143 can simulate 3 grand piano sounds including CFIIIS, 2 E-pianos, harpsichord, vibraphone, pipe organ, jazz organ, and strings. Now it’s time to wrap everything up and here are my final thoughts. YDP 143 came out with more polyphony, and other small features than 142, but it needs less power. The Flowkey app is great for its purpose, but I wouldn’t rely on it too much when it comes to learning music theory, articulations, different styles of playing, etc. The app even has a feature called Chord Chart, which will analyze a song you love and display chord symbols on the screen. The YDP-143 is the next model up in the line, and, together with the YDP-163, they are currently the best-selling Arius digital pianos. Whether you play … [Read More], In this article, I’m going to help you figure out what portable digital piano is the best one for … [Read More], Buying a digital piano, especially for the first time, can be really intimidating.

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