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81% . There are also other modes like racing and the free mode. UNITY 3D : | ----- Tokyo Xtreme Racer DRIFT 2 is a mountain racing game focused on Japanese sports cars. Furious Drift. Standard races are CA challenges which allows the player to progress through levels, which in turn allows the player to race in Advanced Races.

He changed his machine from a Galant VR-4 to a Lancer Evolution IV and made a fresh start. And so began the pursuit of the new Haruna Guardians... -Eiji Kurihara, aka Lonely Wanderer (Eternal Wanderer in EU & US version) : It was a long time ago, but the name "Kurihara" used to strike fear into the hearts of racers in Haruna. [3] There’s always time for a nice, fast paced racing game! Despite his obnxious personality, he's got pretty good technique. Thirteen Devils is a racing team from Tokyo that has arrived on highways of Japan to conquer all the major courses. There are also several parodies of cars from anime and manga titles like Initial D, Wangan Midnight and Over Rev! They range from K-cars and small pick-up trucks to hatchbacks and 4-door sedans to more powerful vehicles. CAT challenge: A drift challenge, in which the player has to score a significant number of points on each turn, and the player will automatically lose if bumping walls or failing to score the ordered number of points. His racing style is truly emotional. Tuning of the car has been significantly changed as well. Try to score the most points for drifting. Cars 3D. About Xtreme Drift 2 Online. Tons of customizable cars and tracks to unlock means hours and hours of never-ending fun and entertainment. In Conquest mode, player also has the ability to unlock some special cars as well to buy them, which have custom body kits, paint job, vinyls and rims. Although, some new tweaks have been made. Russian Extreme Off-Road. with different colors. Maximum Acceleration. Car Drift Racers 2.

Audi TT RS Drift: 3D Race Car Game. For instance, a road only has one Slasher now, and number of Tricky drivers (more powerful drivers serving as prelude to a Slasher) have been added. Then one day, Tendō suddenly and unexpectedly disappeared from Omote Rokko - only to reappear as the top racer in his NSX-R NA2 on the new course : Ura Rokko. 19% . I like it! The health bar can drastically be drained if the two cars collide with each other or they bump into walls.

Advanced Races have special medal prizes, which can unlock some new equipment, new cars and also short courses. Category races have been changed as well, with three types of them: Standard Races, Gymkhana and Advanced Races.

This page was last edited on 7 October 2020, at 14:46. Gymkhana is different from the both, instead featuring a parking lot with cones, with both TA and CA challenges for Gymkhana racing. ----- 1) What is TXRD2? Win the race! The sequel features vinyls which can be put on the car, although the sticker scheme has been changed and now only one sticker of the team can be applied to the car. Drifting community is full of pro drivers who are experts in controlling all kinds of motorized vehicles. Then a new champion suddenly appeared, and Kurihara moved here to Akagi. Free Rally: 3D Car Simulator Game. Available cars become more and more powerful from the basic K-car, minitruck, 1600cc compact to the 3000cc sports car. Opposed to them are Kingdom Twelve, a group of 12 professional racers who race to "protect" the highway drivers from city racers, and they have arrived to combat Thirteen Devils, and they have custom vinyls and high-end performance cars. The drifts can score a combo which increases in every drift as long as the player scores more than 1000 points in each section, and as the combo increases, number of points will also be increased with each section, but the combo can end if the player scores less than 1000 points or bumps a wall, ending the drift. He drives only the most expensive, most prestigious cars, like his RS6. This may not seem like a very big step up, but in the able hands of Asuka, who has always been good at handling powerful cars like this, the difference is obvious.
The Conquest mode has been significantly changed, with several new real-life locations of races being present in the game as of course, several new being presented in the game. The player, during the game, will have an opportunity to race drivers from both groups, and they are regularly mentioned during the game via messaging. Offroader V5. Category race: The object of the race is to score a number of points given through drifting so the player can win the money (which increases if the player has sponsor stickers on the car). As Slashers are beaten and new locations are unlocked, new cars, sponsors and car parts are unlocked. For instance, a new plot was designed featuring Thirteen Devils and Kingdom Twelve. He's currently focused on creating the perfect line. Xtreme Drift 2 Online is a 3D multiplayer racing game. Car Challenger.

That’s why you should try the second instalment of Extreme Drift, a game that will take your drifting skills to the limit. Car Simulator 3D. Advanced races: A new option of the game, they are unlocked with solving the Conquest mode and are unique as a player needs to have a specific type of engine or a car brand in order to enter the race, as well as the level of skill which is progressed as Category races are won. With his natural racing instincts and technique and his car, a black Impreza Rally Car Prototype, in just 3 months there was no one left who could beat him. UPGRADE In racing mode you have to compete against 3 other drivers and reach the first spot. Customize Your Ride .

Play this game online and for free on Silvergames.com. But he's incredibly passionate about racing, training rigorously even on Sunday mornings in his Sileighty when not many people are out. TAC challenge: Just like the regular time attack challenge, but the driver also has a health bar that will be reduced if the player bumps with walls.

Ado Stunt Car 2. It is the third installment in the Kaido Battle series, being a sequel to Kaido Battle 2: Chain Reaction (known as Kaido Racer in Europe and Australia), and it borrows heavily to the influential Shutokou Battle series created by the same company.

Maybe it's because he's smarter than the rest of us... -Kyōichi Imaizumi, the Absolute Emperor, aka Yeti Fang : Once known as the fastest man in Zao, he was knockeed from his perch one day by a new racer who made it look easy against his Clio V6 Phase 2. That’s why you should try the second instalment of Extreme Drift, a game that will take your drifting skills to the limit. The game features 4 Stages through the game. Evo-F2 Racing.

Players: 1 : Year: 2007: File size: 2.68 GB: Publisher: SLUS-21394

The player can buy a used or new stock car, tune it with aero and engine parts, get sponsorships and challenge other racers in nocturnal illegal gambling touge racing or perform downhill / uphill time attack in daytime.

Have fun. (Note : his FTO is equipped with a L4 engine instead of a V6). TXRD players highly anticipated it's release, but few others did. With the same plot as the original game had, some differences have been made. HTML5.
1st Stage : SIMULATION DRIFTING Vehicle list features licensed Japanese and European import cars. Since then, countless races have made him virtually unbeatable in Akagi. A difference from the previous game is that in the previous game, only bets were with special car parts or a new car, but in this game all races feature bets, with some of them featuring parts or vehicles. There are only three short courses in the game, and as the name says, they are much shorter than the long course tracks. [1] Unlike past games in the franchise, there are no cars from American manufacturers. In the original release, it's possible to "recreate" Slashers' cars. Anyone can be a legend in the game Xtreme Drift 2 Online. Extreme Drift. Later, a secret will be revealed at the end of the staff credits.

Some drivers from the previous games have been now made Slashers, while some of them changed locations (for instance, Haruna Guardian now has a new car and is a Slasher, while the previous Haruna Slasher Lonely Wanderer is now an Akagi slasher). There’s always time for a nice, fast paced racing game! Motorbike Freestyle. The game is about touge racing, which relies heavily on drift skills made popular in the western culture during the 2000s by Initial D and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and is divided in both daytime and nighttime.

Several sponsors and many high-stakes drivers are on short courses, and several drivers from the original Tokyo Extreme Racer are featured in short courses. Parking in Istanbul: 3D Car Simulation Game. The same goes with Turbo tuning, and now NA engines can be converted to Turbo and also shifted back to NA engines (although cars with stock Turbo cannot be converted to NA engines). SA challenge: Togue race between the two rivals, with the player at the back. Drifting Games; 3D Games; Boy Games; Car Games; Multiplayer Games; Racing Games; Description. TA challenge: Standard Time attack challenge, with the object being beating the rival's record in the race. As with the original, the goal is to defeat all Slashers (bosses of roads) to win the game. Hakone and Haruna return from the original game, while several new locations, like Shiga Kusatsu, Hiroshima, Nikko and Mount Rokkō (divided into two roads, Ura and Omote) are new roads to race, and some of them being omitted from the game. The game features Japanese and European cars in the game, although European cars are less used and mostly inferior to the Japanese ones, although some of them (for instance, Volkswagen Golf IV) are in performance very superior to Japanese cars. One of these groups is looking for an all-round driver who would be their leader in a set of events of the upcoming year. With 4 different modes (Drift, Race, Freestyle, Multiplayer), Realistic physics, simulating every aspect of car behavior, Drive 30 powerful and exciting, highly detailed drift cars, Customize your cars with exclusive paint jobs and rims.

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