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if youre of the first mindset then the freedom and ownership youll have here is amazing. At the end of 3 years though, financially it just did not add up for me - I got an interview call from another big 4 who basically made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Even with all the other companies you could go to that care about you, even a little? Anytime feedback. Great pay is a mirage. This is a review of my work at Amazon: I worked there for about 3 years as an SDE and I had 9 managers (!) No! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the cscareerquestions community. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. It would be great if you are working in one of the AWS teams or know some one who works there can tell me about the working experience. More Ops. It is fairly accurate. Also, it's worth noting that the turnover is absolutely insane. Even if you have the best team in the entire company you have to give 10% of them a negative review and tell them to improve.

He attempted to fight with HR about it and was just told "everything is in line with Amazon's performance management process.".

if youd be working in the industry even if it barely paid you bills, its a great place to work. There is no time for architecture, planning, or proper testing. No matter that you just moved from Pakistan or whatever.. Tough crap. People drink a lot, and generally everyone is miserable. Every team hires for themselves in practice, which leads to incredibly inconsistent standards and necessitates actual interview loops for internal transfers (because you have no idea if the other team's bar is as high as your own). Press J to jump to the feed. That's about what I've heard talking to other ppl that have worked at Amazon. It's not just the oldfart tool--there's just this almost palpable sense that people are going to bail/leave because they're just using Amazon as a springboard to something else (i.e.

Do you know how insane that is that is for a manager to have to sit their and choose which employee MUST be given a bad review. You're right about how important the manager is. And on and on. They are constantly behind the curve on scaling, their projects are always late, there is nothing documented, there is no architecture (or even respect for having an architecture or design). The worst part is the drive is 128 GB. And on call. Not a good place to be if you're starting your career. Bell curving. Would never go back to work there.

He finally switched teams and got promoted that year.

so the tldr I guess is, yes its very intense and if your just doing the work for money, look elsewhere. But, most of them moved for Amazon, and now they are stuck.

others do fine in this environment, realize it can never really be complete and work normalish hours. Amazon has grown way too fast, and everything is brittle and messed up. Amazon is the big league of micromanagement. If Amazon’s hiring practices were so good, why would they need to control people with nutty cult like principles? I got an offer from Amazon Web Services in Seattle. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 139 reviews from employees about working as a Software Engineer at Bar raisers are overworked and many just don't care. I am a software engineer with 5 years of working experience.

Life lesson - managing up is important everywhere and having a bad manager can screw you over if you don't find a new one somehow or get proactive with them! You hit the nail on the head with the majority of your points. If you don’t like being micromanaged, Amazon is not the right place for you. Everyone does ops. As for experienced candidates: the bar was still relatively high there when I left, but I did see recruiters pulling stunts like recycling "borderline" candidates over and over again because they were so desperate for people who were interested and had some shred of a chance that they gave them multiple chances (and many eventually got in this way, because they learned how to game the broken interviews most people ran). But, I wanted to point out the part about having a bad manager.

im not trying to say its easy working at amazon. They gave us ancient laptops with old dual core i5s and 8 GB RAM. Overall, I've been happy with my choice to work at Amazon. and found the first post to be fairly accurate. I know companies reorganize, and I had 3 managers at my previous job, but they all still communicated with each other at handoff. And even then, they may be so shitty that your efforts won't even work. I work for an AWS service and the best I can say to you is it really depends on you. on top of that it is encouraged to be very vocal about things that you perceive as being wrong (its covered in a few different leadership principles) and many people feel like theyre being attacked instead of it being a vocal attack on the operation. Hopefully you ended up someplace that gives a sh!t like FB for example. Amazon’s got it! I'm about to start a summer internship for Amazon, working in AWS on Storage stuff. Clearly I am not alone, and there is plenty of data out there to show it. on a team of almost 15, about half have kids and two thirds are married. amazon (aws and retail) has an incredible amount of autonomy, from the day you start. Not to mention that he was easily one of our best and most productive, but I guess engineers should be committing all their changes in chunks of one line commits as to not be a "low committer." Look at the principles. Every year the managers for each department will have all day meeting where each will argue why none of their team should be listed in the bottom 10% and you better hope you have a good manager because if you dont you will find most of the bottom 10% come from the team with the manager who argues the worst.

there is a never ending amount of work to do and some people will take this as they feel they need to work long hours to get the work complete but since theres a never ending amount, its never really complete. what I was doing) or because they were brought in as fodder to plug holes on ops-heavy teams or burn on the stack and are going to get PIP'd or managed out because they aren't actually that good. Am I late to the party ??? That will almost never improve because Amazon's culture makes it very difficult to pay down technical debt and handle an out-of-control operations burden without a heroic (and probably senseless, because there are no real rewards for it) effort. Be aggressive and ask for what you want.

Another thing - don't expect promotions. Sure, at first a lot of what they did was innovative, but not anymore.

I got an offer from Amazon Web Services in Seattle. Please do not do it. one thing to remember though (told to me by my manager at the time) is that even if you stay late to to get some work finished, there will still be more work to get done so just go home and do the work tomorrow. once you own a project youll be able to work on improvements, whether that be what you think needs to be improved about it or bug fixes and features that coworkers bring to your attention. Health problems galore. The intern/college-hire allocation process is a bit more equitable, but not by much.

youre constantly under pressure to deliver results (its a leadership principle) but for me theres a huge amount of satisfaction that I get when I do. From Bezos (notorious micromanager) on down, managers are incented to micromanage. you arent going to be given specific directions on what you need to do and instead need to associate with / own certain projects. Interesting comment; back when I was interviewed with AWS Seattle several months ago, I got the impression of "work smart not hard," however I've also seen many suggest that Amazon is "work hard not smart.". occasionally there are emergent projects that will require working late and/or on the weekends and its usually the more knowledgable ones who will need to do this. Still not convinced?

I am hearing lot of things about grueling work culture at Amazon. Thousands of high sev tickets in many teams. And the reason they have all these hiring events? What a fustercluxk.

I was on one of those spun teams. Or the way your inexperienced manager says is the Amazon way, anyway. Learn about culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. Something I've noticed: The bar is definitely lower across the company for new grad/college hires/intern conversions, and that needs to change.

No respect for planning. Cookies help us deliver our Services. In a way I look on this in a positive manner, since its made me more objective and now work in a far better company , not only wrt to perks but also their treatment of engineers. I worked really hard everywhere I went, and had 2 outstanding reviews in 2 of my 3 years. Needless to say, I rejected their offer. However, keep in mind that with about 1 year average tenure, you are not likely to get that money for long. They are desperate and will likely give you what you want. And you will owe part of that money back.

Intern conversion rates are far too high and it's far too easy for managers to override/disregard team feedback and get bad interns hired anyhow because they just wanted bodies (I saw this happen frequently)--this was a problem because our intern hiring bar was too low to begin with, so we had a steady stream of pretty poor entry-level hires that put a lot of pressure on myself and the other senior engineers with respect to mentorship responsibilities and trying to keep technical debt in check. Here is a top 11 list of what sucks the most about working at Amazon: Micromanagement. a 0-1% raise, which is a reduction in comp after accounting for inflation). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the cscareerquestions community. They need to search far and wide for people who don’t know or don’t care about what I am telling you. Good for you. Nah. As horrible as it was towards the end, the good times were pretty awesome (great team, cool project, pretty low pressure).

I am a software engineer with 5 years of working experience. Answer: Amazon believes its own press, and they are too hypercritical and xenophobic to see when something isn’t working.

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