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The site used two steel lattice towers and a steel cable as a third radiating element. [2] The store applied for a license which was granted on February 20, 1922 with the randomly assigned call sign of WOR. Below is a list of talk show hosts, sorted alphabetically by their surnames. The station made its debut broadcast on February 22, 1922, from a studio located on an upper floor of the store.

That location features three full half-wave (692 feet) guyed antennas in a triangular array. There was an emphasis on news reports and talk programs, but music was played as well, usually a blend of pop standards and adult contemporary tunes, often described as middle of the road music (MOR). [19] WOR offers ten hours of live and local programming on weekdays, with syndicated programs heard the rest of the day. It shares Class A status on 710 kHz with KIRO in Seattle. [3] The station's original city of license was Newark.

On January 2, 2013, WOR added former WABC weekend host Mark Simone to its weekday morning line up.
Natalie On 710 Wor Radio. The station's studios are located in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan at the former AT&T Building, with its transmitter in Rutherford, New Jersey. In ratings reports, WOR was classified as an "MOR/Talk" station until 1984. On January 10, 1969, fill-in pilot/reporter Frank McDermott died when the WOR helicopter crashed into an apartment building in Astoria, Queens as he was broadcasting a traffic update. WOR-FM today is WEPN-FM. Thus each WOR tower hosted AM detuning apparatus to prevent adverse distortion of WINS and WLIB radiation patterns. Bob joined the US Navy and served onboard the Sixth Fleet Flagship […]

Since 2016, the station has served as the flagship station for co-owned NBC News Radio.

Mutual was one of the "Big Four" national radio networks in the United States during the 1930s–1980s. Am Radio 710 Wor.

On August 13, 2012, it was announced that WOR was to be purchased by Clear Channel Communications (now iHeartMedia), pending FCC approval.

Although never aimed at young listeners, WOR was this group's radio station of record in the New York metropolitan area during bad winter weather. For most of its first two decades, W71NY, later WOR-FM, largely simulcast the same programming as WOR. The Official Mark Simone Website. For a few years in the late-1950s, WOR aired selected St. Louis Cardinals baseball games sponsored by Budweiser due to the departures of the Dodgers and Giants from New York City to California. WOR was once the flagship station of the now-defunct WOR Radio Network. Built on hydraulic landfill, the site provides excellent ground conductivity for daytime groundwave radiation. After it was acquired by Clear Channel Communications in 2012, it moved to Clear Channel studios on Avenue of The Americas in Tribeca, a neighborhood in lower Manhattan, near Canal Street.

This restricted the number of hours available to WOR, which was now limited to just a few hours per week. Al Jolson's "April Showers" was the first record played on WOR. 710 Wor Radio Personalities The network distributed nationally syndicated programming, all from the WOR studios at 111 Broadway in New York. Newscasters Henry Gladstone,[14] Harry Hennessey, Jack Allen, John Wingate, Lyle Vann, Peter Roberts, Ed Walsh, Shelly Strickler, Sam Hall and Roger Skibenes were some of the on-air members of the news department. Wor 710 Ny Radio. WOR's morning show Rambling with Gambling aired every weekday morning on the station, from March 1925 to September 2000, across three generations of hosts: John B.

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