wind vane sailing

Other manufacturers also offer air vanes of different weights, or you can fabricate your own.

Arcturus, our 1966 Allied Seabreeze yawl, has a Cape Horn servo-pendulum windvane, which operates on the same principle pioneered by Blondie Hasler back in the 1960s.A vertical tube supports the air vane, which pivots on a horizontal axis at its base. This course-setting line is usually an endless loop that you run into the cockpit, so that you can adjust your heading without having to reach over the boat’s stern. The energy to turn the rudder comes from the water flowing along the hull, instead of coming from the batteries, and the smallest autopilot can control a large boat. In stronger winds, we used a heavier solid aluminum vane. The vane is most sensitive at vertical or 0 degrees. The vane steers to the apparent wind, so slightly adjusting its angle relative to the wind will immediately affect the course. Simple and robust, it is often described by proponents as the single most useful piece of gear on a bluewater boat. I am Joseph Tan and had been interested in several off the main path topics for a while. For longer periods, the steering oar and wind vane with crescent are easily removed and stowed below.

The beauty of an apparent wind-based course is that as you sail along in ever fluctuating winds, your boat stays properly trimmed. Most sailors name their windvanes. 4.3 out of 5 stars 60.

I like to have it run as far as possible so you can reach from any where in the cockpit and grab the line to make a course adjustment.

Step by step to engaging the Hydrovane unit for self-steering:- 1.The tiller is locked in a central position – in some circumstances you may wish to set up a little weather helm first before locking it 2.The sail is placed so that the wind blows onto one side or the other 3.Lock the main rudder in that sweet spot that balances out the boat 4.Get the leading edge of the vane facing the wind 5.Put the unit into gear – set for light, medium or heavy conditions. Then the auxiliary rudder is free trailing and what you can do is you can take your bilge pump handle and slide it inside the Hydrovane tiller stub.

This helps keep the boat from yawing excessively, as the air vane is never truly edge-to-the-wind for more than an instant. The easier it is for you, the easier it will be for your vane to steer. 98. Wind vanes once found in the realm of single-handed sailing, self-steering gear has become universal on sailboats.

When a boat is perfectly balanced, a windvane's steering control lines should be tensioned equally. Keep an eye on the heading.

When a boat is steered by hand, it is recommended for safety reasons, to tune the rig with some weather helm so that if the rudder is left free, the boat heads up into the wind and stops. After the vane is feathered into the wind, the main rudder must be ‘locked off’ so it is stationary. We are currently looking to redesign our wind vane for many reasons. After electronics, the best wind direction indicator is a wind vane or masthead fly, such as the Windex. So having the Hydrovane as an emergency rudder is a huge benefit and gives you a lot of confidence when you are sailing on a long voyage. If the wind shifts 10 degrees, the vane is going to follow if there is a dramatic sail wind shift and you can actually use the remote course sighting line by moving the vane, which puts the vane hard over and gets you on the course that you want to be on. Experiment. So if you hit like a log or something through the water, it won’t bend and break all this stuff on the back. So if you did have problems with your steering, whether it is a quadrant failure, hydraulic failure or something happen to your main rudder. So when you are motoring on light airs it actually will control the Hydrovane rudder and you get an autopilot. Sailing Today is the magazine for cruising sailors who love to sail the coast of Britain, across the Channel to northern Europe and beyond. The counterweights have been adjusted in the factory, so there should not be any need to change this adjustment, unless some weight is added to the light air vane. In a circumstance where the wind suddenly backs, you will probably jump on the wheel, trim your sails and then adjust the vane to suit.

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