winchester model 55 disassembly

But it is fun to shoot once in a while. It is important that you read and understand your firearm's owner's manual thoroughly before using it. This is from a web article by James Triggs: Last Updated on Mon, 08 Jun 2015 | Firearms Assembly.

My brother and I have used the model 55 .22 since about the time they were manufactured - 1957. Now I'm getting ready to hand it down to my youngest son, and so grateful to have the manual to include with it. Extra-order options, such as shorter or longer barrels, double-set triggers and half-octagon barrels, are known to exist. After reloading and disengaging the safety, the gun is again ready to fire.

Firing from an open bolt was thought to facilitate the cooling of MG barrels, but hard to see a purpose or advantage on any SS rifle. There were enough spare parts in Winchester’s inventory, however, to keep the Model 55 in production until 1935, even though it was no longer catalogued. It is a classic example of an early 20th century hunting rifle that, while still serviceable, is also increasingly collectible. Gun: Winchester Model 55 (takedown)Caliber: .30-30 Win.Serial No. Its blowback-operated action is designed to fire from open bolt position. Now I can probably get it figured out. The act of loading automatically engages the safety. The earliest guns were made as takedowns, a nod to the popularity during that era of storing guns in closets or trunks or transporting them via bicycle or in suitcases. by Rick Hacker - Had my original modified for my son (now an adult) and bought another as a replacement for me. I converted a closet to a gun safe and put the mediocre guns in it.

55 22 RF overall length making a shipping box. Trigger mechanism may be disassembled if necessary by drifting out trigger pin (29), taking care not to allow springs (23 & 26) to escape forcibly. Thank you for your continued patience.

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Thank you so much for posting this manual! Email me and I will send you a copy of the original 8 page owner's manual with Disassembly/Assembly instructions and a parts schematic. NOTE: new posts are subject to administrator approval before being displayed, Currently Online: Burt Humphrey, BOBR94, OW1892, Maverick, tim tomlinson, Henry Mero, TXGunNut, Thirtyinchmuley11 Guest(s), Moderators: Rob Kassab: 103, Georgia Hill: 1, Mike Whittenberger: 0, Trish J Smith: 2, Administrators: admin: 4, Mike Hager: 169, Bert H.: 10482, The company dubbed it the Model 55 (not to be confused with the Winchester Model 55 top-loading, single-shot .22 rimfire of later years), in keeping with a similar policy for the Model 1892, which had become the Model 53. I could not say it is this easy to get into one of the less expensive safes, but it does not take long in the video. Made with high quality scans of original. In 1930, solid-frame Model 55s were made available. The action is cocked by retracting the action slide on the right side of the receiver. Hello, would you happen to have instruction book for a model 55 l25-35 (lever action?) It's what I used to pass my hunter safety test, and it's taken down many a rabbit and squirrel.

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