why are mitsubishi 380 so cheap

It's a lot quieter and smoother than the Falcadores and I thought it was every bit as well equipped and comfortable. If you take a look back at Mitsubishi in the 1990s, you’d never expect it would have sunk so low by 2016. Someone once told me that in the same time MMAL takes to make 1 380, Holden punch out about 3 Commodores. It's a shame really, despite good built and decent performance, it's just too bland and boring for Australian public, even less so for the rear-wheel drive obssessed car fans. I would have a chat to a front-end mechanic before I bought one though (not that I would buy one, BMC started going downhill when Issigonis went nuts and stuck the motor in sideways. Morris Minors 4eva!). What about an eco friendly version while we are at it?Unfortunately, none of this will happen as MMAL has already recovered the tooling costs of the 380 and are content to build in small numbers for break even money. It handles the corners well and handling is good. I bought a 380 VRX series III with all the extra trimmings for $29,000 back in 2009.

This issue between FWD and RWD seems to be drastically overplayed around these parts. With a 380 around 14l/100km ($64 a week) where as with a corolla around 9l/100km ( $41 a week). They've not updated the 5spder and the AWD has disappeared off the scene :-( It's a pity about the AWD being dropped, but people did not show enough interest with the AWD magna. Seriously though, cheap guns are ideal for learning and teaching. ? We are often asked why 380 ammo costs more than other ammo such as 9mm. Performance wise, the engine is actually more powerful than the Aurion.. more kW and torque at a lower RPM. Well this seems like an obvious question, so obvious I can't believe that Mitsubishi didn't think of it before trying to sell them. If the 380 was AWD it would have sold like hotcakes i reckon, . And TMR 380 is not related to this topic of poor sale for 380. The TCP, which stands for Taurus Compact Pistol, is very lightweight and has a snag-free design. This is old thread because the last post was 23rd June 2007 until Fnomnal posted yesterday. Personally I have no idea. Don't get me wrong, I am not a stupid Falcodore fan myself. This mitsubishi has a lot of power and tight gear ratio compared to other Australian sedans. Bought this car recently second hand I’m surprised how well it drives for a front wheel drive it’s smooth and handles well as for power there is plenty there after having to step back from an sv6 commodore wagon I wouldn’t look past a 380 for a Camry or something similar gets the job done well quite car has no rattles and a pretty comfortable ride too. I'd have one rather than a Falcon or a Commodore any day _even_ without the cost savings (but the cost savings certainly don't hurt). The build quality is so far ahead of those Holden/Ford shitboxes its not funny.Someone once told me that in the same time MMAL takes to make 1 380, Holden punch out about 3 Commodores.

Humm Series 3 380 is set to be released soon! People don't realise how nice the car looks with a few simple changes. As there is a small supply half the equation is there.

Doesn't take much to up the fuel consumption on a 200,000 Km 3.8L engine, slow oxygen sensors for one, dragging disc pads, etc. Not worth the trade off IMO, As has been mentioned in this thread – but i'll mention it again to reinforce the idea – the fuel consumption is mostly irrelevant given how much better the car is than any other eco poxboxes around the same price (and many cars in fact, the 380 is very very very good)People tend to want small economical cars which drives the prices up. When your budget is only $3k-$4k the last thing that you should be worried about is fuel economy (especially seeing you only do 17,000kms per year). Manufacturers can mass produce large volumes of 9mm ammo. Love the way the interior lights (2 at front and one at rear) come on when you pull out the key and fade out (though that's probably common). Incredibly roomy, but quite low and no handle for passengers (I drive people for work and it can be quite difficult for themselves to adjust ... into the seat). I was lucky to find one with so little kilometers. Have had it done myself with no problem. We had dinner in a restaurant, where the driveway was quite steep. What are the changes? You can get it done at mister minute. Go see the UK where the bloody horrible caravaners take over the roads in the summer months (bloody huge vans too) all being pulled by FWD Fords, Renaults, Nissans etc etc. If an Escalade is out of reach, should you pick the Chevrolet Traverse or the Mazda CX-9? I loved it so much that I am now the proud owner of a 2007 sx series and it’s very sporty to drive ,firm suspension and a little heavier than the es model.Easy to maintain and service for the diy person. The 380 is the odd one out. They've not updated the 5spder and the AWD has disappeared off the scene :-(. We just sold my mothers 5 year old Commodore Berlina which cost $36,000.We got $9600 with 89000kms.That really isn't much difference to the percentage that you quote (and yes both suck).My point isn't that Mitsubishi depreciation doesn't suck, it's more that large family cars all depreciate heaps and that the Mitsubishi's aren't hugely worse than the Falcons or Commodores. I said it was a 380 and she mentioned that the rear end was unattracive. This generally takes 15 or more years, although it can be less. But they still prefer RWD if they can get it instead of FWD. And if they want a car that is perceived as reliable they'll buy a Camry or V6 Camry Aurion, and they can put there bowls hat on the back parcel shelf and drive 20 under in the right lane because they have to make a turn 10km down the road. It's pretty uninspiring. $30,000 depreciation in 5 years is a joke, and I'll never buy another Mitsubishi again. Unfortunately, it will never be about the car, or its capabilities, or lack thereof, it will always be a case of attempting to play catch up, which , in reality , never occurs. Eats Fuel Worse than a Ford We have several Falcons at work. . The same with my mechanic although he reckons they keep him in work so it's not all bad for him. How many km before you think that this would be an issue? I expect it will also be the last locally produced Mitsubishi. So the association follows that FWD != quality. if it takes some effort to get the car out then you should let them know in advance you'd like a drive, sometimes they have to move 5-10 cars just to get one out.

IMO, the worst aspect of the 380 is those nausea inducing rear taillights with the clear covers.Any change at all to these visual affronts would be entirely welcome. Very interest in buying a 2006 Mitsubishi 380. Has anyone else been rejected a 'test drive' just because it was a Saturday?--Am I being unreasonable? But the U.S. dollar buys 50 percent more yen today than it did five years ago, which gives Mitsubishi more room to explore the depths of the market. I bet you most would still choose the RWD.

I expect I'll keep it 6 years and then give it to one of the kids and I'll have gotten my moneys worth out of it. The magazine release is inconveniently placed at the heel of the grip handle instead of on the side, and the take down pin is behind the rear sight. The trade off is very slightly higher running costs. a $5k 380 is still going to be FAR better than many $10k cars because 'the market' does not want a big V6 fwd car especially not a 'mitsubishi', drives the price way down but not the quality of the car. The TMR 380 looks the go... as do the stats for the engine! So what is it that has not yet been discussed that attributed to this vehicle failing in meeting projected sales targets?

That seems adequately quick enough. According to Heaphy, 14 will head into private collections while three have been purchased for every day use. By the time the 380 came along, all the budget allowed was a face lift of the US Galant which meant the 380 was not designed for Aussies from the ground up. Good performance. How much would you pay for an EL Falcon sedan with 180,000 kms on the clock?In about 5 years time I will buy a 380 for under $10,000 and it will be cheap, reliable motoring. the tiptronic is very responsive though, I quite like it. Until I saw it and found that it was FWD I ½ thought about buying one. It's a shame its so well built but so bland. Incredibly roomy, but quite low and no handle for passengers (I drive people for work and it can be quite difficult for themselves to adjust ...Read more, I first became aware of the 380 when a friend purchased a base model 2006 ES .He loaned the car to me for about 10 months or so.Well What a surprise this car handled very well on the open highway and around the city !Very nimble and light good acceleration and I felt very safe .It’s a solid feeling vehicle with all the electric gizmos to pamper the driver. This was part of my decision not to get one. yeah it's scary when you do the numbers...105,000km @ ~10km/L = 10,500L @ ~$1.20 p/L = $12,600 in fuel5 years rego = ~$2,5005 years insurance = ~$4,000maintenance = ~$2,500depreciation = $30,000total cost of ownership = $51,600 or over $10k a year. Front wheel drive (should have been rear or AWD). In 2006 the SRT-4 officially become the world's fastest production 4-cylinder car by averaging 221mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats. I just wouldnt buy one instead of a Commo, Falcon, Aurion or Camry. never had a real off, worst one was when a cow hit me (yes it charged me!)

The grip is rather short, meaning capable of a two-finger hold, but it still fits pretty well in the hands. Car & Driver puts the Mirage last in its tiny-car class as well. Absolutely worth it if you ask me. wagon/hatch/coupe? Yeah and that is definitely my intention. Its all about supply and demand.

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