which of the following is not a good guideline for informative speaking

c. Leave time for questions after the speech. Such vagueness can hinder audience from getting the information they need in order to make decisions and take action. An informative speech is one that informs the audience.

c. teacher. Fourth, Rowan suggests concluding by having the audience practice distinguishing examples from nonexamples. “To inform my audience about the three stages in a job interview” is a specific purpose statement for an informative speech about a(n). A relevant topic is one that is appropriate for the contemporary period. Specialized, abstract terminology only works when your audience will understand them. You should not assume that something that’s obvious to you will also be obvious to the members of your audience.

e. Don’t overestimate what the audience knows. d. all of the above e. a and b only, As explained in your textbook, when giving an informative speech, you should take special care to.

c. condition.

Many capitalists support the social pattern of working hard to deserve and acquire the material comforts and security of a comfortable life. It remains up to you to examine your real motives in choosing your topic. b. the importance of properly selecting your career apparel. d. procedure. If you base your speech on an assumption of similar knowledge, you might not make sense to everyone. An important component of effective informative speaking is knowing how to tailor the complexity of the speech to the audience. operations management questions and answers. d. event. ” Use the answer to this question as a focal point for everything else to be included in your speech. d. operation. I nformative speaking offers you an opportunity to practice your researching, writing, organizing, and speaking skills.


You will learn how to discover and present information clearly. An ethical informative speaker expresses respect for listeners by avoiding prejudiced comments against any group, and by being honest about the information presented, including information that may contradict the speaker’s personal biases. d. object.

If your specific purpose statement were “To inform my audience how to make authentic South American empanadas,” you would probably organize your speech in _________ order.


In order to make it interesting, you will need to find a way to connect it with their interests and curiosities. Consider, for example, if you are preparing to deliver an informative speech on the topic of cloning to an audience of geneticists. B. b. process. If your specific purpose statement were “To inform my audience about the different layers of the atmosphere,” you would probably organize your speech in __________ order.

They can reach their own conclusions. d. Avoid concrete language because it makes ideas vague and impersonal. The Leading Source Of Free Stock Photos - stock.xchng. a. descriptive b. topical c. causal d. chronological e. functional. b. object. A definition speech explains a concept or theory regarding a topic. Visuals are illustrating, not repeating, your presentation. You may say that your company produces consumer goods, or that it makes cell phones. You may provide a short introductory preview of what you are going to be talking about in order to prepare the audience for what will come next. Explain the importance of accuracy, clarity, and listener interest in informative speaking.

Finally, you will get a chance to practice a type of speaking you will undoubtedly use later in your professional career. Explain how to make connections in your speech.

Be creative.

Other knowledge gaps can still confound the effectiveness of the speech.

Then you move to showing how the implicit theory is limited and conclude by presenting the accepted explanation and why that explanation is better. Scope Out a Specific Target: Every piece of information in a speech should be relevant to the topic, purpose and thesis. First of all, you should clean the area you soil and leave it tidy for the person who comes after you. Take care to establish your credibility in the introduction. One way to develop your topic is to focus on areas that might be confusing to the audience. While maintaining an even-handed approach that does not seek to persuade, you must provide the audience with information about the circumstances that triggered the policy of internment, perhaps by describing the advice that was given to President Roosevelt by his top advisers.

a. concept.

Achieving all three of these goals—accuracy, clarity, and interest—is the key to your effectiveness as a speaker. You should clarify the term either by pointing out the region on a map or by stating that it’s the six states in the American northeast. Informative speeches about concepts are usually arranged in __________ order. To explain why people in all cultures are ethnocentric, To distinguish the differences between the concepts of wellness and health, To show the resources available in our local school system for children with autism, To explain three of Dr. Stephen Suranovic’s seven categories of fairness. The previous sales professional servicing this account. d. function.

e. concept.

c. function. Brooks is using which topic category? If you must, introduce one specialized term and carefully define and explain it to the audience.

Giving a human face to a topic helps the audience perceive it as interesting. For instance, most of them know what Wikipedia is.

Use the visuals to reinforce, clarify, illustrate or highlight individual points.

If a process is complex, a quasi-scientific explanation may help. In an example of a concept about which people disagree, you must represent multiple and conflicting views as fully and fairly as possible.

d. all of the above. d. all of the above e. a and b only, As explained by your textbook, “To inform my audience about the role of 1940s actress Hedy Lamarr in the development of cell phone technology” is a specific purpose statement for an informative speech about a(n). c. condition.

Never assume that just because your audience is made up of students, they all share your knowledge set. In either instance, processes involve a predictable series of changes, phases, or steps. Every stage of a process must be clear and understandable. d. the primacy effect. Each of these examples lends itself to multiple types of information. which of the following may NOT be considered a high-quality internet source.

Boston: McGraw-Hill. Strategies to make information clear and interesting to an audience include adjusting the complexity of your information to the audience, avoiding jargon, creating concrete images, limiting information only to what is most relevant, linking information to what the audience already knows, and making information memorable through language or personalization. Everything included then must be relevant to your purpose and thesis. Scoping a speech is not only helpful for the audience, but is also to the benefit of the speaker. answer a. a lawyer exhorting a jury not to convict her client b. a teacher urging colleagues to adopt a new curriculum c. a banker explaining how the stock market operates d. all of the above e. a and c only But on December 7, 1941, everything changed. Strategies For Framing a Thesis Statement. You can describe physical realities, social realities, emotional experiences, sequences, consequences, or contexts.

Level one is very specific, such as Levi 501. In the example of the Iditarod race, you could alternatively frame it as an Alaskan tourism topic, or you could emphasize the enormous staff involved in first aid, search and rescue, dog care, trail maintenance, event coordination, financial management, and registration. However, it is still important that the orientation information be offered.

Because of this, you would want to tailor the complexity of the speech to match the knowledge that the audience already possesses, meaning that the speech could contain lots of technical terms with little explanation because the audience will already understand what those terms mean. A podium can help the presenter provide the audience with necessary information on a topic by offering a place for the speaker to have cue cards or scripts. In this way, Wikipedia can be helpful in steering a student toward the authoritative information they need. c. condition. Transferring Information: In an informative speech, how the information is presented will determine how the audience receives it. “To inform my audience of the major theories about the Bermuda Triangle” is a specific purpose statement for an informative speech about a(n), “To inform my audience about the pillars of faith in Islam” is an example of a specific purpose statement for an informative speech about a(n).

To achieve these goals, a speaker should consider how best to package the complex understanding that they have cultivated of the topic, from personal experience and research, into an easily communicable form for the audience.

e. situation. d. confidence. Informative process speeches work to help your audience both understand the process, and possibly be able to replicate the process for themselves (if applicable). Choose a topic such as “American Education in the Twenty-First Century.” Write a new title for that speech for each of the following audiences: financial managers, first-year college students, parents of high school students, nuns employed in Roman Catholic schools, psychotherapists, and teamsters. Write a specific purpose for the speech for each of these audiences. Many have found it a useful and convenient source of information about topics related to their coursework. Ethnocentrism is the idea that one’s own culture is superior to others. Ideally, not only are they informed while you are speaking, but they actually retain that information after you have left the podium.

If your specific purpose were “To inform my audience how baseballs are made,” you would probably organize your speech in __________ order. Finally, at the top level, you have even more abstract concepts such as power, beauty, and casualness. How can you determine the right level of complexity? I see a number of different objects and I see something similar about all of them, let’s say the color.

The ethical speaker also admits it when he or she does not know something. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); An informative speech is one that one that intends to educate the audience on a particular topic. Shortcuts and oversimplifications are not the answer.

A portfolio should contain samples of a substantial body of written work, print and electronically published pieces, photography, and DVDs of your media productions. For instance, if your topic is evaluating consumer credit, instead of just describing a comparison between two different interest rates applied to the same original amount of debt, it would be helpful to show a graph of the difference. A musher, or dogsled driver, must be at least fourteen years old to endure the rigors of severe weather, exhaustion, and loneliness.

Most of those references are likely to be authoritative, having been written by scholars. If your speech is about standardized educational testing, you must honestly represent the views both of its proponents and of its critics.

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