which of the following are included or excluded in this year’s gdp?

Explain your answer in each case. D) in the labour force. A) the purchase of an automobile for private, non-business use B) the purchase of a new house C) the purchase of corporate bonds D) the purchase of gold coins as Bordcom 25. C) be determining value added for the economy. 2.

The services of a commercial painter in painting the family home.

D) $30. BC? (a) A monthly scholarship check received by an economics student (b) The purchase of a new truck by a trucking company Macroeconomics (20th Edition) Edit edition. The gross domestic product is: A) $328. Refer to the above information. B) reduces the size of the labour force, but does not affect the unemployment rate. Q1 Which of the following are included and which are excluded in calculating this year's GDP. The service of a mechanic in fixing his own car i. B) increase. Terms Examples include reselling of used products, illegal sales, sale of goods made in foreign countries, and government transfer payment. D) be unchanged. 26.

George works in an automotive assembly plant. Ryan lost his job last year when his company downsized and laid off middle-level managers. B) $402. Officially, she is: A) unemployed. This type of unemployment can best be characterized in economic terms as: A) frictional. This meant that: e domestic investment exceeded depreciation by $208 million. 3. All rights reserved. A monthly scholarship cheque received by an economics student b. Year Units of output Price per unit 6. Explain your reasoning. 14. D) characteristics of structural unemployment. In order to make the 1998 GDP comparable with the base year GDP the 1998 GDP must be: A) adjusted downward to $678 billion. By summing the dollar value of all market transactions in the economy we would A) be determining the market value of all resources used in the production process. Create your account. D) employed. 1d by adding the cyclical and structural unemployment rates. Yahoo ist Teil von Verizon Media. 7. 5. C) prices in the aggregate are rising, although some particular prices may be falling. Which of the following are actually included in this year’s GDP? b, d, e, f are all included in GDP. C) not in the labour force. Services, Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community. An auto dealer's sale of a new car to a nonbusiness customer. b. We can say with certainty that the nominal GDP has increased, but we can't say whether real GDP has increased or decreased.

a. D) $120 and $100. 'Recession hits local factory; 1,800 workers laid off V. 'Due to the additional job gains in the labor market, the economy is now experiencing full employment, in spite of the measured unemployment rate of 6.5%'. D) the size of the labour force will increase. Which individual is frictionally unemployed? 15. [included or excluded? c. The money received by Smith when she sells her economics textbook to a book buyer. B) $6,500 C) $1,500.

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