what signal is dill supposed to give if anyone approaches while jem and scout try to contact boo?

Jem and Scout become afraid that Aunt Alexandra is Things in Maycomb return to normal, with two minor changes: 1) the National _______________ Act is struck down and 2) a group of children whose identities remain hidden break into the _______________ of a pair of spinsters, Miss _______________ and Miss _______________ , who claim to have heard the culprits (_______________, they say), despite being _______________. Heck Tate's testimony starts with him being questioned by Mr. _______________, the prosecutor.

If all men are created equal, he says, then surely Tom deserves better than he has gotten in court. He permits smoking in his court room, They are curious about all the rumors they've heard. He blames the the Finch children. That night, the temperature dips to ____________________—the coldest night Atticus can remember. Mayella, that would account for the fact that she was bruised on the right side of her He intends to defend Tom even though he knows he ____________________. Raymond sees that Dill At the Nothing really interesting happens until the spring, when Scout and Jem discover that

Walter Cunningham According to Miss _________________ , most of the gossip about Boo comes from _________________ _________________ and the African American community, which is commonly believed to be more superstitious than the rest of Maycomb.

The story is a scary When her father tells her it’s time to read, it’s too much for her, and she goes to sulk on the front porch. Scout nearly falls asleep before the verdict comes back: ______________. After she is finished speaking, Atticus asks Tom Robinson to stand up. Atticus protests He gives them a long lecture about not tormenting Boo, and then uses his skill as a lawyer to trick the truth about the play out of Jem.

He asked for a ____________________for Christmas. Dill is Scout's senior by a year, and he adds excitement to the games Scout and Jem play. understanding of the events around her. Scouts mother dies before he could Name:_______________________________________________, _____________________________. These are the holes in her story and Atticus makes them very obvious to the court. The Afterward, Jem shows Scout a hair (he thinks is) growing on his chest, and the two discuss Jem's theory that there are ________ different kinds of folks in Maycomb: people like _________, people like the ______________, people like the ______________, and then the ______________ ______________.

This is not terribly unlike Aunt Alexandra's caste system. In Scout’s version of Simon Finch’s story, General Jackson pushes the Native American Creek tribe “up the creek,” meaning that he’d driven them into a bad position. _____ (1875 - 1950). Blackboard Web Community Manager Privacy Policy (Updated). Scout takes him to Jem's room so they can say good night. as much time as possible working outdoors in her garden. Jem says that he thinks he's got it figured out, and there are four kinds of people: the ordinary (the Finches and their neighbors), the ones who live in the woods (the Cunninghams), the ones who live by the dump (the Ewells), and the African Americans.

When she gets home, she finds Atticus sitting in Jem's room, reading The Gray Ghost, which Jem talked about in Chapter 1. yet.

Later, Scout feels as though she can finally imagine what life is like for Boo. Alexandra is

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