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Let's go get her.". NARRATOR: This material is the glacial lake deposits that are at the bottom of the geological pile here. And the stuff is pretty strong. And that landslide will not be a small one. NARRATOR: RANDY FAY: MIKE BLANKENSHIP: The green bars in each stage of the level are morse code, which spell out "ARCHUSB". There were no remnants of homes. LORENZ MEIER: They were here within 10 minutes. NARRATOR: DAYN BRUNNER: ROBIN YOUNGBLOOD: DARI ZIA-ULHAQ (Landslide Survivor): My family, including my child and all my belongings, are gone. In late summer, 2014, a train car plunged into a ravine and others were left hanging from the rails, as a result of a landslide. Do I think it works? The Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team was first air support on the scene. David Montgomery gears up to investigate what's behind this deadly anomaly. / Victoria Woodhall, April 8th 2017 NARRATOR: Twenty years later and in labour, I shook so violently that it felt like I was strapped to a washing machine on spin. This is one instance where "failure" means success. It's a system that is a recipe for disaster. MIKE BLANKENSHIP: That's a distance of roughly one kilometer. Terraces cut into previous landslides, and heavy crops, like water-rich rice, destabilize the slopes.

Players can find the Sigil at Level 88, when loading the shake at full speed. (This program is no longer available for streaming.)

Late March:

Search zones are delineated, like an archaeological dig. We use cookies and other technologies on this website to enhance your user experience. DAYN BRUNNER:

DAVID MONTGOMERY: This is one of the buried logs that we carbon-dated at about 5,300 years. / Victoria Woodhall Steve points me in the direction of a TRE app by the originator of the method, David Berceli. How far out can we predict landslides? It's, it's unimaginably large.

This program was produced by WGBH, which is solely responsible for its content. Not only that, but we can free up more energy because we're not constantly holding ourselves in brace position. Nine-one-one, what is your emergency? NARRATOR: When I asked her what it was about him that won her over she said they had met in a resort in a hot tub and happened to get into a conversation. TRE is said to work by rewiring our nervous system, setting us free from those default stress patterns, which were set up to protect us. It dammed the river and continued on to rampage through a neighborhood, reached highway 530 and kept going.

Additional funding for this program is provided by The Kendeda Fund, Millicent Bell, through the Millicent and Eugene Bell Foundation, and by Roger and Vicki Sant. They describe the landslide as if it were a monster that devoured their loved ones. Rapid, deep landslides that travel far, like the one in Oso, are the most dangerous and difficult to predict. We have requested a helo from the Navy and from our Search and Rescue.

NARRATOR: And when they pick it up, they don't just drop it, they gently drop a little bit, and we watch every little thing that falls out. But now they're both stuck. Are you okay? RICHARD IVERSON: NARRATOR: Additional funding is provided by the NOVA Science Trust.

When we initially got out there, it was almost like a milkshake or pancake batter. AMANDA SKORJANC (Landslide Survivor): In Switzerland, scientists are trying to develop technologies that will save lives. Nobody anticipated that it would cut loose and bury that entire village. NARRATOR:

This is a super-big landslide that travelled super-fast. We ran to the window, when we heard that sound, and I looked to my right, and I saw a gigantic wall of mud. It all dates back to when glaciers were here, 15,000 years ago. The large orange landslide, that probably slid many centuries ago, is nearly twice the size of Oso's recent slide.

We then do a few preparatory exercises such as wall squats to tire out the muscles, so that I’m less in control and the shakes can come more easily. DAVID MONTGOMERY: This slide apparently happened in 138 seconds from start to finish, in two phases it seems, based on the seismic signal that was recorded at the seismographic station at U.W. There's no word for it other than "tragedy.". NARRATOR: He visits families to raise awareness, so they will know when to evacuate. The regrowth of vegetation hid the scars of its unstable past.

The area downhill from here that has all the trees on it that have been back-rotated is a big block of the landslide that dropped out from under, just in front of us, and was, essentially, the head of the slide, forming this head scarp. NARRATOR: NARRATOR: You can hear the ravelling off the face. RICHARD IVERSON: NARRATOR: NARRATOR: Five to 15 minutes of shaking are enough for a first timer and to come out of it, Steve tells me to slide my feet away from me to lie flat, take a couple of minutes lying down just to integrate the experience and relax before sitting up. What can you say? Dave Montgomery peels back the layers of the Oso slope.

We’re the only species that walks around bottling it all up, preferring to stay "braced against life." Geologist Ranjan Kumar Dahal is investigating the impact of human activity on landslides. But we can turn down the dial for things to work more easily". The unique physics of the landslide was the result of a phenomenon Iverson knows well, when the ground turns to liquid, in what's called "liquefaction.". This slide apparently happened in 138 seconds from start to finish, in two phases it seems, based on the seismic signal that was recorded at the seismographic station at U.W. A neighbor miraculously made it through the mud to Jacob. They had suffered suffocation and other various kinds of death. In April, one could see that the area was accelerating: the cracks got wider, the distance to the mirrors was becoming shorter. BROOK ALONGI (Rescuer): I've had them put on me before. So what the hell happened?

It took us two-and-a-half hours to walk a half a mile. And it was like a movie. "Shaking is a way of helping you discharge that energy – your muscles go from an active high-intensity state to softening very quickly.". We just need to learn to be a bit more ‘mammal’. When we first arrived on the site and looked out across the area of devastation, it really didn't make sense. In this game your goal is to slide a shake down the table, to the green spot, but you can’t let it slide off of the table, or else you have to start the level over again. Half a mile away from Robin's home, Amanda Skorjanc is in the kitchen with her five-month-old baby, Duke. But I don't actually have to do anything, just let the shakes come. DAVID MONTGOMERY (University of Washington): RANJAN KUMAR DAHAL: DAVID MONTGOMERY: Here, the movement is more constant, it accelerates with rain and slows down a little bit when it's dry. It was the terrifying sound of what would become the United States' deadliest landslide in decades. In Oregon, Richard Iverson oversees experiments at the world's largest landslide flume, a 310-foot-long concrete chute. The contributing factors in the great majority of landslides have to do with water.

Research suggests climate change could result in an increase in the number and intensity of showers.

More than 900 people were involved, many working alongside a hundred-and-twenty-three rescue dog teams to recover those presumed dead, sifting through every inch of the one-square-mile mudscape. 911 DISPATCH: He begins his investigation at Oso by surveying it from a distance. We do a maneuver called "low hover off-loading," and we do this in the mountains a lot, if we're working against ledges or areas where we can't land.

911 DISPATCH: Max out the power meter, as a result the screen will zoom out to show you more of the scene. An alarm system is in place, in the event rain causes dangerously high debris flows into the valley. By the time we got there, there was 15 people digging. It's the layer just beneath the very loose sand and gravel at the top. The same thing happened in Afghanistan, just a few weeks after the Oso slide, while a wedding took place in Badakhshan. Give me some slack! It’s what all mammals do, except us because we’ve learned to control it. HAJI MOHAMMAD JAMSHID (Head Engineer, Ministry of Mines): When the hill collapsed with such force, it pushed all the debris, houses included, to the far side of the valley. NARRATOR: NARRATOR: MALE 911 CALLER 1: Because all I could see was just a vast wasteland. The first slide crushed homes in an instant. I have her. TRE is as yet not much studied.

The M.E. NARRATOR: DAVID MONTGOMERY: The unfortunate reality is that sometimes, if part of a slope fails, it can destabilize the next piece.

It's been raining for months. I think if something is endangered in the valley, then InSAR will become standard, if you see that something is moving and some event will take place soon. NARRATOR:

It will be a very big one, huge one! DAVID MONTGOMERY: I don’t have to brace, brace, brace! As my knees come higher the shaking becomes stronger and I can feel the tremors travelling up my spine. Now, whenever things get too much, the heart area is where my stress goes and my back and neck seize up for days. Oh, my gosh. According to the filings, the three founders of Prettygreat, Phil Larsen, Hugh Walters, and Fruit Ninja creator Luke Muscat, have all sold their shares in the company and the general manager of Snapchat, Inc. Australia, Kathryn Carter, has been listed as the new director of the company. One slope can take on water faster than another one can. Since 1933, aerial photos and satellite images have provided even more clues about the history of the slope. Soon, I feel my inner thigh muscles engage and there’s a slight tremble. NARRATOR: The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers. It will be a very big one, huge one, and even it will block the major rivers of the Himalayas for a long time! Oh, my god! So I motioned for him to come back up. And then we were hit. And she goes, "Summer's in it.". When the slopes above them fail, the road is blocked, villages are cut off from the world. It's not every week that something such happens. This page was last edited on 27 September 2020, at 20:53.

My neighbor's house has been completely taken out, and it's collapsed on several of them, and they're trapped. There were no homes. There are around 40 TRE practitioners in the UK, many trained by Steve; a session is not a million miles away from a yoga class. The partner that I was flying with, our tactical flight officer, he told me right off the bat that there were 30 homes in the area. This road is a main connecting route to the other part of Nepal and of course to India. DAVID MONTGOMERY:

So, had we not come down lower and slower to watch that, well, I don't think we would've spotted him, frankly. RANJAN KUMAR DAHAL: ROBIN YOUNGBLOOD: All is now a wasteland of mud and debris: one square mile buried under 15 to 75 feet of mud. You can kind of get a sense for how that old edge of that plateau dropped down as part of the landslide, but you can also see at the bottom how the toe of the slide, the bottom of it, spread out laterally, across the valley bottom. "We make all our big muscles work to mobilise us away from danger - our heart works to the maximum, we are breathing quickly. That's, of course, not what happened at all. The danger is not over for the victims or rescuers. The house was racing across the valley, and, and then we stopped. When we were ready to pull her out, I just reached down and wrapped my arms around her, around her upper body, and two guys were on her legs, and I pulled up, and they pulled up, and we pulled her out, and put her on her tarp. They're using a grid pattern.

DAVID MONTGOMERY: There were no homes. Everything in its path, in a tiny community called Oso, is altered forever. Nature runs its course. And we spent the next hour and a half digging by hand.

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