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I even recently found that you can click continue after being killed by the Noir ( mimicked their head tilts with Q and E before I let myself get killed at the window) and it does some weird stuff to the game like Adam not calling unless you force it by opening the shop, getting 3 green spots on your own floor and all the letters on the shop-explanation doubled. Also a DLC is about to be made/finished for the game so this might be a good time to pump out a theory before that. So, let me explain further. But i could forgive all of it. Play as an investigative reporter trying to solve a case of a mysterious woman broadcasting for help as masked men are on … Only to introduce a mechanic, that not only directly conflicts with that. Press J to jump to the feed. Press J to jump to the feed. When this games, many - MANY glaringly obvious flaws began to rise. In search of keys used to obtain your end goal. Definitely sounds like a game I'd play a lot. And this is true, and the game tells you this. This is just me ranting. As for the objectives, I like how you spaced them out (satellites, switches, then terminals.) But this game is not easy. Especially when every single thing in this game. Tips And Trick To Beat The Game In Welcome To The Game 2 Reddit is a network of communities based on people's interests.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. If it wasn't for the moronic, completely pointless, rougelike system. You know something more... topical/practical? If you were to go down the 3 killer route that would be sweet! Also, it's not unforgiving. From what I am able to see of the game and various peoples streams of it and what not, It appears almost as if many of the threats in this game that the player must consider, arent actually known to the player until they die to it. Like hacking WiFi passwords. If you do, as the game literally tells you. And sift through the information on these sites. Welcome to the Game: Online \- Killers | Should have unique abilities / passive \- Lucas \- The Breather \- The Kidnapper \- Tanner \- The Dollmaker \- The Noir ( 2 killers) \- The Lucky Trio (3 killers) \- The Executioner \- Hacker \- Help the killer \- They can monitor camera \- Counter hack the survivors \- … Aw man that is too bad. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. At first, you're lead to believe this game, like it's successor. From time, to enemies, to even the core gameplay, is aiming to kill the player. I mean you could say as a reporter you want to know that stuff for interviews, but considering this is all centered around computers/data it is weird that Clint didn't go for something like "VPN 101" or "How to be hidden on the internet". Well, all that are actually avoidable. If killed or downed, being sent to the Red Room would be cool, being held hostage for ransom. At least in my eyes. Thank you for your input. You'll just be going about your business, maybe restoring the power. The game should just make it so you don't lose your progress. The ideas for this game sound amazing! Welcome to the Game 2 theories?

Additionally methods of dealing with threats like the police and hitman are also not communicated well enough imo, leaving people to lose all their progress due to something that, although telegraphed, is practically on first run unavoidable. But, without much digging - you see what this game is. Yandere dev is a chill guy that doesnt know how to make games at all. All wrapped in the worlds most unfair, unforgiving, "fuck you," of a rouge like. For Defense: An Alarm, sensors, a speaker that will give out a sound, like a police siren ETC. Cookies help us deliver our Services. So you need to constantly check for him if you do not want to end up dead. Pictures all of that, and you know exactly what it feels like to play this fucking game. Unless you are not being arrested for using the Deep Web, but for murdering people. But in a game like this, where death literally means. I still really think a Dollmaker victim would be super cool or an ex member of the Noir! These ideas are great, i like it because the even though (like in DBD) the concept of the game has been done, you've implemented it into your own ideas and universe which you have continued to make through the years.

The current explanation for that is that it's ANN users that are being caught and not just Deep Web users which didn't make sense to me. Without any warning, or any clues to speak of. In a game that requires you to do one thing. IF you fail the Dollmaker will know where you are for X amount of time and try to kill you. I wouldn't really like looking through websites again and prefer the hacking minigames over it. Which is the exact same frustrating mini game, over, and over. But that phase quickly wore off. Which struck me as a bug, but might be intended, because not only has this game been out for a while and something like that could have easily been patched by now, but also the hack "slows down" when that happens as in you get SIGNIFICANTLY more time to go back to your PC and fire it up before the actual "hack" starts where you have to input stuff to block it.

It was completely out of your control. But a lot of the time, you don't. Some new player with less than an hour in the game? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. (the average time 1 full life takes in this game) Only to make you re-read the same book 4 hours, and 29 minutes in. The players will get alerted to it and they could find him and stop his connection to the computer terminal ETC. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. but you can use the tips and tricks to increase your odds and beat the game. A glaring flaw, that any amount of actual game testing would have noticed immediately. These are some ideas, please feel free to add on to it ! Riddled with issues, unbalanced game mechanics, completely unavoidable deaths, and no save mechanics. I just want my opinion on this game to be heard. Find communities you're interested in, and become part of an online community The Kidnapper's third jumpscare. Likely because Mat and Steph have both stated that the game made them uncomfortable on some level. If not for the fact that, it takes more time to crack a WiFi password than it does to actually find a key. So there is this game called, "Welcome To The Game." Imagine someone telling you to read 4 1/2 hours of a book. New Theory! Unless you WANT the AFK hack to be a feature for some reason, but allow the player to come back to get it (you also hear the hack sound through your Headset if you are outside of your apartment) before it actually "starts". You play as Clint Edwards, an investigative reporter in a major metropolitan area. There's also no payoff for beating the game. Unless it is actually a hint for the player. And challenging, but fair mechanics. And this would be fine. This game is a joke. Also, I don't think the game should just end when all the keys are found, maybe make them have to plug it in somewhere and then open an exit?

On the surface, Welcome to the Game II is a worthy successor to the unique original. The survivors aren’t just skins in DBD though, each have their own unique abilities. Now take that scenario. Your ideas, the details, the everything. (Also the "random" stuff that pops up on hacks might actually hold some secret as well considering this behaviour). Official sub Reddit for Reflect Studios.

I agree with you on a lot of points here. To put it into perspective for someone who hasn't played the game. Adam is an asshole who can makes games really well. Those are just some theories on my own and I didn't even open the can of worms that is hidden messages on the actual websites and source codes. Such a shame that i actually need to specify that now... Coming from the first game, which i loved. More often than not, he had literally no sound clue what so ever. Welcome to the Game II is an atmospheric horror / strategy / puzzle game that takes you into the world of the deep web in search of the shadow web. Some of the minigames should be carried over from WTTG1 and 2 and some should be completely new ones. So did they said they won't ever do a theory on it or just not in the foreseeable future, but probably later? Is just poor development. ending and then phase 2 will need to you to be rescued by another Survivor before getting killed in the red room. Post all your Scrutinized, Welcome to the Game, Rides with Strangers content here. If you don't know what this game is, I'll give a short little brief explanation. Just a timed insta death. Also there is a book in your room about "Body language clusters". I LIKE the fact that the police can find you, because in the context of the world the game has set up, it makes sense, but it is not executed in a way that feels like it is a good game mechanic. Let’s take you back into the story. In the first hour or so of this sequel. It hints about the police in the loading screens. Which struck me as oddly specific and unrelated to the story of the game. The lost of hours of progress. Feel free to debate, or just flat out - insult my opinions. Maybe the Doll Maker's hideout could make for a good map? While in the deep web, there are people "actually" finding your I.P. It's unfair, and unbalanced. Which in itself is a welcome mechanic. The Perks/abilities should be assigned to specific survivor based on there personality E.G. I was never even hinting at it. but in most cases, hinders it entirely. Manipulate sounds, so if you can buy upgrades or gear, he can manipulate the sound that it has arrived (Like in WTTG2, being able to order the movement sensor, which should be a defense gadget). Breather could E.G. I think phase 1 should be you struggling to escape like in Where am I? Some sort of fucked up operating theater. It's completely unavoidable. Sometimes you get an audio clue. First, and foremost. If you're unfamiliar. For the stages, the satellites sounds great due to you needing them to use the computers, next you should explore the deep web looking for keys ETC. I bought the game to have fun not to be reprimanded for not being able to predict a literally randomly generated event that I can't avoid. Is nothing short of complete, unbridled, stupidity. address and try to kidnap/kill you.

I think that Survivors should have different stats and shouldn't just be skins like in DBD and that players should be able to play as the same survivor and not be locked out of them.

Imagine someone telling you to read 4 1/2 hours of a book. Maybe a map like the enviroment in Waiting Room? Can't wait to hear about more and more information as the game planning/developing is progressing! You are literally the opposite of yandere dev. I know every mechanic the game has to offer, and the means of avoid all of them. For example for a time one could not view the real life location which inspired the place where the hostage is located ingame on google street view and was sent to another street (also there is a roughly drawn map on the evidence wall of what I assume to be that street) and in the previous game to access the hidden ending part of the secret was centered around when a website was active and when it was closed down.

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