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I think I shall try Tapas to see if I can get a few more views. Anyway, I imagine that some of the reason my comic is doing okay now is because I didn't join during a contest, so my ratings are pretty stable at 8.96 atm. It’s Tapas. Because we sometimes do. And change your name back to Tapastic or something, because Tapas is spanish for snack and it really messes up your google search-ability.

the chance to be pick by new readers it's MORE right there without any doubt. But that's just a little tip, you decide for yourself which you prefer more, if any. I think the main reason that readership grows so quickly on LINE Webtoon is because they show the newest updates first on the Discover page, whereas, Tapastic mainly focuses on comics with a decent following already, trending comics, and other popular comics somehow (as has already been mentioned). Oddly enough, Tapas was leading the subscriber battle at first. So our comic Novaborn: Tale of Inpherna, subscribe now, is released every Saturday at 7am-’ish’ mountain standard time. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Then, after you wait to post the new post, you have to recreate the old post all over again. Number 1 thing that makes Webtoon better. Yes you’re on top, but you must improve or one day you may no longer be the best. More posts from the ComicBookCollabs community. I am unsure of how Webtoons as a company would be able to affect the way individual users of the app behave? This is just a personal observation from me but LGTB+ contents aren't exactly as popular on Webtoon as Tapastic.

Yeah I havent gotten any negative comments so far, but while my subs & views have amassed quite quickly, the whole financial support thing hasnt. Used to get the same here, but not so much anymore. And if I want to chat with a fan, well that’s just not gonna happen. Since I've posted my comic (shameless plug) on both sites on the same day in December, LINE Webtoon has reached 2.2k views and garnered 300 subscribers (just reached that number today, actually ^^), and Tapastic has only reached 600+ views and 35 subs, after a lot of advertising and some participation in the forums. Read comics, webcomics, manga, and manhwa online or download the WEBTOON app. Thus they are also less likely to reply overall.

Tapas is also a little more creator-geared than Webtoon, community wise: they have some good forums to meet other creators to talk shop, there's better tools and analytics for creators, and there's also a higher percentage of desktop readers (still the minority compared to mobile, but a bigger slice than Webtoon.) We’re sure you’re going to find a story just for you on Tapas! So Tapas is clearly the better website to host your comic on right? But yeah the inability to delete an account is kind of... well, it's like the website is missing something that most websites have. Not just for any old comment. i started in the beginning right with tapas.

I don't understand why they didn't have a "delete your account" option in the settings section. save. Do you want to know the moment someone has commented on one of your comic pages? Webtoon also has a performance-based creator rewards system, which pays creators an additional $100-$1,000 based on monthly US page views. Publish with Tapas. Cookies help us deliver our Services. another little problem it's they re more "manga oriented" (so yeha, if u re planning to do a BL manga, look like u have got an easy jackpot XD lol)BUT they ve got more audiance than tapas, plus their management about readers it's quite wise: they dont push the readers in only 1 direction, to the "big names". How many subscribers do you have? Tapas audience also appears to still be more closely attached to the creators and more likely to agree with their personal choices. and to me, after 1 year + here, it's a HUGE delusion. As pretty as comics are, I keep reading because of the writing and I would rather just have the words if they can’t draw. I'd have to google it to find it as a tapastic reader.

Overall though, the sites function largely the same though - vertical scroll comics are more popular thanks to most readers being on mobile: similar genre categories, newly updated, popular, and weekly picks sections for readers to find new comics, and (perhaps most importantly) to find success new/small creators will generally need to find most of their mew readers off-site, through social media and other self-promotion.

But Tapas is definitely becoming a good competitor. creators. And here’s why. On a side note, we do have a discord where we enjoy chatting with a small but awesome group of Novaborn fans. As of writing the script for this video we have 994 subscribers on Tapas, and 12,031 subscribers on Webtoon. That honestly destroyed my self-esteem for a while, and I ended up pulling my comic off the site (and never posted it here either).

Tap does has issues with loading pages but it's much faster than Webtoons. Required fields are marked *.

Probably the biggest difference between the two sites is the number of readers - I think webtoon has something like 10x the number of daily readers that tapas does. Tapas has spent most of their time and effort attracting creators, but not enough time bringing in the readers. hide. If you are listening, PLEASE add these features. Thank a lot. At the end of the day, being able to schedule posts, and in any order, is a huge quality of life improvement. And why in the end LINE Webtoon still wins. The biggest difference between the Webtoon-style and conventional … I uploaded they first 3 chapter of my series on Webtoons (my series currently has 7 on Tap) and well I really hate the format of the website.

On the other hand, this makes it much easier for small creators to gain a following on Tapas. So far, I havent received any negative feedback to the size of my pages, so I guess they are legible. Hell, to be honest, they take issues with uploading 4 pages a week. The Strange Gameplay Loop of Chao Gardens, Journal Entries, Short Stories, and Our Future. Tapas has novels and LINE Webtoon doesn’t. We will take a look at Webtoon first. They have a much larger audience. Webtoon will ONLY email you if someone responds to your comment in particular. u can know how many or who like what, where s it the new comment and how it's going with statistic.BUT after that, tapastic it's a fail. I'll make the adjustments with the Tapas banner...as for Webtoons- that's a whole big clusterf**k altogether. Especially since these stats are from early in the month so it’s even less information.

Creators helping creators make comics. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Do some tests by zooming out your canvas. After we posted our first 5 pages we were featured on the daily snack by the staff.

Which is why if you have to choose between the 2, choose LINE Webtoon. 2 days later 4,000. creators paid to date. Being exposed to more of this, they begin to see creators more like humans than just as vessels of comic creation. Me personally have seen all sort of readers on Webtoon and have a fair share of them myself so despite updating roughly 20-30 pages an update, too short comment is a regular for me. You see, unlike Facebook, YouTube, and most every platform on the internet including Tapas, you can’t schedule a post on LINE Webtoon. I'm not going to change up my format. Do you mean webtoon format (vertical scrolling style) oriented? 100% Upvoted. It can also be good for feedback and support. It takes a little too long to load, I can't really view followers and I find the rating system weird. Ask for help! No point in preaching to the people that already agree with you, it's better to get out there and politely inform those who have yet to understand. I hope this is just a coincidence... @JohnVincent thanks for that tidbit of info(I did not know that). If you've got early access on your patreon, that's probably your selling point.I haven't checked you out on webtoons, but I would advice you to take similar measures there. We have only now regained our former glory 2 years later, simply because there was no way to find our comic on Tapas. Edit: On the topic of audience, one thing I noticed is that my comic that will be centered around an interracial lesbian couple is going beyond expectations here on tapas so far, whereas it still hasn't broken 100 followers on webtoons. First we will be going over 5 features for both readers and creators that Tapas absolutely nails. maybe just sometime tapas pick someone from the ground and give a limitated highlight, but it's quite useless. In addition to finding collaborators, this is a great place for feedback and advice. So if you want to have a traditional page format for your comic just make sure you can read it on mobile. The growth was so slow that we lost subscribers faster than we gained them. With that we gained our first 994 subscribers. Way more interaction over there in terms of regular commentors. How many page views? Start a massive ad campaign. That was a fully comprehensive answer, thank you.

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