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Source 3.5: A Chinese Emperor Prepares for his Death: Qin Shihuangdi Funerary Complex; Archer; Bronze Horse-Drawn Cart, Third Century B.C.E.

LearningCurve ensures students come to class prepared. Source 8.2: The Uniqueness of Japan: Kitabatake Chikafusa: The Chronicle of the Direct Descent of Gods and Sovereigns, 1339, Source 8.3: Social Life at Court: Sei Shonagon: Pillow Book, ca. WORKING WITH EVIDENCE: Pompeii as a Window on the Roman World. 680, Pact of Ibn Muslama and the People of Tiflis, 653. Available for the first time with this edition, Achieve Read & Practice’s interactive e-book, adaptive quizzing, and grade-book is built with an intuitive interface that can be read on mobile devices, and is fully accessible and available at a discounted price so anyone can use it. Source 4.3 The Reputation of the Buddha in Ancient Buddhist Stories: The Greater Discourse to Sakuludayin, ca. Your download request has been received and your download link will be sent to . 16th century, Source 9.3 Victory in Mecca: Mir Havand, The Cleansing of the Kaaba, ca.

Fourth Edition| PDF⋙ Ways of the World: A Brief Global History wit... PDF⋙ Power, Politics, and Society: An Introduction... PDF⋙ Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Choke Point by Pete... PDF⋙ Living with High Blood Pressure by Martin Bates.

Something New: The Emergence of Civilizations.

Source 5.6 Mystery Religion in Pompeii: An Initiation Ritual, 1st century c.e. Source 3.4: Governing a Chinese Empire: The Writings of Master Han Fei, Third Century B.C.E. Just minor students that has reading's soul or real their pastime. Source 7.6: Letters from the Silk Road: From a Soldier on Guard Duty, 103 B.C.E–40 C.E.

(eBook PDF) Ways of the World with Sources: For the AP® Course 4th Edition $ 59.99 $ 24.99 (eBook PDF) Ways of the World with Sources: For the AP® Course 4th Edition quantity.

Voice 10.1 Blockmans and Hoppenbrouwers on the End of Roman Civilization, from Introduction to Medieval Europe, 300–1500, 2014, Voice 10.2 Cunliffe on Charlemagne, from Europe between the Oceans, 9000 BC–AD 1000, 2008, 10. Topics include Göbekli Tepe and monumental construction before agriculture, Trung Trac and resistance to the Chinese Empire, gunpowder, the end of the Byzantine Empire, feminism and nationalism in Java, the Cuban Revolution, and many more.

Published by Bedford/St. Source 2.4: The Social Relationships of Egyptian Agriculture: Agricultural Scenes from the Tomb of Menna, Fourteenth Century B.C.E.

Source 6.3: Nourishing the Gods: Stone Carving of a Bloodletting Ritual, 709 C.E. Achieve Read & Practice puts the most affordable and easy-to-use e-book with built-in assessment into student hands, wherever they go. This 2-in-1 textbook and reader includes a brief-by-design narrative that focuses on significant historical developments and broad themes in world history.

5. If you're not satisfied with your eTextbook for any reason, you can cancel the book within 14 days & you will receive a full refund. adaptive quizzing, which, when assigned, ensures students come to class prepared.

The thematic, comparative, and genuinely global narrative focuses on the big pictures of World History.

THINKING THROUGH SOURCES: History Before Writing: How Do We Know?Source 1.1: A Gathering and Hunting Woman in the Twentieth Century: Nisa: The Life and Words of a !Kung Woman: Life in the Bush, 1971.

We have you covered with 24/7 instant online tutoring. At the university level, he taught African, Soviet, and world history for many years at the State University of New York-College at Brockport, where he received Chancellor's Awards for Excellence in Teaching and for Excellence in Scholarship. New Controversies features convey world history as a frequently contested conversation. THE WORLDS OF ISLAM: AFRO-EURASIAN CONNECTIONS, 600–1450, Islam and Cultural Encounter: A Four-Way Comparison, Reflections: Past and Present: Choosing Our History, ZOOMING IN: Mullah Nasruddin, the Wise Fool of Islam, WORKING WITH EVIDENCE: The Islamic World in the Seventh Century, Source 9.1 Muhammad and the Angel Gabriel: Muhammad and the Archangel Gabriel, ca. THINKING THROUGH SOURCES: Art and the Maya Elite. --Erin O’Donnell, East Stroudsburg University, "Ways of the World is cutting edge in terms of the secondary literature it draws upon. Source 7.1 A Chinese Buddhist in India: Xuanzang, Record of the Western Region, 7th century c.e. STATE AND EMPIRE IN EURASIA / NORTH AFRICA, 600 B.C.E.–600 C.E. The second edition rolls out Bedford/St. PASTORAL PEOPLES ON THE GLOBAL STAGE: THE MONGOL MOMENT, 1200–1450, Before the Mongols: Pastoralists in History, From Temujin to Chinggis Khan: The Rise of the Mongol Empire, Encountering the Mongols in China, Persia, and Russia, Reflections: Changing Images of Pastoral Peoples, ZOOMING IN: A Mongol Failure: The Invasion of Japan, WORKING WITH EVIDENCE: Perceptions of the Mongols, Source 11.1 The Self-Perception of Mongol Rulers, The Secret History of the Mongols, ca.

“Reading the Map” requires students to examine the map carefully and “Making Connections” asks them to interpret its implications. HISTORIANS’ VOICES: The State .

Reflections: What Changes?

Free when packaged with the book, LaunchPad’s course space and interactive e-book is ready to use as is, or can be edited and customized with your own material and assigned right away.

A variety of learning tools help students focus on the big picture.

His publications include Kenya: Focus on Nationalism, The Making of Mission Communities in East Africa, The Making of the Modern World, Why Did the Soviet Union Collapse?, and The Communist Experiment. Chance and Contingency in World History, WORKING WITH EVIDENCE: Islam and Renaissance Europe, Source 12.1 Portrait of Mehmed II: Gentile Bellini, Portrait of Mehmed II, ca. Designed to be used independently or in conjunction with the related primary sources, students reading Historians’ Viewpoints learn how historians consider evidence and arrive at their conclusions. They go to right now there but nothing reading very seriously.

Source 7.4 A Moroccan Diplomat in West Africa: Leo Africanus, The History and Description of Africa, Source 7.5 A Korean World Map: The Honkōji Copy of the Kangnido Map, Korea, 15th century, Voice 7.1 John Larner on Whether Polo Really Traveled to China, from Marco Polo and the Discovery of the World, 1999, Voice 7.2 Natalie Zemon Davis on Leo Africanus’s Audiences, from Trickster Travels: A Sixteenth-Century Muslim between Worlds, 2006, 7.

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