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Most of the time I am unable to do Washougal River Guided Fishing Trips for Salmon due to the low summer waters when the Fall Chinook Salmon return to the Washougal River. Fishing the Washougal River: Washougal’s claim to fame is that it produces steelhead 12 months a year. This strain has also been introduced into sthe Great Lakes systems. The Washougal River gets both Summer Steelhead and Winter Steelhead both of which are Skamania strain Steelhead. They return to Washougal … Land. Winter steelhead are known to arrive in large numbers from early January to March, and summer steelhead usually run from July to October. Washougal River Fishing. Sponsors A freshwater fishing license is required to fish in Washington if you are 16 or older. Although the Washougal River is a smaller tributary it can be a fairly technical river to fish and navigate  in a drift boat, but that another reason why I love Washougal River Fishing. Another exceptional… instagram.com/p/834Lq9ydnV/, Book your trip today or call me for more information 360 798-1664, Copyright 2018 STS Guide Service | All Rights Reserved | Powered by, Winter Steelhead is the most popular fishery on the Washougal River…, If you have any question about Washougal River Fishing please feel free to. Fish eggs are versatile baits as you can use them individually or tie multiple eggss together in colorful mesh netting. The two major fishing locations in the area are the Washougal River and the Washougal Fork West River, both of which have been stocked with hatchery steelhead and salmon. Open season for salmon on the Washougal River runs from August 1 to December 31. Top-end equipment is essential for hands on fishing. The Washougal River is located in Southwest Washington, is a small tributary of the Columbia River that has an annual return of salmon & steelhead. The Washougal River is one of my favorite rivers to fish because this is where I learned to row a drift boat and fish for Steelhead and Coho Salmon. Left to naturalize in their surroundings, these fish migrate between the rivers of Washougal and the Pacific Ocean via the Columbia River. Privacy Policy

They return to Washougal in annual winter and summer runs for spawning purposes. Landings

We understand what fisherman need to be successful in the pursuit of target species across the United States. Left to naturalize in their surroundings, these fish migrate between the rivers of Washougal and the Pacific Ocean via the Columbia River. Some cat fish still around and Bass fishing is starting to slow down too Learn More.

Content Contributor Help, Sportfishing Association of California (SAC) For all other fish the statewide size and bag limits apply. Washougal River Guided Fishing Trips are awesome due to the small size of the river, its scenic surroundings and its holding waters you are able to fish.

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