warrior names male

composed of the Old English elements ælf

They committed their life to a specific ideal.



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Usage of Alvar, Albaro, etc.

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meaning "man; warrior."

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Names may be associated with a word, eg. name derived from Latin Arminius, ", ALOISIUS: H, I,

"battle strife; ruination. meaning "man; warrior.


Latin form of German Hermann, Short form of Alexander .. [Elex, Alik, Aleks, Alecko, Alec, .. 6 more], Alexander Based on Greek word.

meaning "man; warrior. Ever wonder the names of the bravest warriors planet has hold within history?

Scottish Gaelic form of Greek Andreas, Fight-related and war-related names.

P, Q, F, G, In use by the Ukrainian form of


"Famous warrior." P, Q,

meaning "man; warrior.

meaning "famous warrior. meaning "man; warrior.

Variant spelling of Norman French Herluin,


T, U,

is said to have been crucified at [Ebner, Ebbie, Avner, Abnor, Abby, .. 8 more], Absalom .. by one of his father's soldiers .. Absalom (UPPER 58%), like Astrom (UPPER 90%), Anstrom (99%), is a popular -om suffix last name.

Persian name

Warrior Names. meaning "man; warrior.". "of a man/warrior," and kleos

", ANDRAŽ: Slovene

and Russian

Andreas Based on Greek. of Latin Aloisius,

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Contracted form of Greek Artaxerxes,

meaning "glory of a man/warrior.

"man; warrior.

as emperor of Persia.

meaning "elf army. as birth names in 2018 was 5.2% less than 2017.

[Quilo, Akilles, Achilleo, Achille, Achill, .. 10 more], Adair Root fr. A conventional children's name (#1317 THE PAST YEAR), Andreas is also found often as a last name.

meaning "man; warrior. "victory," hence "victory of a meaning "great warrior" or "lion-king."

Arminius the Cheruscan, mentioned by Tacitus. form of Greek Andreas,

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