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On the front of the microphone, are two switches, one allowing you to switch between polar patterns and a pre-attenuation switch for lowering your input level (we’ll get more into this later). However, for those on the hunt for an authentic U47 experience, Telefunken has developed a new VF14 valve, which it pairs with a recreation of the M7 capsule in the current Diamond Series U47 microphones. Although it lacks some of that special Neumann authority in the mid-range, it nevertheless works well on a wide range of sources. Click to learn more about Warm Audio No information is provided on how accurately this matches up to the original BV8 transformer, but AMI has made some exceptional reproductions in the past so there’s no reason to think this should be any different. I'm also surprised by the lack of accolades I see here about this mic.

This can be compensated by adjusting the tripod joint, but nonetheless, can be an annoyance. The WA-14 particularly shines on overhead drums, acoustic guitars and other sounds with a lot of punch and high-end presence. The top and bottom end of the signal was held back, giving the vocal a distinctive, but quite useable flavour. I’d like to get a pair for overheads, but also use them for other things; acoustic, vocals, etc. The inclusion of non-original parts, especially a third-party or re-skinned capsule, will have a significant impact on value.

There really is very little reason not to want to get your hands on the WA-47. Experienced musicians who play real instruments vs. click and point laptop producers. With this new sampler-cum-sound design tool, its legacy looks assured.
Re: 2 tops and 2 subs how to run tops in stereo and sub... 2 tops and 2 subs how to run tops in stereo and subs in... Best option for organic, analogue sound design and rhyt... Seeking Advice on Old-School (50's & 60's) Mic'ing ... A good-sounding, all-round studio microphone with a sound character that recalls a brighter U87. The contents of this article are subject to worldwide copyright protection and reproduction in whole or part, whether mechanical or electronic, is expressly forbidden without the prior written consent of the Publishers. Warm Audio have also used a conventional three-way toggle switch in place of the sliding polar pattern selector on the original. Warm Audio claims to have spent several years of research and “a lifetime of listening and a passion for great sound” in the development of their version of the CK12, resulting in the LK-12-B-60V. All of these comparisons were subjective rather than scientific, but they suggest a couple of interesting conclusions. I’m thinking of grabbing a stereo pair for overheads and acoustic guitar, and overall as a general workhorse LDC pair. On the negative side, the WA-14 does not do as well when recording off-axis as the C414. In this article, we review the Warm Audio WA-14 large diaphragm condenser microphone (see current price), a recreation of the legendary AKG C414. Warm Audio WA87 Review. Above all else, Warm Audio capsules came from the desire to give customers far more quality/value than what they are used to getting in an affordable microphone. Steinberg has provided some of music technology’s greatest innovations. © 2020 MusicTech is a member of the media division of BandLab Technologies. The views expressed are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the publishers. "The WA-14 overcomes the limitation of earlier classic versions while delivering the sound so sought after by audio recordists. If your mic cabinet is a little bare, this is going to open up a world of recording possibilities. In fact, it wasn’t even clear to us that the WA-14 was a recreation of the C414 until we read that it was. However, since you can dial in any of three further positions between cardioid and omni you could really dial this in to taste and to the space you have available. The C414, especially the older models, have a very distinctive angular design. Instead these are two modern microphones inspired by the best of a previous generation, and hopefully offering something of the tonal qualities provided by those mics – and at a significantly lower price. Switching out the WA-47 entirely for the WA-47jr was an underwhelming experience. Essentially, this is a low gain 12AX7 valve, quite different to the VF14M, but not the first time such valves have been used in U47 style microphones. In this position the mic didn’t feel as obviously different from the cardioid position as it did in omni. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, It was a hit-maker in the 70s and 80s, being used on countless records from artists such as Freddie Mercury, Paul McCartney, Luther Vandross, and Hall & Oates. Every capsule is also made with all brass parts (no teflon or other cost saving material), and is carefully skinned from the same supply of high purity NOS Mylar (PET film). AKG learned from feedback over the years, culminating in their most recent C414, the. The WA-47jr serves as a great multi-purpose microphone. It too is made in China, but under the important-sounding Germanic brand name of Lens Kondensator, and it apparently features a diaphragm made from “new old stock Japanese mylar”. Warm Audio are hardly the first to copy the one-inch, centre-terminated, dual-backplate capsule Neumann developed for the U67 and related microphones: the design has been a staple of Far Eastern mic manufacture ever since companies like Rode first brought affordable capacitor mics to market in the ’90s. It's a fantastic all-purpose studio microphone for advanced setups. The WA-14 is a classic condenser microphone based on the early 1970's microphone used on countless hit records. Both microphones are based around Warm Audio’s custom K47-style capsule, the WA-47-B-80v, developed in Australia. This point of view is by no means universally held, but Warm Audio have used it to justify their decision to copy what is, arguably, a current product from another manufacturer’s catalogue. I should also point out that there is some variability even within the sound of new U87s. We ask sonic surgeons to treat our production ailments – this time techno DJ Rudosa offers a cure for weak drums and build-ups that aren’t quite hitting the spot. One look at their vintage-style gear, and Warm Audio's mission becomes absolutely clear: to make classic studio processors available to everyone at an amazingly affordable price.

We already knew where to find great microphone transformers, precision resistors, polystyrene, tantalum and WIMA film capacitors; but we came to realize that a quality affordable microphone capsule that met our specifications simply wasn’t out there. This makes the WA-14 somewhat less versatile than the C414, experiencing significant coloration outside of its recording axis. The WA-14 particularly shines on overhead drums, acoustic guitars and other sounds with a lot of punch and high-end presence. It may have a “cheaper” look than the C414, but it is solid and overall, feels pretty durable. After review, what we found with the WA-14 is a great sounding microphone that can surprisingly hang with much more expensive condenser microphones. But don’t go in expecting a mic with anything like the qualities of either the WA-47 or the U47 FET. If you were looking for an inexpensive multi-pattern large-diaphragm condenser with a fairly open voicing, this is a great example. Personally, I'd get the 414XLIIs for overheads, more defined high end. I can only imagine the new 414s still sound good - like a 414; not like the old ones, but still good. The WA-14 utilizes a custom all-brass CK12-style capsule, CineMag USA transformer, and a fully discrete signal path. As I tested the WA‑87 against these three Neumanns, a consistent pattern emerged. Add a dose of Euphoria and Antidote to your Eurorack system at a low cost. Does anyone use this mic as a main, all-around LDC? This mic has been out for a while and allegedly is modeled after the presumably sought after C414EB, but has few reviews on retailer sites or other forums and not many demos on Youtube or elsewhere. Warm Audio’s new mic is claimed to offer the sound of an original Neumann U87 at a fraction of the price.

What’s special about these mics is the richness and command with which they present the 100Hz-3kHz region: voices sound detailed and authoritative, drums sound punchy and powerful, and electric guitars snap and snarl. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Above all else, Warm Audio capsules came from the desire to give customers far more quality/value than what they are used to getting in an affordable microphone. The end result is a very consistent, reliable capsule which matches the frequency response and tonality of the classic 1970's classic capsule. This has been out for a while but I can’t seem to find many reviews, except for a few YouTube videos. Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is. Sweetwater has a deal on 414 XLS mics right now, but they also have a deal on the Warm Audio 14 as well. The Telefunken U47 uses the original M7 capsule paired with a new VF14 valve and a BV8 transformer. There is plenty of demand for original U87s, to the point where second-hand prices are noticeably higher than those commanded by the current U87Ai version. Win! Buy Warm Audio WA-14 Large-Diaphragm, Brass-Capsule Condenser Microphone featuring Cardioid, Omnidirectional & Figure-8, Fully Discrete Design, Inspired by a Vintage Capsule, For Use on Vocals, Drums, Guitars & More, 1" Gold-Sputtered Capsule, Capsule Skinned in 6-Micron Mylar, -10 & -20 dB Pad Switch, Balanced XLR Connection, Custom CineMag Transformer, Included Shockmount & Hard Mount. Of course, Warm Audio’s goal has mainly been to provide high-quality gear at a more affordable price. The differences in this department were most obvious when I tried the mics on drums and percussion. All contents copyright © SOS Publications Group and/or its licensors, 1985-2020. There’s no built-in hi-pass filter, so you will have to be careful with rumble and sub-harmonic build-up, but this is easily dealt with at the preamp stage, or later. It is still a market-leading product 50 years later, but today’s U87Ai is the result of a 1986 design revision, and differs from the original in various respects that some people think are significant. Initially, the U47 used a Telefunken VF14M valve, a military spec pentode long since discontinued, and later replaced by a Nuvistor. The LK-12-B-60V is an all-brass design similar to the CK12 manufactured by Warm Audio’s sub-company “Lens Kondensator”.
Like the CK12, it is also an edge-terminated capsule (“edge-fed”) in which the electrical lead is attached to the edge of the diaphragm, rather than to the center. Most reviews I've seen about it say that it's virtually indistinguishable from the brass capsule 414, which now goes for several grand and has quite the reputation for being a great workhorse. It’s a credible alternative – and a shade cheaper. Thus far, Warm Audio have focused mainly on studio outboard, but the WA‑87 is their first foray into the world of microphones. Although the low-cut switch is not present, the WA-14, however, does keep its pre-attenuation switch, allowing you to pad your signal for very loud recording sources. Hey everyone! Although slightly warmer, the frequency response is overall very similar to the C414 EB.

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