warframe sentinel tier list

Some of those mid tier warframes are some of the best boss farmers in the game, and while I will agree Mag needs some love, she is far from useless.

Her pull together with a high leveled melee weapon enables her to act as a sort of tank towards heavies, she can single them out, pull them close (and prone them) and then hack away at them. One very important thing though, do NOT nerf Vauban. Some are very easy to obtain in early to mid game. Bullet attractor should be configured to draw bullets to the enemies weakest point.

Do you agree/disagree? I would like to see her with more crowd-control oriented abilities. Hmm, I am interested in what the rest of the community thinks of this list.

i do agree that they need to increase the energy cost for iron skin. Do you agree/disagree? Loki possess exceptional utility, but has no ability to quickly clear enemies, unlike basically every other frame. If backing up Iron Skin and tweaking it's duration is not an option, then his other skills should get a buff to make up for it. Helios (prime) is good for filling up the codex, which in turn is good if you like running tests in the simulacrum. Prisma Shade is the second tankiest sentinel, and the stealth can be useful at times. It also is extraordinarily fragile, with Decoy being the only real reason it doesn't die immediately in a higher level fire fight.

Helios for mini-Banshee, self healing via Healing Return, and codex junkies. How could this happen? It … Carrier still has arguably the strongest sentinel ability.

High Tier contains the most enjoyable frames to play in my opinion. She terribly needs a rework. As for bullet attractor, it's useful in two instances, when you have an enemy that deals heavy DPS with ranged (and you need that to stop NOW) or when you want to deal heavy damage to a single other target. Low Tier: Volt (Overload is near useless with diminished range, but still has potential with intact electronics nearby), Mag (Crush hasn't been that great from the beginning, but it still does decent damage), Nyx (went from being a GOD with its bugged Chaos to being extremely weak), Rhino (Simply put, a tank that can't tank effectively any longer) and Trinity (Okay, so she can heal, but not really much else. No need for any serious reworks, just a little tweak or buff here and there. And of course the inverse is true for buffs. Tyl Regor needs a team at least and Jackal and Kela Del Thaim are bosses with this specific strategy. I love her concept, but in practice she's basically out-done by every single other frame. Crush should ignore armour and affect things which enter the area afterwards.

I can't comment on either Banshee or Vauban, as those are the only ones I've not used so far, but as for the other Warframes, I find that they all have their niche they fit into perfectly. Ash needs a deep and meaningful soundtrack to go with it. Carrier Prime (Best For Utility) Carrier Prime in the Arsenal, with change colors this sentinel can give you the best gameplay. Those are my picks for the 10 best frames in Warframe right now! I disagree with Vauban needing any sort of nerf though, as he isn't pervasive in his strength like the old Banshee ultimate.

Shield Polarise should drain shields from enemies AND prevent their regeneration for some duration. TL,DR - Change the "Official" in the name to "Opinions about". I would put the frame in the following positions: High Tier: Vauban (Best abilities hands down are Tesla and Vortex. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

She's strong regardless if Crush ignores armor or not. Disclaimer: the advice below contains generalisations.

I can get that from an artifact). Carrier Prime, the upgraded version of the Carrier Sentinel is a utility Sentinel. Anything from normal missions to void missions to endless defense missions not to mention the difference between playing by yourself or with other people. Secondary: fires projectiles semi-automatically with high accuracy; area-of-effect explosion on impact. Un-Official Warframe Tier List Archived. I have a lot more to say on this topic, but I don't exactly have the time now, so I'll edit this post or post again later. Crush is good. Reddit community and fansite for the free-to-play third-person co-op action shooter, Warframe. What I mean by this is that it is preferable to make easy, powerful feats slightly more difficult to achieve, rather than to turn them into easy, less powerful feats. Nyx in Low Tier?

Despite this, enough patience will see the success of Early Game tactics. This list was created after many many days of serious discussions between Top Clans (lel) and Elite Players (lul) and I think its almost perfect. I'd be very happy to see ~10 High/Mid Tier Frames and no Low Tier at all. i find it kinda funny that they nerfed rhinos iron skin and left trinitys link skill to be.

That's it. Right now he's a Giant... but he can't tank.

Her #3 is seldom useful for the cost and more or less requires an Excal be strapped to her hip for it to be worth the energy (if you can coordinate that, it's suddenly an amazing boss killer, but it's pointless for a skill to be SO reliant on another frame to function). Shade for when you don't need CC, scans or ammo. You can't be serious.

Because the bosses that you need to farm are either in a high level area (Excalibur) or the bosses need specific strategies to get killed. You hit the nail on the head with Mag. Im sorry but i think your list is partially wrong. Ammo Case is free ammo conversion, and CarrierP is tanker than all other sentinels. SENTINEL WEAPON ... Warframe Tier List - Prosecution.

Your friendly neighborhood sortie reward. It slaughters anything not Grineer, and even they are only an exception at higher levels. Stop trying to pidgeon-hole every frame into one particular situation.

Carrier Prime is still the best sentinel by far.

In Trash Tier though, a whole rework is necessary. These warframes are very easy to obtain and pretty standard. His attacks and everything about him spell out my emotional feelings about the world and how deep and sophisticated I am. Vauban mostly because Tesla can be placed infinitely, and is the solution to just about any problem. I used carrier p, after its change i dont know what to bring. Okay, its that time of the year again, time to discuss Warframe Tier List and give some feedback on How do we fix Low Tier Frames.

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