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This is his son, George is deceased. Upon relief by Laffey, the warship returned to the Mediterranean to participate in three more NATO exercises.

Great memories of my shipmates..Like to make contact, Like to talk to old shipmates (we are old),Bill. The following day, Soley and she transited the Suez Canal together once again and then headed to the Persian Gulf for a month of operations with the Iranian Navy. Jim Campbell was my grandfather.

Despite the Americans having steamed directly into the middle of the Japanese force, neither side opened fire for almost ten minutes as they passed by each other, with the Japanese ships enveloping the American battle column as they emerged from the darkness in three separate groups. Palmer Ridens St. please help me. Ken Scobie's phone number has changed to 406-360-0777. The ship was commissioned on 30 December 1943, Commander J. W. Callahan in command. Barton received six battle stars for World War II service and two for Korea. She was the first ship named for Admiral John Kennedy Barton. - loved every minute . The war closed the canal, and subsequent international military action prompted Egypt to block it with sunken ships. Be glad to hear from former Barton shipmates.

Barton departed the east coast 23 August 1942 and steamed to the Pacific, arriving at Tongatapu, Tonga Islands, 14 September 1942. Does anyone know of the where abouts of CMDR Traynor, Daughter's email PO Box 177, Rosedale, WV 26636, 2 Med cru,Cub Crisis,Gitmo-loaded 5in projectiles,bridge wat,great liberty in Med & Carib-did we have fun, My Uncle (niece Susan) killed 9/16/52 when ship hit a floating mine-made ultimate sacrifice at only 19 yrs old.

William M. Wood and she received orders to escort the cruiser Canberra as she carried President Eisenhower to Bermuda to confer with British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan. On 11 April 1949, Barton was recommissioned and joined Destroyer Division 201 (DesDiv 201). Following an overhaul in the Charleston Naval Shipyard in 1955, the destroyer rejoined the Atlantic Fleet for three months of hunter-killer antisubmarine warfare training in preparation for a Mediterranean cruise. Would like to hear from shipmates. Give me a call; have photos to share. Operating from Bahrain, Barton spent the next two months anchored at night and conducting tactical and gunnery drills by day.

This is our uncle and great uncle.

The massive explosions broke the Barton in two and both sections sank only minutes after the first torpedo struck, carrying with her 164 men: 13 officers and 151 of her crew. I do remember it was in spring , and we were in one heck of a storm at sea . Late in October, the other units of the Atlantic Fleet and she stood to as support for the warships engaged in the quarantine of Cuba called for by President John F. Kennedy in response to the siting of Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba. Now fully enveloped by Japanese battle lines, the Barton and the USS Monssen (DD-436) steaming astern, broke to the Northwest into the main group of Japanese ships while firing at point blank range on nearby Japanese destroyers and making violent maneuvers to avoid collisions with both friendly and enemy ships in the melee. The warship also qualified as a gunfire support ship in several exercises at Culebra and Bloodsworth Islands. The five sailors who died were Russell J. Graf, Harold J. Savoie, John M. Sherry, Walter E. Thierfelder, Jr., and black crew member, John L. Barton carried members of the press to the ceremony and stood sentry with William M. Wood at the entrance to the harbor. Barton's damage control parties could not contain the flooding caused by a large hole in Elefterio's hold, so she embarked the tanker's crew and passengers and transported them to Norfolk.

The second Barton (DD-722) was launched on 10 October 1943 by Bath Iron Works Corp., Bath, Maine, sponsored by Ms. Barbara Dean Barton, granddaughter of Admiral Barton. Like to hear fro my shipmates. [1] Repair party member MMFN Anthony Palm (Johnstown, PA) was dispatched to assess the extent of damage caused by the incoming round. Her underway periods benefited the reserve units that trained on board the destroyer, and also provided her nucleus crew with liberty visits to such ports as Fort Lauderdale, Port Everglades, West Palm Beach, and Miami, Fla.; Kingston, Jamaica; San Juan, P.R. [2] Effective damage control by her crew enabled her to reach Sasebo for temporary repairs (29 September – 19 October) and then Norfolk, via the Suez Canal, for permanent repairs. Bill Marshman was my grandfather KIA 11/13/42, Eugene was my brother. '', Address: 921 Millercrest Drive, Johnson City, TN 37604. Forty-two survivors were rescued by USS Portland (CA-33) and twenty-six by Higgins boats from Guadalcanal. Barton exited Chesapeake Bay on 1 July and set out for yet another Mediterranean cruise. Good Memories, Good Ship, Good Crew , in Philadelphia, denglerf (AT) frank.dengler.ctr (AT), 865-776-2300 (Cell Phone) 865-584-4715 (Home), 808-672-4484.

Following a period of upkeep, Barton prepared to put to sea on 14 March. This is my uncle, and need crew roster for serial number inquire about medals awardes. For the next three years, she operated along the eastern seaboard, made two cruises to the Caribbean, and one cruise with the 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean. For the next seven years, Barton alternated between training exercises out of Norfolk and assignments with the 6th Fleet. From 3-26, June she carried out screening, patrol, and bombardment duties in support of the invasion of Normandy. it's a small hole, about 18" in diameter", grossly underestimated the actual size of nearly 4 ½ feet.

Barton was launched 31 January 1942 by Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Quincy, Massachusetts; sponsored by Miss Barbara Dean Barton, granddaughter of Admiral Barton; and commissioned 29 May 1942, Lieutenant Commander D. H. Fox in command. Been wondering what happend to all my shipmates. The destroyer then conducted ASW patrol and spent time in Norfolk in upkeep before going into drydock in Newport News for hull repairs.

My father-19 yrs old when she was sunk-dad assisted an injured shipmate to swim to an island-MIA for sev days. His initial report of ".

In April 1965, Barton received orders to join Reserve DesRon 30, and she became flagship of the squadron in its home port of Philadelphia. During October she participated in the Buin-Faisi-Tonolai raid (5 October) and the Battle of Santa Cruz (26 October) where she claimed shooting down seven Japanese planes.

After participating in NATO Exercise "Whipsaw", Barton and Soley steamed to Port Said, Egypt, to escort a convoy through the Suez Canal and into the Persian Gulf for a routine six-week patrol with the Middle East Force. Thank you very much, Kristine Scobie-Starr. 27 mos-discharged after med cruise-had wonderful expriences-have picts,2 Zippos-would like to know ab 07 reunion in DC-love to hear from anyone.757 898-7645. Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, List of destroyers of the United States Navy,, World War II destroyers of the United States, Korean War destroyers of the United States, Allen M. Sumner-class destroyers of the United States Navy, United States Navy Pennsylvania-related ships, Wikipedia articles incorporating text from the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Sunk as target off Virginia, 8 October 1969, This page was last edited on 27 March 2020, at 06:51. Barton began a schedule of training exercises and Atlantic Fleet maneuvers out of Norfolk, generally operating in the Virginia Capes area and the West Indies. On 28 July 1956, the destroyer departed Norfolk and entered the Mediterranean Sea on 7 August. My father-in Pittsburgh w/wife of 54 yrs-in chg of battery locker-if you remember him, please email (dau Patty). My father. It was commissioned by the U.S. Navy in December of 1943, and soon assigned to the Navy’s Atlantic Fleet, with early missions in support of the Allied invasion of Normandy. Returning to the U.S. on 10 July, Barton soon departed Norfolk for the Pacific, arriving at Pearl Harbor on 2 October. This is my dad as he does not have an e-mail. The Barton had just fired a full spread of torpedoes at the battleship Hiei when the light cruiser USS Helena (CL-50) appeared suddenly out of the darkness and cut directly across the bow of the Barton. Walton.

At the end of a Mediterranean deployment in August 1963, Barton and Borie made a goodwill tour of the Baltic Sea to support Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson's Scandinavian tour. In her short six months of active service to the US Navy Barton received four battle stars for her service in World War II. During a brisk engagement with German batteries in the Bombardment of Cherbourg on 25 June, Barton was slightly damaged while delivering effective gunfire support. Also george10e (AT) Had a great time in the Navy especially aboard a Tin Can. How about a 50 yr Reunion in Sasebo or elsewhere? Are there any surviving crew members? USS Barton (DD-599) was a Benson-class destroyer in the United States Navy during World War II. She was the first ship named for Admiral John Kennedy Barton.

Barton was launched 31 January 1942 by Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Quincy, Massachusetts; sponsored by Miss Barbara Dean Barton, granddaughter of Admiral Barton; and commissioned 29 May 1942, Lieutenant Commander D. H. Fox … Looking for any stories regarding him.

Would like to hear from guys that were on the Barton. On 15 May 1952, Barton departed Norfolk via the Panama Canal for Korea, Commander Harvey B. Seim in command, arriving at Yokosuka, Japan, on 18 June. Email me or call me at (785) 263-3237. On 29 October, the two destroyers started south from the vicinity of Abadan, Iran, to leave the gulf, circumnavigate the Arabian Peninsula, and retransit the Suez Canal.

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