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It is consumed by Earth Kingdom military officials and soldiers, though rather sparingly due to its rarity. As Avatar's primary villain turned good guy, Prince Zuko spent a lot of time battling with who he ultimately wanted to be and who his family believed he should be. According to Iroh, the plant can be used to brew a tea "so delicious, it's heartbreaking". Uncle Iroh and his beloved tea.Nickelodeon. [14], The white jade bush is a plant that grows in the eastern Earth Kingdom. The History of the Four Nations: 2:45—2:50, The Day of Black Sun, Part 1: The Invasion, https://avatar.fandom.com/wiki/Tea?oldid=2826726, The ingredients involved in the creation of the chi-enhancing tea were not specified, though the intended increase in energy and Aang's subsequent hyperactivity after consuming it are similar to the effects associated with. Only Uncle Iroh-Approved Tea Brands for Sale. Failure to include any one of these elements and the tea becomes far less pleasing to drink. The Jasmine Dragon was located in the Upper Ring of Ba Sing Se and owned by Iroh. The Last Airbender Theory: Uncle Iroh's Love of Tea Has Profound Meaning; The Last Airbender Theory: Uncle Iroh's Love of Tea Has Profound Meaning. General Fong offered Aang chi-enhancing tea to attempt to force him into the Avatar State. Both Zuko and Aang disliked the drink, with Zuko spitting his out and Aang commenting that he found it chewy. 8 Spotlights Eraser Head’s Tragic Rise, Pokémon Theory: Ash’s Name Hints at His Future Career, One Piece’s ‘Hungry Days’ Commercials Prove the Series’ True Strength Is Its Cast, What Makes Marionette Mansion One of Junji Ito's Most CHILLING Stories. Discover and share Uncle Iroh Tea Quotes. He is a bit wacky at times, and his priorities do not align with those of his nephew's, but he consistently grounds Zuko, sees beyond the propaganda of the Fire Nation and provides life advice for anyone in need of help, regardless of how they align themselves. RELATED: Avatar: The Last Airbender - Why Uncle Iroh Was the Best. They point out that in order to make a phenomenal spot of tea, all four of the bending elements (earth, fire, wind, and water) are required.

He offered it to Zuko immediately after seeing the light in the sky resulting from Aang's release from the iceberg. [8], Spiced tea is commonly served in the Fire Nation. [11], Green tea is one of the many teas served in Iroh's teashop.

As a member of the White Lotus, a secret society that looks past the boundaries of the four nations in the name of philosophy, beauty and truth, Iroh has dedicated his life to preserving balance in the world, whether it's through a counter-attack on an occupied Ba Sing Se or sharing a cup of tea with a stranger at the Jasmine Dragon. Tea is also a common drink in the real world, especially in Asia and the British Isles, the former being a continent with various cultures from which the franchise draws influence. It is consumed by Earth Kingdom militaryofficials and soldiers, though rather sparingly due to its rarity. However, it can be prepared for safe consumption, as Ming served a cup of this brew to Iroh when he was detained in the Capital City Prison, stating that she knew how much he liked rare teas.[15].

[2] Air Nomads are also known to have drunk tea before their genocide, having their own distinct style. Similarly, without all four elements in the world, the balance is set off, so tea to Iroh represents the balance he wishes to preserve, as well as being a relaxing drink. Jinpa served some to Hei-Ran and Atuat, using the ingredients he borrowed from the Fire Nation Royal Palace kitchen.[4]. Iroh didn’t love any just old tea — only a well-balanced cup of tea brought him joy and peace. [4] Tea is also known to be consumed in the Spirit World, as it was served during Iroh's tea party that Korra attended in 171 AG. Near the middle of the teahouse, there was a Pai Sho table surrounded by ratty floor cushions. Just remember to not burn your tea … After graduating from Lewis & Clark College, with a honors in Rhetoric & Media Studies, she worked as a film school director and a theatrical assistant director in California. He even uses waterbending techniques to redirect lightning, something no one else in the Fire Nation, aside from Zuko later on, can do. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. Invented by Iroh, this kind of tea is made by stewing tapioca balls until they are soft and tender. Uncle Iroh is the epitome of strength, wisdom, and power. It is sometimes confused with the white dragon bush, due to the two plants having similar appearances.

She later moved to New York and worked for Forbidden Planet. Iroh's love for tea also connects itself to his desire to maintain balance and peace in the world as a member of the White Lotus. While milk is not typically added to traditional brews, Iroh suggested it as a complementary additive when he attempted to create his own varieties.

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