uh uh no way commercial

No annual fee on any card. Some people are not lucky enough to be as naturally adorable as you are.

Murray :

: Daddy! :

Under the title of “Discover Card: No We Don’t Charge Annual Fees”. I do not wear polyester hair, okay?

It's like that book I read in the 9th grade that said "'tis a far far better thing doing stuff for other people.". Sometimes you have to show a little skin.

You see how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my feet.


: Cher But don't take the bank's word for it -- ask around, because it might be the one thing that Dr. : Cher

Getting Marky Mark to take time from his busy pants dropping schedule to plant trees. : Wasn't my mom a total Betty? Tai


Well, you've heard it from the mouth of Cher Horowitz herself: "no way." And if that doesn't convince you Chandler Bing will answer the question with his signature drawn out style and hand gestures.
: : Take it from everyday people and also Austin Powers and Cher from 'Clueless'.

Wild guess. Murray I tried. : Cher

Everywhere you go has valet. : Well I'm making you as white as I can, Cher!

Try to use it in a sentence.

Cher TV marketing doesn't need to be in a silo. Which reminds me, where's your report card? Tai Cher

Daddy, some people lost all their belongings.

Who is the dark haired girl in the striped top? : Do you prefer "fashion victim" or "ensembly challenged"? Let's do a lap before we commit to a location. It all boiled down to one inevitable conclusion, I was just totally clueless. Is it that time of the month again?

Cher Murray Josh : Josh What's seven times seven?

Discover takes this moment during Super Bowl LIV to say that only it has no annual fee on any card.





Why do you got to go there? : This is like, Josh! Excuse me, but I have donated many expensive Italian outfits to Lucy, and as soon I get my license, I fully intend to brake for animals, and I have contributed many hours to helping two lonely teachers find romance. : Cher And he's a hideous dancer, I couldn't take him anywhere. Well you look like Forrest Gump. Off hand, I'd say you failed. No.


: I'm just having a snack at my girlfriend's.

Thank you Josh.

This reminds boys of being naked, and then they think of sex. Does Discover charge annual fees? :

I hate when you call me woman. No. Ms. Stoger. Mel

A licensed driver with nothing to do? : Well, I remember Mel Gibson accurately, and he didn't say that.

I had to haul ass to the kitchen, redistribute the food, and squish in extra place settings. Cher Tai :



Why don't you just hire a gardener? : So, how did I do? Don't you think that includes athletic equipment? :

Yeah, towards the mall.


: :

Wrong, Christian Waldegebriel is wearing a blue shirt. Shouldn't you go to school on the East Coast? Cher

No way. It might take longer than that Dad. : Searching for a boy in high school is as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie. Cher Cher

[shouts]  Find, watch, and interact with all your favorite Alicia Silverstone TV Commercials on iSpot.tv In case you've never heard of that, a contribution is... Cher : [Flushed for her date while Dionne is doing her makeup]  Cher

: : Someone Mel Gibson never played. Yes, even; he's gay!


What does she want with Josh, anyway? :

No. Dionne :

Man, this party is ragin'. Cher

Let's ask a guy. : : It's like a painting, see? I was just totally clueless. Cher

Yeah, I hope not sporadically.


See the positions. What's up? And daddy's so good he gets $500 an hour to fight with people.

I'm captain of the Pismo Beach disaster relief.

No. : Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Christian Tai Tai

: Lucy, the fire department called again.

You almost had sex with who?

The fact that I've done it every other semester. : Isn't my house classic? :

Hey, James Bond, in America we drive on the right side of the road.

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