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"Goodbye, Scorpio! However, Lucky has an unusual string of bad luck and trying to prove himself despite that, he confronts Ikargen and the revived Mardakko alone. On February 11, 2018 it was replaced by Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger as part of the Super Hero Time block. The episodes in this Sentai season are called Space., which is spelled in a similar manner to the "Episode." After Ex-Aid's finale, Kamen Rider BuildIcon-crosswiki joined Kyuranger on the Super Hero Time block, along with a new airtime an hour later. With the universe under their thrall, the tears of the people awaken the nine ultimate saviors, chosen by the Kyutama, and they are here for the galaxy's salvation. "Echo Throughout the Universe! Now with the team complete, the Kyurangers decide to start their campaign to liberate the universe with Earth. Stinger accompanies Champ who was heavily damaged while protecting him from Scorpio for repairs. The Kyurangers set out to look for the Ryukotsu Kyutama on Planet Keel, but Scorpio steals it and they must fight him for its possession. The Kyurangers have obtained a new spaceship and Shou returned, but they have no clue of what happened to Champ. The mysterious warrior serving Jark Matter is no other than King Aslan, who is possessed by Don Armage.

It has a space theme, with the Rangers themed after constellations and gear based on stars and planets. Searching for the Perseus Kyutama, Lucky and his friends encounter Mardakko once again, and discover, much to their surprise, that Doctor Anton is still alive. The average ratings of the series was 3.0%. The Kyurangers track down the location of the Ho Kyutama, one of the components of Argo, on Planet Vela, whose people are suffering with the pollution caused by Jark Matter. Space.29: The Orion System's Strongest Warrior, Space.30: All Right! Still wary of Tsurugi's situation, the Kyurangers join together against Don Armage who is possessing Quervo's body. Now possessing Tsurugi's body, Don Armage absorbs Shou and is stronger than ever. Deathball of Hell, Space.41: Infiltrate! After being brought back to life, Tsurugi Ootori declares that the other Kyurangers had accomplished their duty and must leave the rest to him.

Tamakyuu Isshika Ichibancho! Shou informs the other Kyurangers of their next move, which is to assemble three special Kyutamas that together, unlock the power of the legendary spaceship "Argo", necessary to bring down Jark Matter. To obtain the last Kyutama needed to break Don Armage's barrier, the Kyurangers set for the Cassiopeia System, where the local Karo challenges them for a, With the power of the Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Cepheus and Perseus Kyutamas, the Kyurangers break into Planet, "The Father? Phantom Thief BN Team! The most powerful warriors arrive here and now. This page was last edited on 15 March 2020, at 04:57. Space.38: Shocking! Space.34: Mysterious Masked Warrior, Appears, Space.35: The Secret of the Universe's No.1 Idol, Space.36: The Legend That Sleeps in Lucky's Homeworld, Space.37: Lucky’s Reunion with His Father. Time for Argo's Revival!". However, the Kyurangers also discover, much to their grief, that the Orion is damaged beyond repair, just when Kukuruga, the third of the Fuku Shoguns makes his move. Saraba Sukorupio! But when Ikargen and Mardakko appear, Shou himself intervenes just in time to everyone's surprise. Lucky finds a wrecked Orion in the present and sets for the past to discover what happened to Tsurugi and the others. After liberating Lucky's home planet, the Kyurangers split into two groups again, looking for the means to break into Planet Southern Cross to confront Don Armage, but Shou is starting to feel left out, as Tsurugi has been a better leader than him. Space.14: Exciting! Lucky's Resolution". Space.13: Stinger's Challenge To His Brother!

To liberate the universe from the Space Shogunate Jark Matter's occupation, Champ, Hammie and Spada, three members of the Kyurangers search around space for the six other individuals chosen by the power of the Kyutama to join their cause. This fact shakes Lucky's conviction, until his friends decide to give him a piece of mind. ?」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「怪盗BN団、解散…」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「オリオン座、最強の戦士」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「ヨッシャ!奇跡のキュータマ」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「ナーガ奪還大作戦!」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「オリオン号よ、永遠に」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「発進!バトルオリオンシップ!」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「謎の覆面戦士、現る」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「宇宙No.1アイドルの秘密」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「ラッキーの故郷に眠る伝説」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「ラッキー、父との再会」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「おっタマげ!危機9連発!」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「ペルセウス座の大冒険」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「開幕!地獄のデースボール」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「突入!惑星サザンクロス」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「父か?宇宙か?ラッキーの覚悟 」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「聖夜に誓うヨッシャ、ラッキー」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「ドン・アルマゲの正体」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「ツルギの命とチキュウの危機」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「希望と絶望のはざまで」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「救世主たちの約束」", "TV Asahi's official summary for 「宇宙に響け!ヨッシャ、ラッキー」", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Uchu_Sentai_Kyuranger_episodes&oldid=945628483, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Space Dragon Palace Castle! After Ikargen steals the Tomo Kyutama from the Kyurangers, the team looks for a way to get past his mysterious ability to evade all their attacks. The episodes in this Sentai season are called Space., which is spelled in a similar manner to the "Episode."

Uchū Sentai Kyūrenjā Henshin Kōza Kimi mo Issho no Sutā Chenji! Taking place in the late 21st century, the series follows a team of alien warriors chosen by the constellations to fight Jark Matter, an evil organization that has taken over the galaxy. While looking for the four other Kyurangers, Lucky and his friends come across Balance and Naga Ray, a duo of thieves, just as Eriedrone, one of the Karos from Jark Matter is hot on their trail.

This show was also aired in South Korea as Power Rangers Galaxy Force (파워레인저 갤럭시포스 Pawaleinjeo Gaelleoksiposeu). The Kyurangers have no clue about Don Armage's whereabouts since their last battle, until they hear of planets exploding mysteriously in the Corvus System and set course there, unaware that Tsurugi is keeping a secret from the others. Uchu Sentai Kyuranger is a 2017 Japanese television series, and is the 41st entry of the long … Space.25: Planet Toki, the Boy's Determination! In 2019, this show was dubbed in Indonesian under the name Kyuuranger, making it the first Super Sentai show since Megaranger to be aired in Indonesia, as well as the first 2010s Super Sentai show to be aired in Southeast Asia. Saraba Sukorupio!

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