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I only hope that Alizee is doing things that make her happy, rather then simply exisiting. :o, I assume you are trying to be funny. Then I have to hope I don't get caught up in Paris traffic.

Go check his stuff out, for I can’t really post if for you, for I’m not on “Instagram”, or “Facebook”, or anything of that sort, (not allowed due to “NDO agreements” with “ex-employers”) so I can’t really see the “stories” and “stuff”, nor post most of the really “good bits”, and people get rightfully “upset” when I “waffle” on about “stuff” and don’t show it. In case anyone missed this, Alizée posted her first Instagram video this morning! Might be why we only see her with Dancerman in all the pictures she puts up. Madamigella (signorina)( young lady) in Italian.. Ok ok.


:D. She said in an interview more than a few years ago that she always wanted to open a dance studio for kids. Alizee to me, is larger than life. OnlyFans leaked photos of the famous creators. That’s a thought—I was thinking it might be some kind of eye surgery, too. Once she sees one of her fans/paparazzis stalking her, she'd probably go into hiding again. :( :D, I like that she's living back on Corsica. Alizee certainly says something to that effect when she is introducing the band members at the end. Is it just me, or Dancerman always has this ''i got your girl, losers'' face expression ? She does not look anywhere near her age in this. It's unfortunate, I loved tumblr, that's why I created tumbex.

then post the full photos here... http://alizeeamerica.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7616 :), http://distilleryimage0.ak.instagram.com/932394880ab511e3835722000a1fbce5_7.jpg, http://distilleryimage9.ak.instagram.com/342f1d520ce111e3b01422000aaa05b1_7.jpg, I wonder if she has been swimming with dolphins yet?

:eek: http://alizeeamerica.com/forums/picture.php?albumid=186&pictureid=2193. She probably feels safer at public gatherings with him there. The time I went to the Studio in Ajaccio last year, on the first day I arrived in Corsica, the wind almost blew the hat off my head (I typically wear a baseball style cap). Nirvana is just a puppy she saw at the beach and took a photo of. I can't be aware of everything that happens on this forum...:o. I know there has been speculation as to Alizée's involvement with Madmoiselle Pierantoine but has that been confirmed yet? Who is that lucky SOB in the middle planting a kiss on Alizee?! Maybe my comment is extremely sexist- it's not intentional. She said (Pink top, white skirt) day two of shopping.

I checked the forum real quick and saw this post. Don't judge a person by the color of the headband they wear. View Full Version : [Official] Alizée's Twitter and Instagram -pre 2016, http://img594.imageshack.us/img594/6827/ztem.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/594/ztem.jpg/). Discover (and save!)

I'll get them on my instagram (@ray_four) right away and then this evening after I get home I'll put full resolution pics on Imageshack an d link to them here! Incidents like this are happening way too close for comfort for any one. After more than a month of hiatus, Alizee tweeted again! It's always nice to see Alizée enjoying herself with family... http://distilleryimage7.s3.amazonaws.com/0e7afbe6047e11e3b20922000aeb0b52_6.jpg. The singer Alizee also said that the climate was deteriorating in Corsica. I almost turned around and left that day! :D, Must be all the Zée love he's (she's?) Sorry, but this is not a tourist lure (although she would probably be in a very friendly mood should others appear).

Lucky for her parents it occurred at least 400 meters as the crow flies and closer to 500 meters south of their home if you'd walk it off. But eye surgery of some type is, I think, the most likely explanation for a completely bandaged eye. http://imageshack.us/a/img96/3736/nv47.jpg.

Looks like she spends lots of time in the beach, Nah! (Google Street View address). Certainly you must mean Mylene Farmer. :13: :D:p. Looks like she isn't into duckfaces anymore. He looks like the guy who could entertain her on daily basis. Yes.

There is a show in the main square tonight at nine pm. I bet many women find her just as alluring as men do (in a non-sexual manner).

The only person whose shaved head I admired was Natalie Portman's. They just watch him on occasion. That is why many women will never understand the deep infatuation many men have with this young lady.

What kind of puzzles me is why if singers like Patrick Bruel and Jenifer can perform concerts there, why can't she? No idea, I'm thinking it is more of she would like to meet someone but with the guys she is meeting the pickings are pretty slim when it comes to quality. Not really her ig, but thought it was cool to share... buying a few things from her brother today. I fly standby and the flights are very full. :), THanks God she's not on the anoressic american celebrity way of life. Dancerman is what we refer to is Alizée's best guy (Gay) friend in Ajaccio. Looking at En Concert credits, his name was Loie Ponteux and she was Stephanie Muret.

It is therefore with great sadness that I announce that you are living the last moments of tumbex, it was a great adventure, and a big thank you to all those who have followed me during all this time! The French economy is limping on to be kind, and with close to 11% unemployment, not too many from the mainland are heading down to Corsica for vacation. They just watch him on occasion. Seems to be just a placeholder right now. a good thing she's in Paris now, cause a gunfire take place in Ajaccio today, just a few meters from her street... :(. :), Is this dog can be considered as a LB ? Aug 30, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Javon Walker. Funnily enough I watched the entire video yesterday. seriously, i wonder what is she doing all day every day. Please send a email to tumbex.com@gmail.com, and explain shortly why you want see that content removed. okay but what about this, do you still think he's straight? She was there like a normal person, not as superstar.

I always ask people how old they think she is in a recent picture and their guesses are always in the mid teens. Yes, thank you for posting the new picture, melovelily. Nirvana is just a puppy she saw at the beach and took a photo of. OMG the guy was practically acting like a sixteen year old when he got close to her and he was thirty eight at the time.

:) Pretty may get you noticed but there has to be more to the woman than her looks to generate the long time following and devotion of over five, six, even ten or more years with many of her fans.

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