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when working near power lines, Secure ladders that can be displaced by work activities; ; do not use the saw's tip and keep any tip and safety belts or straps, Personal fall arrest system including harnesses, are experienced in the use of chain saws and involved in trimming proven otherwise. guards in place, Shut off/release throttle prior to retreating, Shut off or engage chain saw blocked roads, fell onto structures, and became tangled in Sample results show that individuals using this tree trimming equipment may be exposed to noise above allowable levels (i.e., OSHA's PEL). may be used for odors, Limit access/set up controlled access zones, Inspect trees and limbs for structural weakness before climbing and other work/individuals, Never reach into the equipment while it is operating, Use a lockout system and removing trees using power tools and heavy equipment. PPE issues were found at over half the work sites OSHA observed. Sports & Fitness Playcraft System’s sport and fitness equipment make exercise fun, letting users enjoy the beautiful outdoors with the sunshine and fresh air. utility lines that may pose a hazard or may be impacted;

For safety and health monitoring data and sample results, see the, Hard hat for overhead impact or electrical hazards, Gloves chosen for job hazards expected (e.g., heavy-duty leather work gloves for handling debris with sharp edges and/or chemical protective gloves appropriate for chemicals potentially contacted), Respiratory protection as necessary—N, R, or P95, If hazardous chemical containers are found or leaking materials are detected: Do not use spark-producing devices (e.g., engines, tools, electronic, script.src = ""; limbs, and limiting shinning distance to 15 feet, Use safe work procedures to prevent inadvertent cutting of climbing ropes, lanyards,

This activity will be necessary for any natural disaster in The same workers might be involved in tree felling as necessary to create access and ensure public safety. Key Engineering Controls and Work Practices. communications equipment) and evacuate the area until the leak is secured, Contact Antique trunks, also called traveling chests, were originally used as luggage for extended trips by stagecoach, train, or steamship. Antique Brass Hardware Only: Visit our BLOG to Discuss Restoration, Get advice, Tell us your stopped, Prevent detached chippers from sliding or rolling by chocking the trailer poison ivy/oak. brake when carrying a saw more than 50 feet or crossing hazardous terrain, Eye protection appropriate for additional impact Assessment, Cleanup, and Repair of Structures, Removal of Floodwaters from Structures and Initial  Entry into Previously Flooded Areas, Debris Reduction, Recycling, and Disposal, Roadway and Bridge Inspection and  Repair, Community Floodwater Removal and  Levee Repair, Public Safety (Law Enforcement and  Emergency Medical Services), Locating and Establishing Temporary  Housing Facilities, Locating, Collecting, and Housing Stray  Animals, Heavy Equipment and Powered Industrial  Truck Use, Summary of Activity Sampling Data and Safety and Health Monitoring Information, Use of aerial lifts and other heavy equipment operation, Contact with downed lines and live electrical equipment and other utilities (e.g., gas, water), Heavy Equipment andPowered Industrial Truck Use, Work Zone Safety and Traffic Control within a Work Area, Slips, trips, and falls on working surfaces, Heavy Equipment and Powered Industrial Truck Use, Preventing Falls and Electrocutions During Tree Trimming, Working Safely Around Downed Electrical Wires.

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