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Redefine your inbox with updates. Other definitions add anal and vaginal secretions, not unlike its slang cousin truffle butter. Outside of cooking and eating, truffle butter is, um, not very appetizing. The first reference to truffle butter on filets refers to how rich she is, she can afford the delicacy of filet mignon with actual truffle butter on it. The 2018 romantic comedy Duck Butter took advantage of the slang. Online news sites like BuzzFeed dove into the meaning of the term, even bringing truffle butter (the food) to the Billboard Music Awards red carpet that year.

The term hit its all-time high in Google searches in March, 2015, coinciding with the release of the lyric video. ; Something therefore troubling, that you do… I wish no one ever told me the urban meaning of ‘truffle butter’. Some enterprising listener, it seems, ran with Lil Wayne’s truffle butter line, concocting some sexual slang sense for it à la creampie or more absurd and gross ones like the Cleveland Steamer. Other news sites even wrote health stories about the dangers of engaging in the activities that would lead to, as Lil Wayne put it, “truffle butter on your pussy.”. Truffle butter is when you pull you dick out of the asshole an continue fucking her pussy, and the tan buttery substance around her pussy is truffle butter. The second reference is little wayne makingoes it dirty and using the double meaning. 1) Always use a latex, polyurethane, or polyisoprene condom when engaging in any anal play. Curious fans looked up truffle butter and found their way to an explicit answer. Since the release of the song, truffle butter has been mostly brought up in reference to the song or when someone finally catches up with the slang meaning. Lil Wayne later mentions “truffle butter on your pussy,” intended as some form of erotic extravagance. If you know of another definition of BUTTA that should be included here, please let us know. In December, 2014, US rapper Nicki Minaj released the song “Truffle Butter.” On it, Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Drake rap about their success, mentioning truffle butter twice. Sex isn’t the only source of these fluids: exercise, hot temperatures, and excessive seating may form the quacky (but natural) lather. In the 1930s, it was slang for semen, and in the 1950s, smegma. Eat my pussy, hell nah bitch, not after I just put it in your pussy from your ass, you got truffle butter hoe! Today, truffles are an expensive luxury item in all their forms, including when made into compound butter made with black or white truffles. Great, Click the ‘Allow’ Button Above rather an informal word summary that hopefully touches upon the key aspects of the meaning and usage of duck butter first Urban Dictionary entry defining the term in this way appeared only a few weeks after, Legit just had to google what truffle butter was and nicki minaj is a durtay cow. Restaurants are no longer scared to mention the topping on social media, at least.

Truffle butter is considered premium. My.

Half of you nasty fucks out here smelling like duck butter. What does truffle butter mean? This is not meant to be a formal definition of duck butter like most terms we define on, but is 18 hours ago, by Maggie Ryan Other definitions add anal and vaginal secretions, not unlike its slang cousin truffle butter. But as with many sexual slang terms, duck butter sounds innocent enough, which means class clowns seize on it for some jokes. My grandma “well I don’t have any duck butter” .

She’s a star; and 4) There are moments of real intimacy; most importantly, Naima’s recounting of a sexual experience that leads to Sergio explaining the concept of “duck butter” to her. The term duck butter is older than you may want to believe. All of the definitions of duck butter are horrible., — Maps Maponyane (@MapsMaponyane) March 27, 2015. Truffle butter is created when a man pulls his penis out of the anus and immediately inserts it into a woman’s vagina — without cleaning if off. during hot days. The first Urban Dictionary entry defining the term in this way appeared only a few weeks after The Pinkprint dropped. It's sexual slang for the secretions left on a woman after anal then vaginal sex, popularized by rapper Nicki Minaj's 2014 song of the same name. This is not meant to be a formal definition of truffle butter like most terms we define on, but is

— Dwayne?

Days, — L20 Hotel School (@L20HotelSchool) May 14, 2018. The categorically good things about Duck Butter are: 1) The sex scenes, which feel real and are not male gaze-y in any way; 2) the fact that the screenplay was co-written and the film was executive produced by Shawkat, an actual queer woman; 3) Shawkat’s performance. Quality truffle butter is normally high priced. Chef @markgreenaway’s barbecued shiitake mushrooms, to be served with sourdough, parsley, truffle butter. The duck may refer to the smell of duck droppings, according to Green’s Dictionary of Slang, and the butter, its liquidness and light color. What does truffle butter mean? , 11 Sex Slang Terms You Need to Know in 2016, Have Yourself a Schitty Holiday Season With These 15 "Ugly" Schitt's Creek Christmas Sweaters, There's No Real Estate in This Millennial Monopoly Because "You Can't Afford It," and the Accuracy, Holy Shirtballs, We Need This Hilarious Good Place Doormat, 17 Wonderfully Morbid Addams Family Moments That Will Lift Your Spirits, The Best Emily in Paris Memes For Those Who Love (or Love to Hate) It, What Rewatching Girlfriends Taught Me About My Own Friendships. OK, so this term is really gnar.

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