trillium lake covid

These are a few simple things that can support our students with continuation of learning in a manageable way until more formal learning opportunities are implemented. All staff or students who have travelled to Hubei Province, China in the previous 14 days, on their return to Canada are being asked to self-isolate for 14 days and report by telephone to public health units to arrange for daily symptom monitoring.

Plenary of camping area. COVID-19 Plan – Just as families prepare a home safety plan for fire, being prepared for COVID-19 is no different. The Health Unit’s social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) continue to see increases in the number of followers. We appreciate your continued support of Trillium Family Services. This is peak flu season and we are seeing influenza and respiratory viruses in the community. Cover coughs and sneezes. We are in close contact with our two public health units and will continue to follow their guidance and recommendations regarding the spread of COVID-19. Currently the risk associated with COVID-19 is low for Canada. Avoid spending time in large crowds or in crowded areas, avoid high risk areas such as farms, live animal markets, and areas where animals may be slaughtered, avoid contact with animals (alive or dead), avoid surfaces with animal droppings or secretions, avoid eating raw or undercooked animal products, be aware of the local situation and follow local public health advice. When we know, we will share this information with you as quickly as possible. Ready to hit the road? elderly, those who have weak immune system) for symptoms suggestive of COVID-19. In Ontario, there are 3,972 persons under investigation with lab results pending. Please check back often. TLDSB is working with school staff on a TLDSB [email protected] continuity of learning plan that will be shared on this website shortly.

For example, a half hour of reading a couple times a day, measuring in the kitchen or workshop, or tuning into online learning resources if you are able. At this time, there are no confirmed or suspected cases in the Muskoka, Haliburton, or Kawartha Lakes area.

food premises, vaccine distribution, infectious disease and sexually transmitted infection case and contact management, and support for new mothers and families through the Healthy Families program. We want to remind our school community that the best ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are the same as preventing the cold and flu. The Health Unit will be contacting all recreational camps to determine their plans for the summer and contacting all day camps to review provincial guidelines.

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