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We ordered back in May and was told we should expect delivery at the end of June early July.

This is a piece of furniture..... Continue Reading > TRANSFORMER TABLE. I love the table, bench and the coffee table.

I love my new table and the delivery was superb. I also appreciate the feedback you have for us on our service.. Our comapny is always improving, and we rely on valuable feedback like this to make it even better.

New. Yes. Each time I called it was like pulling teeth to speak with someone via chat or on the phone. Featuring an integrated storage unit, its the perfect place to store your table panels … The only thing now is to wait and see how it holds up in the long run. It let us turn our seldom used formal dining room into a highly used multifunctional family room and home office - and we still have, on very short notice, dinner seating for anywhere from 4 people (today) to 12 people (when this pandemic has blown over). I am beyond pleased with this product. I'd love to see more sustainable packaging. However, that didn't bother me. My Google shows me nothing official. This table is exactly what we needed in our new home as it fit very well in the space for our everyday dining table but also worked great when we had our family come over as it was very easy to expand to fit everyone around one table!My only negative comment for my experience to give 3 stars is that the delivery took many months and communication of when to expect delivery or updates on the delivery was poor. Everything came just in time for thanksgiving dinner and the table looked awesome with everyone sitting around it! Seamless set up.

Transformer Table - The Future of your Living Room, We purchased the table, benches and coffee table, Company is unable to deliver products for more than 6 months, Gorgeous table, a lot of unsustainable packaging. The coffee table is great and helps with the storage of the table leafs. Save $299 when you add another Transformer bench to your order. Yes. I received no info after the expected delivery date of July 7 came and went.

News. We feel lucky our table arrived when it did: we ordered it at the beginning of August and it was to arrive late September. My townhouse dining area is small and the console table fits nicely and looks sleek and modern!Living on my own, i don't even need a dining table, but when my large family visits, my new transformer table is a dream to set up and seat the crowd. Being a mini RPG, there's not a whole lot to the book, and I don't think it even had a premade adventure, so the GM will be doing all the leg work for creating adventures and world building, as there's no supplements for it. Like many of the comments here, I ordered in May and just recieved my table in October. The table is beautiful, and the concept is amazing. card classic compact. They refuse to give a refund.No outlook on getting the product or money back.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I’m a 70+ year old woman, 5 ft. tall and easily assembled everything myself.

The only answer I could get out of them was " We will contact you as soon as your order is ready to be shipped". You will not regret it, just be patient. I love my new table. While I was dissatisfied with the lack of communication, I do understand that everyone was impacted by COVID and staying on top of communications along with everything else was overwhelming and challenging for several months . We love our tables and benches. My wife and I think that the Transformer Table is a great product, particularly as we seek refuge from the pandemic by working from home. Kinda can't believe this doesn't exist officially.

This is the prefect product for our home. The paint is nice, all the panels line up well, and all the latches lock perfectly. Features & Benefits. Makes my dining room look longer than my original table. The pleasant delivery fellow set the skid of product, safely inside my garage.Any communication I've had with the company has been so friendly and courteous. There might be more, but I really haven't been keeping up with table top RPGs of late. Being a mini RPG, there's not a whole lot to the book, and I don't think it even had a premade adventure, so the GM will be doing all the leg work for creating adventures and world building, as there's no supplements for it. We extended it for the extra 2 people and shrunk it back to the perfect size for our family. I wasn't as upset since reviews had already mentioned the lengthy delay. I ordered a table and bench early May 2020 with expected delivery in July 2020.

It’s all practical and lovely to look at. Going even further back, the old Robotech RPG that Palladium made a long time ago might be a good candidate for basing a TF game on, although I never got around to playing or reading the books. The kids LOVE the bench. Table is 5 stars, communication/customer service resulted in the 4 star overall review. You can use our handy Awesome table, the CSR Isabelle was helpful:)After long wait the Day& Ross took forever to deliver, Thx to Natalia it finally made it into my living room in one piece. We had been eyeing this table for some time and finally ordered. Was the wait long?

From 18'' to 10 feet the Transformer Table is a multi-functional and space saving dream come true for all spaces. It would be just a matter of treating the mechs as Cybertronians, and it did have rules for transforming mechs. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Posts Wiki. It took a little while to arrive, but we are thrilled with it and get a ton of compliments. Sounds like mainly the tables were delayed in production. The one thing that REALLY bothered me was the lack of communication after our expected delivery time frame. The Table was great! It meets my needs perfectly. Like many others I waited months with very little communication for the table to finally arrive. Transformer Expandable Dining Table in Hardwood 3.0 The table is beautiful and they were amazing when dealing with us. TT has solid products. We finally received our delivery in August. Transformers News and Community! The wait was super long and of course because of the pandemic there were further delays. The idea is that if you go to a furniture store and buy a table, it’s likely that you will end up with one that doesn’t fit your needs or accommodate the number of guests you intend to have, but that this table fits both needs. | Check out 'Transformer Table 2.0 - 6 Tables In 1' on Indiegogo. Posted by.

transformer table is my first table I’ve ever purchased and to be pretty honest it’s very good quality, perfect width and plenty and length given well done and very spacious and convient when having invites over I would recommend this table to any one best investment I’ve ever made. I have the patio furniture as well and my family is happy with them both.It really was worth the wait. This is superb quality and I look forward to adding more pieces. Placed my order in June with an ETA of September, didn't receive it until October. I remember reading the rules from the 1996 book, and they seemed pretty straight forward, but I only had the core book, and with just that it would've required a lot of work creating adventures and world building, so I never got around to playing it. Poor communication; if any.

That said, the table and benches did finally arrive, and I have nothing but good things to say. 100% HARDWOOD | FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $999, Thank you for subscribing!Code: EATTOGETHER100Copied, 0% Interest The table is gorgeous, unpacking was a breeze, and customer service has been excellent. !Think twice before commiting funds to this company. Rebecca was superb in assiting me. If I calculate the price and the complete poor service from beginning to end. Hot. Transformer Table 2.0: 6-in-1 Hardwood Table. June, Jully, August and September past, asking once (sometime twice) per month, when should I expect my delivery. I definitely recommend the tables and benches to anyone who has a large family such as myself or even who has minimum space. Tried to leave a negative review on their website, but they validate posts and only allow positive reviews on their website.! I love our table! Save $299 when you add another bench to your order making it the Ultimate Dining Set! Highly recommend everything was perfect :) !!! The Transformer Table 2.0 is the only transformer you'll ever need. Absolutely amazing customer service from beginning to end. Hot. r/ transformers. We can’t find the page you’re looking for, but don’t worry! Our table arrived days before thanksgiving, just in time for us to host a family dinner before the bubble closed once again. They are very heavy (sturdy) - well engineered and beautiful. I’ve received many compliments and enjoy showing everyone how the table “works”!

Stay tuned for our new innovative product launches and upcoming promotions. Mekton Zeta comes to mind, which, after googling, I see is getting an updated version after a successful kickstarter. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. The versatility is amazing from a desk to a huge “gathering” table in minutes! The only reason I gave 4 stars and not five was due to communication. It looks beautiful in my kitchen and it’s so sturdy! Use one table for all your needs with the Transformer Table 2.0 6-in-1 Hardwood Table. It's such a well crafted table and bench, everyone who has seen it gives many compliments. 6 Months$ Financing. We purchased the table, 2 benches, and a coffee table. Rising. Everyone is surprised to watch the transformation!I'm happy with the fine workmanship, as it's very heavy and well constructed.The delivery of my table and bench went well and even was a week ahead of schedule, considering the challenges involved during the Covid-19 pandemic. Top. Our expandable dining room tables were designed to create beautiful and functional living spaces.

All in all, I would recommend this table to others. it is not worth the hassle (or price I paid for that matter).As soon as your order is in, it seems like they don't care about you and that you'll get it whenever they're ready and don't ask any more question.I probably would of given 2 more stars if they would've apologized and or offer a free coffee table, as that was the new promotion that started when they called me to say the order was ready to be shipped ( I think it's the least they could of done for making me wait 4 months and the stress of wondering if I was gonna lose my money or not). The compactness of the table and benches is great. Once we received delivery it was easy to set up. In full honesty, was the wait ridiculous? The Transformer Table 2.0 was designed to be the only table you will ever need. But what they don't tell you is that they drop it around the curb (right by the street on your front yard)... not even at your doorstep! !The delivery company offers the drop inside your home for a price. They're apparently planning miniatures and a lot of supplement books for various types of big robot gaming. A definite “statement piece - and some have said it’s like piece of “art”! Even though the website said that there were multiples left in stock to be delivered right away when making our purchase, it wasn't until many emails to TT following up, where we received an update on the status and still months later, the table finally arrived.

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