toyota prado facelift kit 2018

Old VS New steering wheel and gear knob for Prado.

You can see this upholstery upgrade makes the car look better. The headlights wont melt, They wont get pale over time nor it will have any dust particles or water inside over time. According to my experience in the field, you should upgrade your car only twice because the more you upgrade the weaker your car body gets, and then the value keeps dropping in the second-hand car market.

How can I identify an upgraded Land Cruiser/Prado? This is the biggest advantage of these two cars to Nigerians.

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Let me first show you all the points when the two cars got facelifted with the infographic below.

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Excellent fitment and Easy installation. How I find and buy scarce spare parts for cars that are not common in Nigeria, What you need to know about upgrading your car in Nigeria. Note: The front spoiler is what makes the car have ground effects and look fully kitted.

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Fitting servcies are available in Lahore & Karachi and delivery services are available nationwide. Both cars now pass for Luxury cars and that is why a lot of Nigerian first-class citizens use them. Currently we convert from 2008 model to 2019. Do not compromise on quality standard.

There are full conversion kits available for both cars and they range from ₦2,000,000 to ₦3,500,000.

All rights reserved. This retrofit body kit that makes the upgrade to the facelift look starting 2009+. Now convert your Toyota Land Cruiser Prado to the new crusier 2018. Taobao Global All parts included are mentioned on Website. The paint wont fade out nor it will be pealed off.

Bodykits are made in China.

This complete conversion body kit is meant to change your car appearance and transform your Toyota Land Cruiser Prado FJ150 from the 2009+ model to the new 2018+ model. Installation Excellent fitment ,easy installation.

Local Market usually use Local Paint for paint work. Also, most parts come colorless or the colors won't match with the paint color on your car. Shop today! Get the best deals on Body Kits for Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

Guangzhou Deliang Auto Accessory Co., Ltd. Silver, Black, Unpainted, Silver+Black, Primer, PP+ABS, Plastic+PP, PP Plastic, ABS, Carbon Fiber. Tesla screen upgrade for Toyota Land Cruiser. TheToyota Land Cruiser upgrade in process in Lagos. How to check car number plate owner in Nigeria? The conversion is also known as Facelift and upgrade of Land Cruiser and Prado.

Just contact us and feel free to ask any question!

CHANGZHOU LIFU VEHICLE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. ISO 9001, ISO 20000, IATF16949, ISO 50001, Whole Car Body, Front&Rear Bumper, Front Bumper, Silver, Black, Priming Paint, Unpainted, Primer, Black Priming. Function It can protect your car well and makes your vehicle be more beautiful and luxury in desgin.

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