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Toph, however, thinking it was Sokka, kissed Suki after being brought to the surface. They then a made a deal between the refinery and Toph's … [15] She, along with Team Avatar, was often forced to dodge the attacks of Azula and her allies throughout the Earth Kingdom until the events in the Fire Nation Capital's underground bunker. As Lin stated she wanted nothing more to do with her after saving their family, Toph solemnly accepted the words, stating that she would agree to it if that was what Lin desired. Toph enthusiastically agreed by saying she would love to be in a partnership with him, though quickly corrected herself by claiming she had meant to say the refinery. Lao admitted that her mother blamed him for driving her away, and that in his guilt he left to start anew with his new ventures in Yu Dao. Sensing no lie, she backed him up, prompting Aang to take her aside and inform her that her perception may have been distorted due to the crush he perceived her to have on Satoru; to this, she merely retorted by drawing a parallel with how she perceived Aang's judgment to be clouded by his traditions. [28] Despite her persistent dislike for flying, Toph cared much more about Appa in later episodes. Sokka has split his time between working with Hakoda in the South Pole and accompanying Aang and Katara as they travel the world to perform his Avatar duties.

[34], Although Toph and Momo barely interacted, they did have a friendly relationship. He came to his uncle's defense when Toph called him out for caring more about money than about people's lives. Toph was also present with her force at his trial, and watched as the United Republic Council decided he was guilty because of the high number of witnesses. At first, Yu seemed to be an ally, traveling with Lao Beifong to recover Toph from Xin Fu, wherein he watched her defeat the other benders with ease. It was revealed that Toph had been observing all the while and after Aang proved his new toughness by taking back his staff and moving a boulder, Toph finally and proudly proclaimed him an earthbender. Although she had heard stories about the exploits of the Dragon of the West,[30] she was not aware she was talking to him. However, the duo was saved by Suki and they succeeded in finishing the attack. Type (?) FANON [24] Nonetheless, they were able to work together when dealing with threats, such as the Fire Nation and the Dai Li. [1] Ultimately, Toph became instrumental to Korra's recovery, as she notified Korra that she was still carrying around residual traces of mercury in her body. The two fell off one of the airships and hung helplessly as Sokka gripped onto the hull. Angered, he called her out on her attitude, saying that she knew nothing of his situation. Toph shows support for her father's efforts to rebuild the damaged mining town in the hopes of building the better future he believes in, and comments that his speech to the emboldened miners was "not bad" before the two go to catch up some more. With an odd look on her face, Toph suggested Sokka to come along with her in order to avoid this, an idea he promptly jumped on as if it were his own. Physical description

After the group arrived in Ba Sing Se and were able to talk to the Earth King, Toph received a letter she thought was from her mother. The Rift Part One Earthen Fire Refinery When she realized this, an embarrassed Toph said, "You can go ahead and let me drown now. In 174 AG, when Toph went to rescue her family, Opal rushed to hug her, an action Toph did not resist, although she cut it short and moved to hold Opal's hands instead. [1], When they reunited by chance in 174 AG to save a captured Suyin and her family, Toph acted casual with her daughter, inadvertently working on her nerves. [6] Despite this, Toph and Zuko still remained friends after the end of the war; they were seen in Ba Sing Se at Iroh's tea shop with the rest of the gang. When he returned to the factory with Aang, Katara, and Toph that night, a guard informed them that Liling had been freed. Another reminder that I am still offering commissions for reviews on my new book, check out me profile for details. The disagreement strained their relationship, as Satoru claimed that Toph had no right commenting on his situation as she did not know what he and Loban had been through. [16], When Toph was knocked into a large body of water while crossing an ice bridge, she called for help and, though Sokka began to untie his shoes to come to her rescue, Suki jumped in the water without second thoughts and was able to reach Toph before Sokka had entered the water. During the final confrontation between Liling's bender supremacists and Team Avatar, Satoru, armed with a metal pipe, and Sokka formed the last line of defense inside the factory. The bubble was burst by the creature and Toph was forced to earthbend the floor of the path above the waterline. Following his apprehension, he strictly warns them to no longer interfere with his conspiracy, or else they will be expelled from the city. A year later, Toph retired, while Suyin went on to build the city of Zaofu. As other nonbender owned factories had made the same adjustments to their production lines, more benders had lost their jobs and the tensions between the benders and nonbenders had risen to the point where the former group refused to work for nonbender owned factories. He used bloodbending to knock out everyone in the room, including Toph. Nationality In 102 AG, Toph unexpectedly came face-to-face with her father at a crystal-processing refinery. Like Sokka, Toph never had a direct battle with the princess with the exception of the duel at Tu Zin. [26], Moo-chee-poo-chee-la-koo-chee (The Dark One). [16], Toph was the only one in the group, aside from Appa, who did not dismiss Zuko right away after he expressed his desire to join the team, scolding Aang, Katara and Sokka afterward for letting their hurt feelings cloud their judgment. Due to the fact that he was deep in meditation with Roku, Aang did not seem to immediately realize that she had returned; however, once they had landed, he greeted her with a hug just as Katara and Sokka had, a matter made slightly difficult by the fact that he had clearly outgrown Toph during the last year (compensated by his bending down and her standing on the tips of her toes during the hug). After Sokka explained his plans to his sister and her boyfriend, Toph took him by the hand and jumped off Appa without waiting for the bison to land, which caused Sokka to freak out, especially when Toph had to let go of him in order to create the earth-slide which was to cushion their fall. She prepared to injure Sokka with a concealed shuriken-knife only for Toph to intervene, pinning Azula to the wall and ultimately saving Sokka from serious harm. Despite her obvious fear of repercussions from the older girl, Penga remained distractable enough to be curious about who Toph had brought along with her. After twenty years of no contact, Toph and Lin found a common ground and reconciled. This page is comprised of Toph Beifong's relationships with other characters in the world of Avatar. Het. [15] The two came to an easy understanding and frequently worked together to accomplish tasks outside the range of one or the other. After a second quake caused mined crystals to spill out, Satoru urged the team to leave, fearful that his uncle would be angry over what had happened. Show More. After successfully escaping the prison, Toph noted how proud she was to have such great daughters as Suyin and Lin.[1]. The engineer and Sokka volunteered to retrieve it; en route, the former denied the latter's request to drive the vehicle. Nevertheless, Toph was nervous at seeing her mother again after she ran away from home before she was able to enter through the doorway of Poppy's supposed place of residence. However, he ended up having to defend his earlier attitude toward his uncle to her, as Toph deemed him to be a "sniveling flunky" who groveled for Loban. A collection of oneshots related to the ATLA comics, especially The Lost Adventures. Toph countered by admitting that she knew she put her family through a lot, but revealed that the quiet, little girl he presumed she was had all been an act to please her parents. The two sat around a fire which Iroh used to make tea and engaged in conversation, although neither indicated their purpose for traveling or the identities of their relations. When Korra followed up on Toph's teachings and advice by bending the metal traces out of her body, the earthbender allowed the Avatar to hug her, noting that she had earned that.

Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. When she was younger, she ran away from home and met these giant earthbenders in a cave. She claimed that her parents had changed their mind, but in reality, they had not and still held the same opinion of her. Her father reacted by placing her under even more restrictions which caused Toph to run away from home, join Aang on his journey to save the world, and teach him earthbending. Toph voluntarily came to Suyin's rescue when she was captured by Kuvira and warmly hugged her back upon her release. Satoru was immediately impressed by her feats that he accomplished during the war and the fact that she discovered a whole new sub-skill of earthbending. Later that day, after Toph ran away with Team Avatar, Lao Beifong appointed Xin Fu and Yu as bounty hunters to bring Toph home. Sokka consistently expressed his admiration for Toph's abilities during this search and how happy he was that Toph had been added to the group. In the aftermath of the battle, Toph briefly met Ozai directly after Aang defeated him. Ethnicity

Character When Lao saw Toph again after two years, he refused to acknowledge her, as she was not the girl he had raised.

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