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Secondly, it may seem like there is only one Tobita girl available at each store. I wouldn’t pay it for some of the older ones, but could still be interested if they are cheaper. Of course while having a peek at all the girls and stores. “Doguya” means tool-seller, so translated, Doguyasuji means “tool-seller’s street.” The shops here sell kitchen and restaurant equipment. If you see that perfect Tobita girl for you available, act fast! Towards the fourth and fifth street there were all other sorts of ladies, plus size, mature, etc.
The assortment of anime figures you can find here is probably the largest of anywhere in the world. From what I’ve heard, some places rotate after each session, and when there are no customers, girls can be rotated as quick as every 7 minutes! For Bros who have read my previous posts, you may have noticed that I lean more towards writing guides on call girls and escorts.

Once you choose your time length and confirm with the Yarite Babaa that you are keen, you will be invited to take off your shoes and step up into the store.

Was made curious about this place when I heard from my Japanese colleague that there was a “display” sort of red-light district in Osaka, which is probably the only one of its kind in the. Denden Town ends abruptly where an elevated expressway crosses over the Sakaisuji Street. I don’t speak the language and didn’t visit any of the “restaurant”, so can’t comment on anything, other than the fact that it didn’t feel scared or dangerous walking along the street. There is also a 15 Minute session available at ¥11,000 but is apparently only available to Japanese customers. By clicking on or navigating the site, you agree to our use of cookies. Meaning ‘Pension Street’. But sure help if you know minimal Japanese to have more selections. Stores in Tobita Shinchi aren’t necessarily specialized in one type of girl, such as a store for petite girls, another for gyaru girls etc. Working girls here are nominally “waitresses.” Many of the brothels are shuttered, but a large number remain in business.
Street Osaka GoKart Tour with Funny Costume... Kyoto Cultural Forest, Shrine and Temple Tour... View all hotels near Tobita Shinchi on Tripadvisor, View all restaurants near Tobita Shinchi on Tripadvisor. Nothing new, been there many times. With age comes experience right? Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date(s) you selected.

Denden Town starts about 400 meters from Kuromon Market. Thanks for the info 2) メイン通り = Mein Doori (Main Street) When you’re finished exploring Kuromon, head back to Sakaisuji Street and start walking south (against traffic). Tobita shinchi. The biggest con or negative point about Tobita Shinchi actually really depends on what a Bro is looking for. So if you remember to use the above map and make notes of each the street it is easier to make a decision. Even if you have no interest in cooking, don’t let that deter you. Good Times Ink is located in America Mura, one of the most exciting districts in Osaka, so if you are traveling with family or friends, the neighborhood is full of places for them to visit or dine while you get your ink. This area is seedy—about as seedy as Japan gets. There were some tourists like myself walking the streets and soaking up the atmosphere. If you show your interest you will be asked what length of stay/session you are after. Is it true that they don’t allow you to use your own condom?

Your chosen Tobita girl will then guide you up (sometimes holding your hand) to the second floor and to the ‘Play’ room.

However, the majority of girls will not allow you to kiss or finger them. It is usually by the girl. Red-light District Specialist. Definitely an experience on its own, and yup, please be respectful and no pictures allowed (even on the streets). Tobita Shinchi is like old-style Amsterdam: young women sit or kneel in brilliantly-lit doorways, while a mama-san sits with each one and greets passers-by.

Everything will just depend on the particular goal of your night out! Directions are here →Directions to Tobita Shinchi It's Gourmet town where shops where pretty girls are sitting at the shop are consecutive.. A time system fee is set for using the restaurant. Some say the quality is a little lower, but they honestly will still blow you away. (Stores have name signs but I doubt anyone would read them). I’m sorry, Osaka, but if visitors want to see a real Japanese castle, they should skip Osaka Castle, hop on the JR line and go to Himeji.

To ensure you get your tattoo, make arrangements in advance. Besides, you’ll see lots of things you missed on your first pass. Obviously, there is a trade-off in most things in life.

That doesn’t sound right to me. That’s it for this guide Bros!

You can also find pots and pans of every conceivable shape and size. There will definitely be one or two that would tickle your fancy. Recommended experiences in and around Osaka, Osaka City Abeno Life Safety Learning Center. Beautiful Japanese girls lined up in every direction you look will mess with your sense of reasoning in some ways.

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