tightly wound phrase

A tight plot also contributes to increased suspense. And I repeat a lot.

Clothes should fit comfortably - not too tightly - so that you have space to move in and think freely. Define wound up. That is a very difficult thing to do, but I'm learning. 2, some students have a car.

Garry Shandling's stand-up specials were masterpieces of tightly crafted stories that delivered both hard jokes and hard truths.

I envision a world of highly niched services and tightly run companies without room for all the overhead the established networks carry. Adj. Alex Turner.

The world of Manhattan is small and tightly knit, and the man on top retains a certain humility.

Search tightly wound and thousands of other words in English Cobuild dictionary from Reverso. Sometimes I get the feeling the French cinema holds on tightly to what exists already. It's a very unnatural environment to be in, up on a stage. Evolution is a tightly coupled dance, with life and the material environment as partners.

Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. You have to be down here in the States to realize just how tightly controlled the corporate media is and how much they practise Soviet-style censorship through creative omission.

This is often the case in Victorian novels where there is frequently an entire chapter at the end, tying up all the loose ends of the plot and giving a short glimpse of the characters' future (see for example George Eliot, Middlemarch or Charles Dickens, Hard Times). Like cruising for a bruising (there’s no actual cruising involved, but close enough), etc. I think that if you grind your spices and keep them in small batches, you can use them in endless ways. A good way to tell is to ask yourself if what happens (plot) is more important than who it happens to (character) in a given novel. My brother Tony and I were never very close, neither as children nor as adults, but I was tightly bound to him. You can complete the definition of tightly wound given by the English Cobuild dictionary with other English dictionaries : Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Oxford, Cambridge, Chambers Harrap, Wordreference, Collins Lexibase dictionaries, Merriam Webster ... English-Simple Definition dictionary : translate English words into Simple Definition with online dictionaries. Instead, episodes might be linked by a common character, such as Moll Flanders in Daniel Defoe’s novel Moll Flanders or Sam Pickwick in Charles Dickens’ Pickwick Papers, or a common theme. Find more ways to say tightly, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Evolution is a tightly coupled dance, with life and the material environment as partners. I keep the flour and sugar in individual jars, sealed tight with their glass lids..., She kept her eyes tight closed. In Los Angeles all the loose objects in the country were collected, as if America had been tilted and everything that wasn't tightly screwed down had slid into Southern California.

We were in the middle of the Irish countryside, in County Galway, in the West of Ireland, and we didn't see many other kids. You can sign in to vote the answer. In America, music is more tightly categorized. Why the polls were wrong about Trump (again), 'Stop the count': Trump backers rally at vote centers, Biden rebuilding 'blue wall' in race for White House, Live: Biden moves closer to reaching 270 votes, Union members picked Biden after Trump 'abandoned' them, Fox News hosts question network's Ariz. call for Biden, Black men drifted from Dems to Trump in record numbers, Falcons player is brutally honest after not being traded, Pennsylvania AG on Trump lawsuit: 'We'll win again', Trump campaign unleashes wave of suits in key states, Democrats disappoint in House and Senate races. However, because a noun follows the phrase “minimal to no,” the phrase may be misidentified as a phrasal adjective. This sentence includes an unnecessarily hyphenated phrase that is incorrect for the same reason that the one in the previous example is. 'The Assassins' Gate' is a very tightly controlled story of the ideas that led to the war and the consequences of those ideas in Iraq, and there is no doubt about where it is going and what kind of groundwork is being laid. ©2020 Reverso-Softissimo. It has the power to harm when held tightly, studied without practice, and posed rigidly. I like what I like. Done right, it also has the ability to heal and cure. I quit my last real job, as a writer at a magazine, when I was twenty-one. Why is spoken English often spoken so slow by native speakers compared to many other languages? There's no point in using words that you're not going to apply. Instead, I grew up in a highly centralized world where news and information were tightly controlled by a few editors, who deemed to tell us what we could and should know. There is a similar lack of events in Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot. A tight contest is one where none of the competitors has a clear advantage or looks likely to win, so that it is difficult to say who the winner will be. Get your answers by asking now.

I've got the greatest job in the world.

I've always written very tightly, and there's a good reason for that. Quest-stories, fairy tales, thrillers etc. That puts the president in a tight spot if the vote is not a resounding `yes'... You can say `sleep tight' to someone when they are going to bed as an affectionate way of saying that you hope they will sleep well.

As he and Henrietta passed through the gate he kept a tight hold of her arm. "Tightly plotted" just means that the novel is plot-driven rather than character-driven. So you put up defenses to hide. If a part of your body is tight, it feels rather uncomfortable and painful, for example because you are ill, anxious, or angry. God is an immensity, while this disease, this death, which is in me, this small, tightly defined pedestrian event, is merely and perfectly real, without miracle - or instruction.

If you are in a tight corner or in a tight spot, you are in a difficult situation. While volumes one to three end with a fairly definite preliminary defeat of the evil force, in The Goblet of Fire Voldemort has clearly returned to power and a massive attack on the good powers is imminent at the end of the volume. I would rather read a poorly structured story that has fresh ideas than a tightly structured one with cliches.

Plots that are not brought to a final or preliminary conclusion are called open-ended plots or just open plots. are usually tightly plotted. This image shows a tension, a desire to cling tightly to yourself, a greediness which betrays fear. Because if climate change is real, your worldview will come crashing down around you. Spellbound by these enigmatic animals since I first encountered them in New England, I never tire of watching their special blend of power and grace. Still have questions? Hate traps us by binding us too tightly to our adversary.

It changes the Earth to its own purposes.

Networks without a specific branding strategy will be killed. J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, for instance, is much more open-ended than the previous Harry Potter volumes.

It gives me better mobility. tight as a tick phrase. The measures include tight control of media coverage..., Security is tight this week at the polling sites.

He buttoned his collar tightly round his thick neck. It makes for a good urban myth, but everything's a little more tightly scripted and programmed than that. Something that is shut tight is shut very firmly. Many "page turners" are of necessity tightly plotted. A tight group of people is one whose members are closely linked by beliefs, feelings, or interests. She just fell into my arms, clutching me tight for a moment..., Hold on tight! The world is changing. I use those medical gloves that fit very tightly and are disposable for all chopping - peppers, onions, garlic, etc.

Most students have a car. She climbed back into bed and wrapped her arms tightly round her body. What is incident but the illustration of character?” (James 1948: 13). There's no other job in government where cause and effect is so tightly coupled where you can make a difference every day in so many different ways and in so many different people's lives.

If you hold someone or something tight, you hold them firmly and securely. That was the moment when I lost my place of prestige on the fast track, and slowly, millimeter by millimeter, I started to get found, to discover who I had been born to be, instead of the impossibly small package, all tied up tightly in myself, that I had agreed to be. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today.

Another word for tightly. Very Lady Macbeth, I think. BrainyQuote has been providing inspirational quotes since 2001 to our worldwide community. And by "anal" he means to be meticulous, and not to be an ***. With a tennis racket strapped tightly to her hiking pack, Martina Navratilova began her ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro.

I quit my last real job, as a writer at a magazine, when I was twenty-one. The key thing is to have a spice mill or a coffee grinder, and to keep your spices cold and in tightly lidded boxes. Search tightly wound and thousands of other words in English Cobuild dictionary from Reverso. The view from the $250,000 apartment covers a lot of ground, most of it condemned. One animal that keeps me pondering is the shark. If someone is refered to as "tightly wound" it usually means they have a short temper, or are very anal about things, For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/kApfC. Tightly embracing guitar effects and tape loops, Mission of Burma made sound an important commodity in rock 'n' roll, and its members carried that tradition into their first album after a 19-year hiatus, 2004's 'ONoffON.'.

I wore my fingers down to a callous state writing with every Tom, Dick and Harry around the world, including a chap named Charlie who plays for a man named Bob, to wrestle my emotions and bring out the raw grit hiding in my tightly guarded sub-conscious. We were forced to be together because we were really quite alone. Part of the mystique of shows like 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' is the idea that they begin with a couple of plot lines, and then a bunch of geniuses improvise dialogue. From the dance emerges the entity Gaia. All rights reserved. A tight schedule or budget allows very little time or money for unexpected events or expenses. With those people, I'm very far apart, because I believe that government access to communications and stored records is valuable when done under tightly controlled conditions which protect legitimate privacy interests. Add your entry in the Collaborative Dictionary. chronically tense, unable to relax, highly reactive. I believe managing is like holding a dove in your hand. She curled up in a tight ball, with her knees tucked up at her chin..., The men came in a tight group.

It's a great challenge. I got down to business and started writing furiously.

This stuff is powerful and intense. Can farm-raised salmon be organic when its feed has nothing to do with its natural diet, even if the feed itself is supposedly organic, and the fish themselves are packed tightly in pens, swimming in their own filth? Her sallow skin was drawn tightly across the bones of her face. Native English speakers, could you please help me with these issues? Tight clothes or shoes are rather small and fit closely to your body. "Tightly plotted" just means that the novel is plot-driven rather than character-driven. a tightly-edited assortment of merchandise A well-run ship is a tightly run ship Bandage tightly Close one's eyes tightly close the door tightly he was holding onto it (the ruler) tightly hold ends, twist tightly and knot, leave until dry lace too tightly properly or tightly She holds me tightly stretch tightly Talk about tightly wound!

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