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Specializing in TC Contender, Encore Gun Barrels!
And here at MGM we offer the best variations, with the most customization on the market. It's not such a big deal as we Barrels, Click Here for The world keeps turning and things keep changing so we can either adjust or just role over and die. In addition to our own custom product line we are a T/C authorized and FFL dealer and stock the entire line of Thompson center products along with hundreds of thousands of other products. Stocks, EABCO Accuracy Our custom gun builder offers you unprecedented options, to get you the best custom built Thompson Center Contender barrel available, built exactly how you want it. Buy online or give us a call:,,, Top 3 T/C Encore Big Game Hunting Cartridges,, Click To - Learn More About The T/C MGM Club. All Rights Reserved.

When Choosing an Accurate Cartridge, Custom Gun And also not to be forgotten are Mike and Kurt Bellm  (located in Colorado) , they can rechamber, provide Bergara barrels and all you need to do your own trigger job on an Encore frame, not to mentionaworld of expertise and yes they answer emails. By joining our brand new email list. Thanks, Thompson Center Encore Frames/Actions/Trigger Jobs, SSK-50/Contender/G2 Contender Platform Barrels/Bases, SB Tactical Pistol Stabilizing Brace FS1913, Accurizing- Hammer Entensions, Hinge Pins, Custom Ammo, HausOfArms April Review "Where Do I Begin", Eric's Africa Annotations - Our Final Day, Eric's Africa Annotations - Warthog & Bushbuck, Eric's Africa Annotations - Hunting with Mom. If you don't see something you would like, email me for a quote and availability. Thompson Center Encore Barrels and EABCO TC Custom Accuracy Barrels for TC Encore, Pro Hunter, and Contender G2 including custom shop barrels, rifle barrels, muzzle loader barrels, and shotgun barrel

Was Custom Shop not profitable? We have a wide range of Thompson Center Contender barrels available for instant purchase, or using our custom gun builder.

Just like the old corner hardware store, where you could go and some old guy could dig and scrounge whatever you needed and was more than willing to do so, so too was Custom Shop that source for whatever we needed. barrels, I expect quite a number of customers to be disappointed These TC Contender and Encore barrels offer some of the best and most precise shooting available. These machinists can produce the best custom built TC Contender barrels on the market.
They can be contacted at The item “Thompson Center TCR custom shop 416 REM MAG rifle barrel 83 Aristocrat tc rare” is in sale since Wednesday, July 22, 2020. Offering more variety than competitors, T/C’s interchangeable platforms give shooters unprecedented options … and wonder where they'll go to get custom chambers, contours, Some items may be paid for by Paypal (no serial numbered parts) manually, contact Marty to discuss how that can be done. All of our custom guns have a turnaround of approximately 10 weeks, and are built to exactly what specifications you want. But I have good news, MGM (Match Grade Machine) located in Utah has taken over as a place where you can get a custom calibered Encore barrel at a very high quality. The seller is “lyonsportingarms” and is located … Maybe the last time they had contacted Custom Shop was perhaps years the last time they had a pet project they were interested in like a new caliber made in an Encore or Prohunter barrel. TC Custom Shop and retail store. Good bye Custom Shop you will be missed. Then look no further as we have them all listed. We offer an industry standard custom barrel builder allowing you to build your barrel exactly how you want it. Your Twist Rate - See More at our, What to Consider Marty, Buyers must be 18 years of age. As part of it's move into the S&W factory production

Who knows, probably not.

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