the surnames of wales

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The name likely began as a nickname for someone with red hair or a reddish complexion.

It is a toponymic name derived from the Welsh word ‘ial’ that refers to a ‘fertile upland.’ The name originally may have referred to people who came from a place that was a fertile upland.

The Roberts surname derives from the German boy's name meaning 'bright renown'. Welsh star Sophie Evans has defended Disney princesses like Snow White on Twitter. The surnames were analyzed by the 89 old administrative subdivisions of the counties called hundreds, roughly 90 percent of those marrying in each hundred giving their residence as within that hundred.

It is a variant of the name ‘Gough’ that comes from the Welsh word ‘coch’ meaning red. Here’s the full list with the total number of people with each surname. At the time of this writing a huge DNA data base is being amassed by researchers from Brigham Young University. Elijah has been the name of several saints in the past. You can unsubscribe at any time. And while these stereotypes - like all stereotypes by and large - do not ring true, they're probably rooted in a tiny bit of fact. It is a toponymic surname derived from two Welsh words, namely ‘tref’ meaning ‘town’ and ‘mawr’ meaning ‘large.’ The name thus means ‘large town,’ and could have referred to someone who came from a large town.

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The Rowlands feel that their survey is relevant for families over the period 1780-1880, and thus would be of great use to many whose ancestors emigrated during that era. [2] Areas where England's influence was strong had abandoned patronymics earlier, as did town families and the wealthy. Perhaps nine tenths of our countrymen in the principality could be mustered under less than 100 different surnames; and while in England there is no redundancy of surnames,

The Encyclopedia of Wales surmises that the system may have been Welsh law, in which it was essential for people to know how people were descended from an ancestor. It means ‘son of Robert.’ The name Robert comes from Old German and is made from the Germanic elements ‘hrod’ meaning ‘fame’ and ‘beraht’ meaning ‘bright.’, It is an anglicized form of Welsh personal name ‘Rhydderch’ that meaning ‘reddish-brown.’, It is the Welsh version of the English name ‘Roger.’ The name Roger comes from Old German and is composed of the Germanic elements ‘hrod’ meaning ‘fame’ and ‘gar’ meaning ‘spear.’. A service provided by, The National Institute for Genealogical Studies, English - Understanding Names in Genealogy, Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA testing,, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Davies, Evans, Griffiths, Hughes, Jones, Lewis, Morgan, Roberts, Thomas, Williams, Edwards, James, Lloyd, Morris, Owen, Parry, Phillips, Powell, Price, Rees, Richards, Bevan, Bowen, David, Ellis, Harris, Hopkins, Howells, Humphreys, Jenkins, John, Llewelyn, Pritchard, Pugh, Rowlands, Watkins, Allen, Arthur, Ashton, Austin, Bennett, Beynon, Breese, Brown, Daniel, Edmunds, Foulkes, Francies, George, Harry, Havard, Herbert, Matthews, Prosser, Prothero, Rogers, Smith, Stephens, Vaughan. Edwards means 'son of Edward' and derives from the Middle English first name which means 'guardian of prosperity'. The surname Evans means of Evan - short for 'son of Evan' and is the fifth most common surname in Wales. Famous Roberts include Hollywood actress Julia Roberts, rugby player Jamie Roberts and Caernarfon chef Chris Roberts. Back in 2014, Forebears compiled the information for the most common surnames in locations all across the UK - if you want to go even more local you can search by your city or town on their website.

The word 'parry' could also be taken from the French word of 'parez' which is associated with defence and to ward off something, therefore it may have been given to someone whose occupation was to defend. In 1913, the phrase 'keeping up with the Joneses' was coined, and today means to try and outdo your neighbour. It is adapted from the first name ‘James.’ The name ‘James’ originated from the Hebrew name ‘Jacob’ that means ‘supplanter.’ The name likely came to Great Britain during the Norman Conquest. Although they are common, this is not to say they are unimportant or uninteresting to those unique surnames we find.

The name was very popular in England and throughout Europe as a result of Edward the Martyr (962 - 979) and Edward the Confessor (1004 - 1066). It is the Welsh variant of the surname ‘Howells,’ which means ‘son of Howell.’ Another origin could be the name ‘Hugh’ that comes from the Old Germanic word ‘hug’ meaning ‘heart’ or ‘spirit.’, It is a derivative of the Welsh personal name ‘Ithael’ that comes from Old Welsh name ‘ludhail’ meaning ‘bountiful Lord.’, It is a variant of the name ‘Ithael,’ which traces its origins to the Old Welsh name ‘ludhail’ meaning ‘bountiful Lord.’. It could come from the Welsh word for white which is 'gwyn' and in Old Welsh meaning 'fair' or 'white', and is a descriptive nickname for an Anglo-Saxon invader. Recorded as Elliss, Elix, Ellice, Eles, Elias, Heelis and many other forms, it derives from the Greek 'Elias' or the Hebrew 'Eliyahu', meaning "Yahweh is God". However for the large number of folk having common Welsh names a more sophisticated approach is necessary. It is derived from the Old Welsh names Meredydd or Maredudd, which means ‘great lord’ or ‘sea lord.’ Another origin of the name could be the Old Welsh name Morgetiud with its first part meaning ‘pomp’ or ‘splendor’ and second portion meaning ‘lord.’, It originates from the Welsh name ‘Meurig,’ which is the Welsh form of the name ‘Maurice.’ The name ‘Maurice’ comes from the Late Roman name ‘Maurus’ meaning ‘dark-skinned.’. Wales traditionally has a history of patronymic naming which uses your fathers first name as your surname.

[citation needed], "The Welsh diaspora : Analysis of the geography of Welsh names", Article on the relevance of surnames in genealogy, Article by genealogist Cat Whiteaway on tracing your Welsh ancestors,, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 9 July 2020, at 03:11. It is the anglicized form of the name ‘ap Einion’ meaning the ‘son of Einion.’ The name Einion is the Welsh word for ‘anvil.’, It is a patronymic surname and an anglicized form of Welsh name ‘ab Ithel’ or ‘son of Ithel’ meaning ‘bountiful Lord.’.

more filters... Filter Results close. A hyphen was sometimes later introduced, for example "Griffith-Jones". If you’re a Nutt then people with your surname had the highest average annual salary (£40,656) in Wales in 2014, while the McNamara’s out there had the lowest average salary (£17,966). It appeared in Wales in the early to mid-16th century and had a number of variations including Evans, Evens, Evins, Evance, Ifans, Ivings and Heavans. It is a toponymic name for someone from the county of Brecon, also called Brecknockshire, in south Wales. In 80 percent of the tests of their hypotheses the place of origin has been successfully narrowed to 10 hundreds, out of a total of 89. In parish registers, provided the family has stayed put, it may be possible to go through and do family reconstructions for, say, all the families headed by a John and Mary, to find the one most likely to be having a child at this time. The name’s original spelling was ‘Penoyre,’ and it is composed of two Welsh elements, ‘pen’ meaning ‘head’ and ‘aur’ meaning ‘golden.’ The name likely referred someone with golden hair. Other names were derived from nicknames, a few non-hereditary personal names and, rarely, occupational names. This is partly attributable to the reduction in the variety of baptismal names after the Protestant Reformation. This is a derivative of the Welsh personal name ‘Enion’ that comes from the Welsh word ‘Einion’ meaning ‘anvil.’. A total of 16.3 million people in the countries studied had a name of Welsh origin.

Traditionally, they had a variety of old Pagan and Catholic devotional names, but under English law, the Welsh had to resort to a short catalogue of 'safe' and 'respectable' Christian names such as John, Thomas and David.

This fact has been demonstrated by Rowlands and Rowlands (The Surnames of Wales for Family Historians and Others, 1996), using all surnames from the marriage registers from 1813-1837.

A modern-day survey has been conducted by Michael Williams and the results tabulated in his Researching Local History (1996). Studies in human genetics show that the Y chromosome is inherited through the male line, as are most surnames. It is derived from the Welsh words ‘bychan,’ which mean little or small. Theoretically, if everything were perfect in society, the surname would indicate the biological paternity. Fixed surnames were adopted in Wales from the 15th century onwards. Wales lies to the west of Great Britain Island and is the part of the United Kingdom.

[2][3], An analysis of the geography of Welsh surnames commissioned by the Welsh Government found that 718,000 people in Wales, nearly 35% of the Welsh population, have a family name of Welsh origin, compared with 5.3% in the rest of the United Kingdom, 4.7% in New Zealand, 4.1% in Australia, and 3.8% in the United States. Celebrities with the surname Jones include Tom Jones, Catherine Zeta Jones and Stereophonics' frontman Kelly Jones. Links between Genealogy and Genetics, Journal of One-Name Studies Vol 7 #6, pages 6-11) has indicated that 3-14 percent of children are not the biological offspring of the mother’s husband.

In Wales, it became a common surname due to the patronymical naming system and it means the 'son of Ellis'. The surname Hughes was first found in Carmarthenshire.

The surname could come from the word 'wine' meaning 'friend' in Olde English pre 7th Century. This is a derivative of Old Welsh personal name ‘Morcant’ composed of the Welsh elements ‘mor’ meaning ‘sea’ and ‘cant’ meaning ‘circle.’ It is a popular surname in Wales and other parts of Great Britain as well.

These stars share the same surname which happens to be the most common in Wales. This fact has been demonstrated by Rowlands and Rowlands (The Surnames of Wales for Family Historians and Others, 1996), using all surnames from the marriage registers from 1813-1837. This is a variant name of Corslett or Cosslett that is considered to have migrated to Wales from Germany. This has been done by statistically combining the computed incidences of the names to come up with an area where they all occur. The patronymic naming system was reputedly introduced as a direct result of Welsh Law. New surnames retained the ap in several cases, mainly in reduced form at the start of the surname, as in Upjohn (from ap John), Powell (from ap Hywel), Price (from ap Rhys), Pritchard (from ap Richard), and Bowen (from ab Owen). See also about Welsh names. As most Welsh surnames are derived from patronymics, and often based on a small set of first names, Welsh communities have families bearing the same surnames who are not related.

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