the scottsboro trials pbs documentary the american experience answer key

Matched the image of a rapist perfectly in the eyes of the southern white imagination and was found guilty in all 5 of his trials because of it, he later escaped and went north to Detroit.

Æ û – Å Å Å Å Å û – – ê ê Û ! 40 minutes. The Scottsboro Defense Committee was formed on December 19, 1935, with the objective to provide a united defense for the Scottsboro defendants. Leibowitz had argued that qualified blacks were systematically kept off jury rolls, and the names that were currently in the rolls had been forged after the fact. What was the common image of black men in Scottsboro? White outrage erupts over the allegations, and a lynch mob gathers at the Scottsboro jail, prompting the sheriff to call Alabama Governor Benjamin Meeks Miller. We briefly review the questions together, so that my students know what to listen for. Her assertion that she and Price were with boyfriends the night before explains the presence of semen in their vaginas. What is the Difference Between Argument and Persuasion? Alabama abandons attempts to return him to prison. June 22: Judge Horton sets aside Patterson's conviction and grants a new trial. January 23: Clarence Norris, the last of the Scottsboro Boys, dies. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.

Because of his impeccable record, criminal defense attorney Samuel Leibowitz was hired by the International Labor Defense to defend the young black men accused at Scottsboro. .

1977 Who represented the 9 boys and how much was he hired for? !function(f,b,e,v,n,t,s) 40 minutes. What did Samuel Leibowitz suggest to the court about Victoria Price's story? November 17: Weems is released on parole. Comprehension Questions. 1935 I anticipate that some of my students may wonder about the legal process of the 1930s, particularly how it was applied in the American south, and that questions about the philosophy of Communism may also arise. The accused are taken to Scottsboro, Alabama, the Jackson County seat. What did this witness claim? January: The I.L.D. PPTX (1.9 MB) Add to cart. BÆ hó.µ 5�6�OJ QJ \�^J _Hÿ aJ hó.µ 5�OJ QJ \�^J _Hÿ aJ h

As the second trial began, what happened to Ruby Bates? Comprehension Questions. How many were given the death penalty? What was the sentence? &. BOOKS. Applying Knowledge If you were alive during the time of The Scottsboro Trials, predict what would your reaction would have been. October 29: Governor Graves meets with the convicted Scottsboro defendants in his office to consider parole. Introduction To Informative/Explanatory Texts. © 2020 BetterLesson. Governor Miller in turn calls in the National Guard to protect the jail and its prisoners. ! What did Haywood Patterson … 1989 How many received a life sentence? What was the end result for each of the 9 boys?

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