the pilliga princess

The ghost of The Pilliga Princess has reportedly been seen many people travelling along the Newell Highway in NSW. In the morning my mate woke me up complaining, saying why the F did you unzip my swag.

Truckers swear that they still see the woman walking the roads, late at night, only now, she has been described as a ghostlike figure, with a mop of wild white hair and glowing eyes. Now I am no expert on indigenous art. Strange Phenomena June 1980 Western New South Wales Yowies. back in the 80s i drove a truck adelaide to brisbane twice a month. She didn’t bath very often, do had pretty bad body odour. Facebook user, Shane A, tells a story of a "crazy lady" that stands on a bridge in Carnarvon, Western Australia, "taking photos of thin air at 2am.". Given an Aussie truckers’ line of work, filled with long drives and lonely stretches of roads — often through the dead of night — it’s no surprise that they would have some spooky stories up their sleeves. One night in 2006 he could not sleep probably because he was on Helsinki time in Brisbane. Maybe someone could verify – story goes that she was once a beautiful woman married to a Dr who left her and she was left with nothing .

She was often seen with her old battered shopping trolley loaded with her belongings along the road, and truckers would see her at night walking in complete darkness.

It had a round face, like a chimpanzee, and he slapped, or punched the centre of the bonnet of my truck — it was like I had hit a small car.". “It was nothing like I’d ever seen before, and I can't really explain it any other way.”, This theory was backed by fellow trucker, Paul M, who added, “I don’t doubt you mate, because I’ve seen two of them myself on the road.”. For many years, she was a familiar sight to regular travellers, particularly truck drivers along that stretch of road. After all they had seen kangaroos, cassowaries, emus, koalas and the platypus, all of them totally outside their experience.

It was 10 ft tall, hairy and had an overall fearsome appearance.

I could hear noises like somebody was walking around the camp so I grabbed my knife and three the tarp back from the ute Bars only to be greeted with darkness and sudden silence. As the caller’s tale goes, the fellow, identifying himself only as “Bongo,” had dialed the popular Australian radio program Overnights, which was featuring a number of strange legends and stories from a dense wooded area known as the Pilliga Scrub. My brother who is the most logical and sensible person kept mentioning getting through  “The Pilliga” as early as possible and well ahead of any really bad weather. I have a few strange/freaky stories of my own but not from that area. One truck driver even claimed to have hit her trolley, but with no Princess in sight. Similar to slim Dusty’s song, angel gear in that old would nearly kill you.

This has entered Australian late night lore.

But I’m new in these parts, what do I know. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Everyone loves a good ghost story — particularly when it’s true. Wow! In north-western NSW, there is a huge section of dense scrub known as the Pilliga. Yowies are not confined to this area but this is where they have been most frequently reported. No Catch.®’ Get advice direct from our Principal lawyer now. There is something in the Pilliga, that’s what people say. We had only seen one dead pig on the side of the track about 10 klms back on the way in and when we stopped to investigate there were no tell tale signs as to the cause of its demise. Then talk turned to the matter of Yowies, Bunyips and the Pilliga Princess.

I would love to be able to check it out, IN THE DAYTIME! We go out spot lighting at night. The Producer Michael Pavlich was at the mike taking calls and reports from Trevor out in the pitch dark in the Pilliga, when he received the call from one Bongo. The Pilliga Forest is about 500 square miles of scrub and juniper woodland. The ghost of The Pilliga Princess has reportedly been seen many people travelling along the Newell Highway in NSW. The dead silence in the forest was amazing. One driver, Hank S, commented on a trucker’s forum, stating that, “it’s a beautiful drive during the day, but at night, even some of the toughest men fear to travel along this stretch of highway, unless they know they wouldn’t have to stop.”. To get your teeth into some of the tastiest car rental specials in Australia, like us on Facebook now. This road, located between the Princes Highway and the South Coast railway line in New South Wales, has earned the name “The Bloody Mile”- and for good reason. One night in March, 1993 she was hit and killed while crossing the highway. But it freaked him out, seeing a ghost was certainly a surprise.

She is said to have a mop of wild white hair, and even glowing eyes, according to some reports. Much has been lost in there, never to be found again, from sheep and cattle, to people and vehicles. I was stuck out their for two days and night’s after I blee a front wheel barring on my old F100. “I thought nothing of it for about a year, until I decided to look it up on Google. A traveller through the area thought he was approaching another vehicle on a long, flat stretch of the road, but then he looked again and the headlights were gone.

There are stories of many strange occurrences and even talk of yowies, but one phenomenon has been reportedly sighted many times. I’m talking well off the main highway around several kilometers off the main road and surrounded by forest. One night in 1993 the Pilliga Princess was hit and killed by a truck.

then i knew who had got in my truck.she said she wanted to get to west wylong to see friends or family.i took her to coonabaraban and dropped her off.she offered some services to thank me for the ride but i declined her offer and roar’d off into the night.i cant remember ever seeing her again after that.but she was no myth she was a real person. He slowed down, knowing who she was. Could anyone who has had authentic experiences with the Pilliga Princess or any other happenings in the Pilliga please contact me at if you are willing and happy to share your experiences. I would have my eyes peeled to the road hair standing up on the back of my neck all through the night but I never saw her. Now, after stumbling across the stories people have told of the pilliga, I am not so sure that I dreamt what had happened. She lived there alone. My brother because of his travels and his work that keeps him on call 24/7 is often awake in the early hours of the morning. To this day, truckers swear they continue to see her walking her trolley at night along the Highway just as she had done for years before she died. “I’ve heard about drivers blowing out a tyre and driving it flat until they reach the other side,” he said. “Back in 2017, I was coming back from Mackay with absolutely no one around and my lights on high, when I suddenly saw a motorbike rider trying to pick up his bike in a field, about 200-meters from the side of the highway,” recalls Richard W. Not being able to pull over safely for a good while, the driver rang the police and asked them to check it out. It is a call in show and it appeals to residents of small towns and rural areas. yeah there’s a film called “something in the Pilliga” about the Pilliga Yowie. We wouldn’t either. Second night i managed to move another truck stop away that was 51km away from tge first spot and nothing happened that night. She was dressed all in white olden day clothes. Driving through remote Australia can be a lonely, gruelling task. There are lots of massive fossils from the time when wombats the size of rhinos roamed Australia. One report documented on their website states that, fear has spread so far about this particular highway, that truck drivers have gone on to put up a warning sign near the area, saying, “beware, Yowies for the next 121kms.”. Pauline has worked in-house at Smith's Lawyers and has written for publications such as Domain, Real Living, Traveller, Time Out, Sitchu, and Houzz. By Rex Gilroy. Once we was half way we could plain as day hear drums pounding, like tribal drums. Only on one occasion, around 2am, I was woken by the noise of the back door of the farmhouse opening. A Yowie is an apelike creature with no neck likened to Big Foot or the Yeti. Have you got goosebumps yet? I freaked and took off I just found this facebook page about a pilliga film that is now in 70 countries? This is the story of the Pilliga Encounter. It stopped after a few minutes. "This thing scared the absolute crap out of me," he told The West Australian. They have been around for a long time; aboriginal rock paintings depict them. We set up camp an the two boys bunked down in swags on the ground with their guns beside them and I set up a stretcher and dooner on the tray of my ute and hung a tarp on all 4 pegs on the ute Bars to create a tent. ( Log Out /  Australian truckers see some of the emptiest places in the country. The Final Moments. He listens to the Australian Broadcasting Company Local’s Overnights program a mixture of local and national news and local color stories. ( Log Out /  The outcome? When we got into this particular part of the forest it was late afternoon and the forest was extraordinarily dry and eerily lifeless. Sometimes they were part emu, or crocodile. .. fell asleep… ( Log Out /  I always zip my swag up tight just to stop the bull ants getting in. 1 talking about this. I believe you %150! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Hi Kathline, do you have a location for the cave. But the story does not stop here. Conservationists still haven’t forgiven him for that claim. I know people who hunt out there regularily and they ran into an off-grid, off-map settlement in the middle of the place on one recent trip. Accounts of Min-Min lights, the ghost of the Pilliga Princess, flesh-eating Yowies, and other strange happenings abound. Taking place along Boulia, located 1,700kms west of Brisbane, those who journey through this outback Queensland town may just have a spooky story to tell.

His great forest wasn’t ancient, wrote Rolls; it had grown up thanks to European land grabs.

Why wouldn’t the terrible creature the Aborigines described exist? Was it a Bunyip removed from its waterhole? I was never a believer in paranormal ghosty crap or any other sort of unexplained phenomenon, so when I was awakened by a woman saying my name in my left ear so vividly that I could feel her breath on the side By definition, a coincidence is a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances that have no apparent causal connection with one another. is it houndetd?! Bunyips, also reported by the Aborigines, inhabit billabongs, water holes and rivers. I was pregnant so 1991 this happened. There’s even a film documentary (trailer below) that takes believers and sceptics to the reserve with a spiritual ­medium to investigate reports of paranormal activity in the area. They sometimes sport a halo or helmet like head dress; others have short antennae. She is said to wear a red fishing hat, pulled down to eye level, and a World War I army coat. Don’t know if same little girl but similar age about 5 yrs old maybe 6 or 7. Standing near the bottom of a hill facing up hill, if you tip water onto the road it flows ‘up’ the hill not downhill as gravity would normally do. Well, put aside what you already think you know about ghostly apparitions and scary sights because we have a list of the most haunted roads to plan a detour down on your next big trip – if you’re game! This new image depicts the final moments of the Dashkin, Viccans and Trogues as a portal opens from another world and the Yuyu suddenly appear. Whatever the case may be, it should be noted that according to the The Australian Museum, the last known living thylacine was captured in Tasmania in 1933. Granted this isn’t a single road — the Belanglo State Forest features both two- and four-wheel-drive tracks, creek crossings, forest camping and plenty of scope for exploration.

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