the male mind after no contact

Now, I know a lot of you reading this page probably haven’t even finished your no contact yet and that is ok. Really what I want this page to be for you is a “what to expect” type page when you do successfully get through your no contact rule. but sometimes I feel like I don’t have trust on him because of my previous experience from my past 7 years ago.

So if you’re trying to understand what goes through a guy’s mind during no contact, know that you don’t really need to understand everything. This happened about two weeks ago I’ve texted him and he only texted back one time when I showed up at his house he was not there I took a picture of his front door and told him I hope he was happy I called him it went straight to voicemail so after I got home he called me and said hey did you call me I said yes but it was a mistake I shouldn’t have called you I’m drunk and he said okay. If you use this time to think about love, you may realize, that there is a missing link in almost every relationship. Women who are easy aren’t as high of value to a man. We would work on things individually but we would fall back into a comfortable pattern and forget about change made. Im in a suspended state of reality right now and know if he ever comes back I will be lucky, he is a stubborn man – more than the average guy, so this is so so incredibility difficult, just dont  know what to do other than hopes he could possibly give our relationship another chance and that this has been the watershed of relising that it would need to be a new relationship with a different dynamics that wold work for us., We Help You to Fix Your Relationship for Good,, Texting An Ex – How to Get Your Ex Back Fast by Text Messages, The Infamous 30 Days – No Contact Explained, How to Get your Ex-Girlfriend Back from Another Guy, How to use the 30 day no contact rule to get your ex back, The Four Rules: How to Make a Man Obsessed With You Using Psychology, How to Win a Man’s Heart Back – 8 Ways to Use Psychology to Capture a Man’s Heart, How to Give Him Space And Make Him Miss You – 18 Tips to Follow, How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Miss You And Commit – 20 Tips to Follow. But i did and it shocked me. Your email address will not be published. They are still talking though. So if you’re thinking about forcing your ex to return, here’s what happens when you try to single-handedly change the guys’ mind during no contact.
Can I ask if he ever came back?
What are guys thinking during no contact? I’ve been single for 4 years and I love my life, have lots of friends and I always have things to do and grow, Hi Chris, I am on my 8 days of NC to my ex weve been together for 9 months he proposed to me visit me here in my country. What do I do? Our current conversations can easily have quite flirty/sexual tones. The reason why guys are like that dates far back in history.

Required fields are marked *. I’m just so confused however everything you mentioned I had the same experience. Well, he ended up taking this girl on one date and he thought that the date went pretty well. I don’t know how best to go forth cause I’m worried that I could just be getting strung a long.

There was no way I would go back to someone with so much less to offer than this man had. I took things slow and he assured me having dated other women for 8 months post separation I wasn’t a rebound or the next women. By your ex saying that it means that he was extremely annoyed about the fact that you wouldn’t respond to him. It was a very amicable break up. I moved out 6 months ago.

Rather than freaking out over a neutral response I would wait a day or two and then try again with another text. Now, you have been waiting a long time for this moment so most likely you are going to be extremely disappointed with that response but if you really break it down it’s not that bad of a response at all. The fact that he is older and still playing games should let you know why this man is still single or pretending to be. Success Story: How She Secured A Date And Got Her Ex Back, Attachment Theory And Exes With Antia Boyd, Success Story: She Got Him Back And Then Decided He Wasn’t Good Enough For Her, Success Story: How One Woman Got Her Ex Back After Being Blocked. In this particular instance it is important for you to understand that the underlying reason that your ex is angry with you after no contact is because he wanted to talk to you during the freeze out period and his ego can’t take being ignored. I implemented a modified nc as soon as I left. During these hangouts we talk about our personal lives and things we are going through and goals for the future. I chose to have a slightly serious text conversation about why our relationship ended instead and he said ‘at least now we know if something ever happens between us in the future’. And change can only come about through clear-mindedness, which is never what you have right after a breakup. He broke up with me a week before we were supposed to start counseling. He, however, didn’t feel the same way, so he likely wasn’t very impressed by your desperate actions.

It likely won’t happen before you’ve moved on and your ex dated a few other girls. Definitions And Examples.

Glad that you are here and I always look forward to your latest blog. When he reached out again he told me he had a weak moment and attempted suicide. I haven’t responded. How he responds to that message is going to dictate how positively, negatively or neutrally he views you. So wait for your ex to express the desire to take things further with you. I got 100% focus on my goals. Texts are short lived and always initiated by me or pertaining to our child. For example, lets say that you were to use the no contact rule on your ex boyfriend for 30 days. Guys tend to be more rational than emotional and think with logic rather than intuition. I didn’t trust him because he went back to his ex 2 weeks after we broke up first time and then he came back to me and I took him in, until I found that he was talking bad about me after our break up bu looking through his phone after he came back. You’re not a fool and I don’t even feel like your story is a sad one, as it doesn’t sound finished! Here is how I would deal with this situation if I was in your shoes and it happened to me. Faster than you think. He was supposed to come visit in March but the travel ban from Covid-19 prevented him from flying over. We dated for over a year and then things went so downhill. Well, I am going to probably run an interesting comparison in my head.

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