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The quaint market town of Thirsk in North Yorkshire is the unlikely setting for Sky’s new chase series, in which locals are tasked with committing a heist and evading capture to keep their share of the loot. The Heist is similar to Channel 4 series Hunted, and that’s because both are produced by Shine TV. All the smartphones and Canon 205 cameras we used were streaming back to the temporary gallery we had built, using either LiveU’s LU-Smart app or a hardware unit, and via LiveU servers.

We came away thinking, this new technology is truly fantastic. On the one hand, The Heist unashamedly appeals to the uniquely British love of a good detective story, yet on the other, it revels in the dramatic twists and turns of a criminal caper, full of rich personalities and good humour. Popular Tags: ITV,Channel 4,BBC,Love Island,Netflix.

All our phones and Canon 205 cameras were connected by 4G streaming technology and transmitted to our gallery, where we could keep tabs on what was going on. A Gannett Company.

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For Hunted, we opened series three with a helicopter chase, following a van through central Manchester and needed to get a video signal from the helicopter back to HQ. On Thursday, 4th April 2019 Sky Television announced that they had commissioned a second series of the reality show. But that was going to be horrendously expensive. The detectives are hot on the looters' heels and it is not long before they have their first suspect. If you are dissatisfied with the response provided you can contact IPSO here.

The three remaining looters race to launder their loot. Any witnesses are urged to get in touch with the show's detectives on 01845-591526 or email, Executive producer Matt Bennett came up with the idea for the heist because of his passion for detective novels.

Nine ordinary people team up to nab a life-changing pile of cash.

“The attention to detail was a costly thing to achieve,” says Whitwell. We also introduced self-shooting by the thieves, who were equipped with iPhone 8s and jacket cams – offering a personal view from our amateur criminals. Filming our cast of Yorkshire detectives as they went about their investigation was easy – with nothing to hide, we took a traditional and ‘overt’ approach.

It was designed by The Handsome Chaps, which also designed the set of Hunted. They then split into five teams of two and had to evade the detectives for 16 days to try and keep their share of the stolen money. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. "@type": "ImageObject",

One perfect crime.

But in factual entertainment it’s unheard of.

There’s twists, turns, betrayal and friendships as cast members have to hide their share of the loot from a crack team of determined detectives. O’Leary and the senior editors sit within the main production centre, which houses 32 live camera feeds and storyboards on the developments of all the characters.

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Dianne makes a bold move to uncover her loot, while Ian gets a disturbing phone call. But when it came to filming the thieves, doing that in a conventional way could compromise their identity. The second series is filmed around Northumberland.

Any witnesses are urged to get in touch with the show's detectives on 01845-591526 or email Executive producer Matt Bennett came up with the idea for the heist … "url": "", The gauntlet is thrown down once again as everyday people from a small town are challenged to orchestrate the perfect heist - taking a life-changing cash prize from under the noses of a crack team of detectives. A team plan and execute a raid, then they have to hide their share of the loot for two weeks from a squad of detectives. With the detectives hot on the gang's heels, one clever thief hatches a plan to scupper their investigation, but an usual purchase lands another in trouble. He said: “We are tapping into Britain’s love of crime drama, the show takes inspiration from the Agatha Christie novels.”. These were all great ways of shooting but by doing that, having numerous different cameras and people all filming different segments of the thieves’ daily lives, meant that as a production team we were really removed from the storytelling. How to get Gemma Collins’ short hair look – blonde bobs are in with the TOWIE cast!

Ten people team up to nab a life-changing stash of hard cash in this Sky original production. But the remaining bandits prove they won't go down without a fight. We spoke to both BT and technical partner Jackshoot and they said let’s try LiveU instead. The way we filmed the cops for this was relatively easy as it’s an overt, traditional way of shooting with producer directors and sound operators. We are looking for adults of all ages to participate, and there is a substantial prize for anyone who manages to keep the treasure hidden.”. These are all huge, ambitiously formatted factual entertainment shows. This site is part of Newsquest's audited local newspaper network.

But even as the clock ticks down, the detectives refuse to give up.

One team buys a £1,000 HD TV with the coins, another purchases a herd of sheep with the £10 notes. Only the show’s referee, Kevin O’Leary, and some senior editorial staff are privy to what is happening across the two teams.

Regional news paper The Northern Echo publishes ‘crime’ reports, while a group of local knitters called the Thirsk Yarnbombers decorate the show’s police station with the robbers’ emblem: the White Horse Bandits.

The production team had to install two fibre lines to provide the bandwidth needed for the various camera feeds, as well as a generator for the production centres.

It is important that we continue to promote these adverts as our local businesses need as much support as possible during these challenging times.

For the chase scene in Hunted, it worked absolutely brilliantly, and was also a fraction of the cost. And then when the thieves are out in public, we looked at using surveillance vans that we could shoot long lens from. 14 former police officers were in pursuit, with things like incident boards and a hotline created alongside also holding a public appeal to get the general public into the spirit of the show.

Incident boards and a witness hotline are created and a public information appeal held, but the response is muted. After speaking with BT’s Media and Broadcast Division, LiveU and their UK partner Garland Partners (who also provided support), we decided we’d try and use LiveU to send images from both our cameras and phones back to a story producer who could then see everything that was going on and could therefore oversee the story as we went along.

The real-life game of cops and robbers is Sky’s first significant factual entertainment series and was conceived as a super-sized version of Shine TV’s Channel 4 series Hunted. It’s fair to say that The Heist has taken this to a new level, with a specific technical and storytelling challenge at the heart of it, for us as the production company. The detectives have brought framed photographs of their children for their desks, the walls are plastered with police posters and certifications and a whiteboard is being used to map all the clues they have collected so far.

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