the dirty abbotsford

states she’s from Leamington and an expert of the cultivation of marijuana , lmfao , Did you quit those jobs , or did you get fired and pushed out from them. Nik, her name is Hope Lundberg. Abbotsford on The Dirty – Gossip. people need to get their own life in check Disgusting and worthless trash!!! She will use and abuse with every chance she can get, biggest moocher i’ve ever met. To drugs comes weeping to the next sucker and drains there accounts real at.the spotted owl downtown and yuk yuks a real home wrecker and diseased.

Let’s not forget all her abortions. Dirty Blinds? She thinks she’s livin’ the life and has no problem in calling out anyone who is better off than she is. She doesn’t care what she bring home to her old man.
Their mom and dad act like they are delusional and have no idea what a crackhead she is. 100% true. Almost everything that comes out of his mouth are lies. Survey Says – Leaves the kid with her [email protected]**drous mother every weekend to go party with one of her Pespi FWB’s.

She thinks shes hardcore but so many people laugh at her because she’s stupid and fails at life. Her whole life is so laughable and deep down she knows it too.

Home wrecker is a big one with this douche.

pretty sure u all would ask for a new hand, oh no i forgot ur all a bunch of perrrfect bitches an goofs especially if u are entertained by others misery. Talk about an ugly worthless bitch. Nik, Crystal Eden, carried on a two week affair with my husband knowing full well he was married, she was on vacation with her family when she met my husband at his hotel where he was staying while working out of town, she approached him while he was drunk struck up a conversation with him and moved in for the kill, she took advantage of the fact that my husband was lonely and going through some pretty traumatic life challenges and being away from his family causing him to be depressed. Well Nik…would you?? Nik, this kid not only lies about having cancer but also about his grandma passing away. Like Father Like Daughter — Richelle Rowlands. Staci Doll — Who is Staci dolls Baby Daddy? She is always in trouble and needs money.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Taylor Hodder is a dirty skank, inviting dudes over to her house while her man isn’t home. THE DIRTY ARMY: Looks sweet and innocent, She will rope you in, give you a DRD and brush you off by Monday, cheated on her husband, had a 3some within the year, had sex a week prior to meeting her. THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nikki aka Nicole Carlson. Nik, this chick is terrible, Shelly Cox is her name, and giving your ole man drd is her game including mine!!!! She will sponsor anything on her Instagram page as long as it gets her a few bucks, and she has said she doesn’t give af if Popeyes or gorilla jack sponsor her as long as she doesn’t have to buy any more competition gear out of pocket. That’s not even the worse part she slept with him a second time and spent the night with my husband while leaving her childeren alone. Testimonials “Very good service. Abbotsford Comment All in all the more you stay away from this tramp the better off you are.

You can let go now . Don’t let this gremlin looking retard with fat ankles coach you or advertise Popeyes crap.

Refreshing! The peachfuzz on the chops is worst than Elvis.

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