the clever cat african folktale

‘I am much obliged to you,’ said the cat, as the fish laid the stone on the sand, ‘and to reward you, I will let your river alone.’ And she mounted the falcon’s back, and they flew to their master. He had ridden back along a winding road from which he did not see the palace till he was close upon it, and stood horrified at the spectacle before him. Why, cleverness has helped Nogwaja out of the cooking pot more than once!" A very clever little monkey loves cheese as well and when he sees the two cats arguing over the cheese, he uses this opportunity to trick the jungle cats into allowing him to eat practically all of the cheese. [CDATA[*/document.getElementById('cloak649a1295d76cb47fa8391f6ed55a5225').innerHTML='';var prefix='ma'+'il'+'to';var path='hr'+'ef'+'=';var addy649a1295d76cb47fa8391f6ed55a5225='info'+'@';addy649a1295d76cb47fa8391f6ed55a5225=addy649a1295d76cb47fa8391f6ed55a5225+'storycove'+'.'+'com';var addy_text649a1295d76cb47fa8391f6ed55a5225='info'+'@'+'storycove'+'.'+'com';document.getElementById('cloak649a1295d76cb47fa8391f6ed55a5225').innerHTML+=''+addy_text649a1295d76cb47fa8391f6ed55a5225+'<\/a>';/*]]>*/. So bewildered was I, and so dazzled with the splendours of everything I saw, that I stood like a statue, unable to move. The dog soon brought down a fine fat beast, and slinging it over his shoulders, the young man turned homewards. Clever Monkey: A Folktale from Africa Page 6 of 12 Story Cove | Lesson Plans Kindergarten Illustration Directions: • Tell students: Cats have always stimulated peoples’ imaginations. The young man picked it up, and put it in his pouch and then went towards home again. ‘It is that bright stone which fell out of the folds of your turban a few days ago,’ she answered, playing with his finger; ‘the little stone with all those funny marks upon it. Half drowned, and more than half choked, the two faithful servants scrambled back to land again. 0000008721 00000 n The young man did not answer at first; then he said, slowly: ‘I have promised, and therefore I must perform. %PDF-1.4 %���� 0000166777 00000 n 0000012792 00000 n The sun had not yet risen before the falcon soared high into the air, the cat seated on his back, with his paws tightly clasping the bird’s neck. Sign in. If it is anything in our power, tell us, and we will do it.’, ‘If you would have let me speak to you before, I would have told you that I come as a friend,’ replied the cat; ‘and I shall be greatly obliged if you would send four of the strongest and cunningest among you, to do me a service.’, ‘Oh, we shall be delighted,’ answered the rat, much relieved. The falcon flew to a tree and spread his wings in the sun to dry, but the cat, after giving herself a good shake, began to scratch up the sandy banks and to throw the bits into the stream.

0000006620 00000 n But will you swear never to part from it, and to keep it safely about you always? ‘Have you got it?’ asked the ogre in a whisper, for the princess’s ladies were standing as near as they dared to catch a glimpse of the beautiful jewels. Nothing that she thought of seemed good enough, so, when the message was brought that the ogre and his wares were below, she at once ordered that he should be brought to her chamber. ‘Here is the stone you wanted,’ said he, when the cat started up with a loud mew; ‘if you will hold up … ‘It shall be done, your Majesty,’ said she, and got up and left the hall. The princess was a little startled by his manner, and began to be sorry that she had every listened to the ogre. or did the fire burn more dimly than before? She turned round, and–was it her fancy? But nobody had. Don't forget! One day two greedy jungle cats discover a large piece of cheese.

‘No, I got it, and I will keep it,’ answered the cat, who was tired and cross; and they began a fine quarrel. He took the path leading to the door of the hut, but stopped on feeling a hand laid on his shoulder. what is there that you do not possess already?’, ‘How good of you not to forget me when you are in the midst of such dangers and hardships,’ answered she. And there they lived for many years, and when the old king died the princess’s husband reigned in his stead. When he was out of sight the young man took the stone from his turban and looked at it. Discover more than 3,800 classic tales plus new stories by fairy tale fans.

‘Come quickly,’ he said, ‘or you will be frozen to death!’ And a dreary little procession set out for the king’s palace, the greyhound and the cat bringing up the rear. 0000040681 00000 n

He knew in an instant that his wife must have betrayed his trust, but he would not reproach her, as she must be suffering enough already. 0000006458 00000 n They are more concerned about getting the biggest piece of cheese and their lack of trust enables the monkey to trick them into foolish decisions. ‘But I was thinking of you all the time,’ said he at the end, ‘and wishing that I could bring you back something you would like.

This website uses cookies so we can provide you with the best user experience. This trickster monkey from Africa will teach readers the importance of sharing and trustworthiness. At the gates he left them, though his wife besought him to allow her to enter. At length, seeing she did not move, one bolder than the rest put its head out of an upper window of the castle, and said, in a trembling voice: ‘Why have you come here? When they have found it they must take it from him without his waking, and bring it to me.’. ‘But if you will inform me what it is you wish them to do I shall be better able to judge who is most fitted for the post.’, ‘I thank you,’ said the cat. So they waited, seated on the highest chairs they could find, wrapped in their warmest garments, and with piles of cushions under their feet, while the poor birds flew with numbed wings hither and thither, till they were so lucky as to discover an open window in some forgotten corner.

And she answered as became a good wife: ‘Yes, of course I shall mind; but I will spend the day in planning out some new dresses; and then it will be so delightful when you come back, you know!’. And taking the stone in his mouth he carried it to the place where the cat was waiting for him.

If you have any questions about The Clever Monkey online videos, differentiated lesson plans, or activities that support the book, feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. ‘It is fit even for the princess,’ thought he to himself.

You will find yourself sinking slowly to the bottom; but take courage, all will go well. One day two greedy jungle cats discover a large piece of cheese. Then hearing steps approaching I got frightened, and called to you, as you know.’. Never believe a cat! ‘I will certainly try,’ answered the fish in a great hurry; ‘but you must have a little patience, as it may not be an easy task.’ And in an instant his scales might be seen flashing quickly along. And he went out to give his instructions.

With his falcon on his wrist, and his greyhound and cat behind him, the young man walked a long way, inquiring of everyone he met whether they had seen his enemy the ogre. Ah, how glad he was to see them again with the magic stone in their possession. ‘None of us has got it,’ said the fishes, shaking their heads; ‘but in the bay yonder there is a tunny who, although he is so old, always goes everywhere. One day two greedy jungle cats discover a large piece of cheese. ‘Don’t you know me, mother?’ he said with a laugh.

They want to share the piece of cheese but cannot decide how they can divide it fairly. ‘I fear they are too costly for me,’ she said carelessly; ‘and besides, I have hardly need of any more jewels just now.’, ‘I have no particular wish to sell them myself,’ answered the ogre, with equal indifference.

h�b```b``3f`c``5eb@ !�;�f���d400��2�����x�a�O,��y�'5u$4�b�����9t$<8©�3�Dž;�f�Ե�q���.��bP��=��E�i�yY��Lb�,�q� CS�N)�޻��>]�ړtP���!��G)��*���Zb6f��:f�0���Evwo�u��i8x�Y@uv�BCK��f��뛢� ‘After all I needn’t give it to the ogre,’ thought she as she dropped off to sleep. "You know, cleverness is a very important thing to own! ‘Your orders shall be obeyed,’ replied the rat. 0000098859 00000 n 0000004670 00000 n A representative from Story Cove will provide you with an answer as soon as possible. ‘And it is my turn to take care of the stone,’ said he, ‘or it will seem as if you had done everything and I nothing.’. If you will promise to get it back for me, why, perhaps I will leave your river alone.’.

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