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All three of my adult children have completely enjoyed the activities they’ve done so far. Turn on Kung-Fu music in the background. Hint: There's a time and money guide over each box to help you decide. Check out The Adventure Challenge community completing real adventures. Surely you’ve had some fun and brave moments throughout your Adventure Challenge experience. Make a few different variations and host a blind taste-test to determine the family favorite! Put on some Italian-themed music, your best Italian accent, and let the fun begin! Everyone take a turn. The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition Book Review - YouTube Use the slides and ladders at the park to incorporate “Shoots & Ladders” rules. Easier said than done though, because the person mixing all the ingredients MUST BE BLINDFOLDED while their partner gives instructions via Leading the blind baker with their hands or voice. We’ll make the plans, you make the memories. Thank you! For this challenge, you’ll need a blindfold and a bag of marshmallows. Gather these supplies to create a water bottle balloon slingshot cannon: Plastic water bottles, Balloons, and a Package of mini-marshmallows. Bake or make something you know they’ll love, then deliver it to their porch. Any small, round food will work. Can't wait to keep going through these books. It's time to discover something new about yourself.

The Couples Edition Book: Start dating all over again with 50 adventurous dates. 50 Scratch-Off Date Ideas + 50 Adventures With Friends. Paper plates work great as the board spaces.

Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! We’re talking 7 layers of cheese, meat, and toppings. Now it’s time for a marshmallow war! Find several fruits and veggies and put them in the bucket. Create a backyard movie experience! This product is backordered until mid-November due to the popularity of the Friends Edition. Use code: BACKORDER to get 15% off your ENTIRE ORDER.

Please note that your entire order will ship together. Make sure to keep water or a fire extinguisher close by if you plan to do add the fire element! Buy a large ball of yarn.

Lastly, choose a date on the calendar because you’re throwing a party!

Now you wrestle. If it breaks, the catcher loses the amount of points called out. I get so excited when they tell me about them also. If you’re really adventurous, fill the balloons with water and play outside. Get ready to laugh - it’s time for a lip sync battle between Team Parents and Team Kiddos! Line them all up, all over the house/living room. For this deliciously challenging kitchen adventure, have everyone pair up - one blindfolded baker and one guide.

Put on your superhero outfits. The first team to make a line of three in a row wins! Everyone has 60 seconds to get as many points as possible. Go to the store and buy water balloons. Or, How muscles are overrated and working out is actually more harmful than being a couch potato. Also, add in something funny like a dance or funny poem. Play a game of ‘Go Fish’ where everyone in the family stands at least 10ft away from the center deck. Everyone must keep the name they’ve drawn a secret.

That person then passes the phone to their right, and the next person records for ten seconds, before passing it on to the next person.

Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! Don't forget to take a picture and journal your experience! Enjoy your relationships like never before! This will make the powder explode like crazy! David Webb, Editor of Explore Magazine shares his “ Adventure Challenge Method ” he uses to motivate thousands of people to transform their lives through outdoor adventure.

Utilize the naturally colored foods like fruits and vegetables to complete your rainbow. Everyone is an artist in this creative challenge! Due to the popularity of the Friends Edition, this bundle is backordered until late-October. Bring your TV outside, then set up blankets or lawn chairs to make your own outdoor theater. You can order Polaroid cameras online or even get them at your local Target or Best Buy.

Get ready to go for gold!

For this challenge, you will need a roll of duct tape, six bean bags (preferably three of two different colors), and a smooth surface (outdoor or indoor). Assign a different number to each person, and roll a dice until it lands on someone’s number. 3.)

Paint a work of art using only the world and the foods around you!

As you hike with your “paint supplies,” look for weeds, dirt, berries - anything that when pressed against your canvas, will create a natural streak of color. It's time to discover something new about yourself. The passwords for each adventure are the first 6 letters of the adventure in the scratch off box - not including spaces and punctuation and all lowercase.

This process is repeated until there is only one person standing. Once you’ve picked three or four, everyone in the family gets to compete for the Family Name Guinness World record! If you have a large family, break into two teams and see which team gets the most points!

2. - There’s a twist. Go to at least 3 different places with claw machines. Tired of watching the same episode of Friends for the 3rd time this year? You all must wear your shirts out and about later this night. We recommend the ages 16-100. Set up bunkers, divide into teams, and go for it!

Your input is very much appreciated. Once it's scratched off, you HAVE to do it. Don’t send it yet!

None of them require a lot of money and none of them have the potential for real danger. An adventure later in this book will give you further instructions on uncovering the box!

They absolutely loved the friends book to do as family... After just our first two adventures my friends and partner were having the best time. Spend an evening with a bit of Italy, and a lot of mafia! Here are some example Adventures/Dates for our books! Re-watch the funny films and videos you’ve made as a family. *39.99 for life when you sign up today 49.99 39.99.
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Would definitely recommend any of the packages. Get some heavy-duty velcro from a local hardware store. Loving it! Players take turns tossing the bean bags into the grid. For all questions and inqueries please contact us at If you need a little extra inspiration, feel free to Pinterest for ideas. Your input is very much appreciated.

With everyone’s cup taped down in front of them, open towards the middle, dump the food out into the middle of the table cloth. This will be a dinner-time adventure you won’t soon forget! Using only things found in your refrigerator, make a sculpture of one of these three things: Bonus challenge: Have everyone wear plastic gloves while they sculpt, so after it’s completed, you can eat your creation! Everyone has to eat at least five bites. None of these are illegal, dares, or even dangerous.

Your family is one awesome team, now it’s time to become a SUPER team! 50 Scratch-Off Date Ideas + 50 Adventures With Friends The perfect gift set! Whoever catches the ball, gets those points added to their score. Play as many rounds as you want before you get too hungry! First person to reach the finish wins! The Adventure Challenge scratch-off date book gives basic information like where it will take place (most are at home, some are at specific locations). Use code: BACKORDER to … (Usually under $60) It’s nothing that’s just a quick little thing they slapped together they are thought out and you are guaranteed memories every time you scratch one off. Friends Camera Set 147.99 add to cart. Whoever is tasting has to be blindfolded and guess what they’re eating. The catch? Make as much as you can, and get them as soft as they’ll go. You must post this video on your Facebook or social media account after you finish. You open it up and attached to the magazine is a list of outdoor adventure challenges. Bonus: Record the battle with your phone and post it to social media, take a poll to see who won! Scratch off the next challenge for details. -The thrower tosses the ball into the air and calls out a number value. See who can make the most creative pizza. It’s a very unique product and actually it’s really fun to do the activities. Draw a map that leads to your treasure. If you're looking for a unique gift that will deepen your friendships, the "Friends Edition" is just the adventure you need. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! I got this for my friend for her 16th birthday and we wanted to just be teenagers and go and have fun this summer and through the rest of high school and these ideas are perfect! Any item works as long as it fits inside the fanny pack.
Best purchase from FB ever!

Your input is very much appreciated. Everyone has 60 seconds to get as many points as possible.

Thank you! The baker and guide must work together to make the cake (either from scratch or a box, it’s up to you). Make every food item a different color. TWIST: Use water balloons.

Players take turns navigating the obstacle course blind-folded while their team verbally “coaches” them to the finish line. Dig up the Time Capsule and read the encouragements out loud, Find your family flag and hang it in a prominent place. Water Sumo Wrestler: Cover as much of the shirt in velcro as you can.

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