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See the Tips section for setups. To set up the invincibility station, you will need two Target Dummy, and a Slimy Saddle. Therefore, you can make a long, flat minecart track to traverse across with a Mechanical Cart to combat the Dungeon Guardian at a distance. Entering the Dungeon before Skeletron is defeated The branching rail on top is set to a passive state (you pass through it on the bottom line without switching on to it). The Dungeon Guardian is an enemy resembling Skeletron's head that guards the Dungeon against intruders. However, this is likely due to it's absurdly high health and defense. If using a Minishark or Megashark, this fight should take you no longer than 10-15 minutes. https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Guide:Dungeon_Guardian_strategies?oldid=1074347, Pages using DynamicPageList dplvar parser function, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function, Pages using DynamicPageList dplreplace parser function, The first option is simply use the whole map, by using, The third option is to simply use a good pair of, The fourth option requires a rail system that goes in a circle, using a fast, Some of the fastest magic weapons include the, Another trick is to use a looping minecart track and use the. Otherwise, you'll simply run straight into him in the same manner of if you just had a bumper at the end of the rail.

(After dawn)SkeletronSkeletron Prime If using magic weapons, the Spectre Armor with the Spectre Mask will release extra projectiles which will deal even more damage to the Guardian. The speed of Dungeon Guardians and any other enemies with the Dungeon Guardian Al (Skeletron and Skeletron Prime during the day) have been buffed to move faster when flying in clear air. This means that the Dungeon Guardian will normally take an average of 1.04 damage. Terraria Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

Bone Key The easiest way to go about defeating it is by using a. The top rail has a bumper at the end of the line to make you turn around to the other direction without losing speed. It will appear in order to kill the player as soon as the dungeon music starts. Terraria Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community.

For this reason, it is recommended that you use mobility accessories rather than defensive ones (it's possible to survive up to 3 hits with enough defense, damage reduction and a lifeforce potion, this however comes at the cost of damage output and mobility, making it unlikely to succeed without the use of teleporters, minecarts or some other mobility method). However, the vertical speed of the Cosmic Car Key is less than 41 mph, if you travel upwards, the Dungeon Guardian can catch and kill you, so caution is required when changing direction. Unlike with the Dungeon Guardian, killing all of the Skeletron Heads after they appear will grant the player access to the Dungeon as if they had killed Skeletron normally. An Ammo Reservation Potion is great for saving bullets. A player with max HP and the maximum Beetle Endurance Buff may survive one hit from this monster as well, and an extended version of this strategy can be used to survive two hits, or one in Expert mode. This page was last edited on 4 November 2020, at 03:19. When it comes, the boss summon/special attack sound appears, despite the fact that Dungeon Guardian is not a boss. For strategies on defeating Dungeon Guardians, see, For more elaborate strategies on defeating Dungeon Guardian, including. Any player who attacks a Dungeon Guardian, regardless of the weapon or other equipment, will deal only 1 damage, or 2 for critical hits. As with weapons, prefixes that boost your critical strike chance or movement speed will be much more valuable than damage or defense. The Dungeon Guardian is statistically the strongest enemy in Terraria (if not counting invincible enemies), and only spawns when you move below -3 (underground) depth in the Dungeon before defeating Skeletron.
However, on the Old-gen console versio… If two people are on a server, it is possible to summon, In earlier versions, Dungeon Guardian only had 9000 defense (effectively it takes 4500 less damage) and 9000 damage. Summoned By Otherwise, it will not spawn. Type A good strategy is to use the Endless Musket Pouch and any ranged weapon with a high fire rate and good accuracy. If the player has access to the Mechanic and Steampunker it is possible to build a Teleporter arena (example). As the Slimy Saddle also deals damage for every bounce, you can kill the Dungeon Guardian while being AFK without having to use a weapon. Immune To This mob will … Reducing the distance can be done by releasing the left/right keys for a short time. Because the Cosmic Car Key travels at 58 mph diagonally, you can increase the distance by travelling diagonally for a while. Common If you have the Cosmic Car Key, you can take advantage of the fact that the UFO mount's horizontal speed is the same as the Dungeon Guardian's at 41 mph. Before the Dungeon Guardian existed, there were numerous Skeletron Heads which is just Skeletron without the arms.

https://terraria.fandom.com/wiki/Dungeon_Guardian?oldid=604823, One tactic that can be used to kill the Dungeon Guardian (post 1.2) is to make a skybridge out of, Another useful and common tactic is to wear, A cheat-styled yet effective way to farm for the. A way to kill the Dungeon Guardian safely is to use. 100% Before the Dungeon Guardian existed, there were numerous Skeletron Heads which is just Skeletron without the arms. You should control your speed to allow it to keep up. To defeat the Dungeon Guardian in early hardmode without too much hassle, crystal bullets can be used in a minishark while flying over a skybridge, making sure to move diagonally in midair to keep yourself going faster. The Dungeon Guardian will override all Dungeon spawns, so the. Even if a dungeon guardian is killed, access is still not allowed in the dungeon as more and more guardians will appear each time you kill them. With the use of Hoiks, the Dungeon Guardians won't be able to reach you, so the fight will be a lot safer. As the Mechanic is found in the Dungeon it is required for the player to bring materials from a world where Skeletron has already been defeated. Because of its massive defense, no weapon will deal more than 1 damage (2 with a critical hit), so it is much better to use weapons with a very high rate of fire or multiple projectiles. Dealing an average of 1.04 damage each hit, it takes an average 9614 hits to defeat the Dungeon Guardian in Normal mode. It is also recommended that you use a high rate of fire gun or projectile shooting sword, like the Terra Blade or the Vortex Beater. As the Dungeon Guardian will instantly kill you, your defense is entirely irrelevant. It can also spawn directly on top or below the player. Attack Place the Dummies facing in any direction right next to each other. 1. Dungeon Guardian will now despawn if too much distance is put between player and mob. Also note that using offensive summons can provide an extra (small) bit of damage, It is effective to use bee weapons such as. To speed up killing the Guardian you can use weapons with high fire rate, however make sure you don't use any piercing weapons or minions and accidentally hit the Dummies, otherwise the invincibility will probably break, letting the Dungeon Guardian instantly kill you. Dungeon While killing a Dungeon Guardian is possible (and will award the Bone Key pet summon), it requires careful preparation.

Spawn Time A glitch involving the Dungeon Guardian re-setting the damage (bypassing defense) allows it to be killed instantly when it attacks a player wearing a full set of. Monster Terraria Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. The Hoik should be the size of the first room in the Dungeon, anything bigger is unnecessary. As it will instantly kill you when it touches you, the only way to defeat it is to outrun it. Defense Turtle armor now only deals 1 damage when deflecting attacks to the Dungeon Guardian. Unlike with the Dungeon Guardian, killing all of the Skeletron Heads after they appear will grant the player access to the Dungeon as if they had killed Skeletron normally.
There can only be up to 15 Dungeon Guardians spawned at any given time. It also provides a good critical strike chance bonus. The Dungeon Guardian was presumably introduced to counteract this unintended behavior. Penetrated Poisoned Venom The damage is now reduced to 1, like all other attacks. This prevents the player from easily spawning dungeon guardians. It is recommended to use any prefix that increases critical hit chance or firing speed. Despite its sky-high attack and defense, it is actually possible to defeat this monster, though you must take special precautions to enter the dungeon in such a way that you can escape quickly after spawning it. Frost armor is a great choice, as the Dungeon Guardian is not immune against the Frostburn debuff, greatly increasing damage dealt. Dungeon Guardians are large, very fast (traveling at around 41 mph in all directions), and travel through all blocks.

You need to be in a world where Skeletron has NOT been defeated. with Crystal Bullets to increase the number of times you hit it. After that, all you need to do is shoot at it or kill it with Minions such as the Stardust Dragon. The machine must be 8 (or 7, which is optional) blocks tall, with 5 (or 4) blocks of free space between the ceiling and the Dummies.

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