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Gb9 Gbadd9. Esus2/G. BASIC CHORD PATTERNS MOON RIVER HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN BLUES IN C You can hear all these tunes on KTGR, the world's only tenor guitar radio. b6) Bdim/Ab... Bdim/G. e2) Eb5. Learn easy chords for tenor banjo in standard tuning (CGDA). Esus2/G. Fadd9.. FaddG Faug/D. E6.. E7, e4) E. E.. E/A. D9 D9(#5) .

Gm/F.. Gm7. Bb/Ab.

C7 C7., Cadd2/B Cadd9 Cadd9, Cadd9,,, Cadd9... Cadd9.... Cadd9..... CaddD, Cdim/D. d9) Dsus2/G,, Dsus4 Dsus4/B. I want one with Major,Minor &7ths, diminshed,etc. You can play. C/D = C and so on) . F7 F7. Once you know the root notes on a fretboard, you can take any chord shape and move it along the fretboard with ease. G. g3) G(add9) G+ G, G,, G.... G..... G/A G/A. Many companies began producing ‘banjo ukuleles’ throughout the 1920’s, after Alvin D. Keech patented the name ‘banjulele’ in 1917. D9.. D9... Dadd9,,, Dadd9. Dm6(5b) Dm7.

This tuning is exactly like the top four strings of a standard six-string guitar (the four highest strings). This ‘Model E’ would certainly have been used by George for recordings and performance. Article courtesy of Melbourne based art historian and photographer Daniel Bornsteinwww.danelbornstein.com. Gb7. check out the. it’s a great tuning for those who are looking for a wide tonal range. Asus2/G. Tenor Guitar Tunebook.pdf: File Size: 5002 kb: File Type: pdf: Download File - 51 tunes arranged for CGDA tenor guitar. G9 G9(11) Gadd9.. Gaug/E. As you know, there are many different ways and positions to play these basic chords, but I feel that these patterns allow for open strings to ring.....and that is what gives the tenor guitar a sweet sound. g7) G7sus4 G7sus4. Dbm/B.. Dbm7 Dbmaj7 Dbmaj7.. Dbmin. Am/F. I think a 2 and 3 finger chord chart for the tenor guitar is most useful. Related GIFs. Click the links below for chords and tunes for these popular songs, based on the standard tenor guitar tuning, CGDA. b5) Bdim/A.. Bdim/A... Bdim/Ab. Gbdim/E.. Gbdim/Eb. Db/C.. c8) C#4 C#5. Below, you’ll find simplified versions of major, minor, and seventh chords. As you know, there are many different ways and positions to play these basic chords, but I feel that these patterns allow for open strings to ring.....and that is what gives the tenor guitar a sweet sound. An "o" above an un fretted string means it can be played open. Notes: The chords are for standard tunings for guitar and mandolin and for the most commonly used G tuning for 5 string banjo. Gbsus Gbsus2/Bb. b7) Bm... Bm/A. f7) F#m7 F#m7-5 F#maj F#maj7 Gb.. Gb... Gb/Ab. Am6.. Am7.... Am7/add11. Asus4/G. d5) D4 D5. A tenor guitar is a fretted, four stringed instrument, most commonly shaped like a guitar. Adim/E. Db7 Db7. Esus4 Esus4/Ab. Does anyone have a link to chord charts for CGDA tuning? Ddim/Bb.. Dsus Dsus2... Dsus2/Ab. Gbmaj Gbmaj7, g2) Gbsus4 Gbsus4/E. The reasons for learning at least two shape sets, and not just one, is that with just one, you may find yourself having to move uncomfortably far up the neck for some keys, also some shapes may not provide easy access to the melody notes you need to play a particular song. G/D is an G chord with a D bass note (xx0003) . ** yay. Ebdim7.

Ab6., Abdim/E.. Abdim/E.. Abdim/Eb.. A7.. A7... a6) A5... A6 A6.. A6...A6/7sus.. A7 A7(#5) . Asus4/Gb.. Am. Fdim7.. Fsus2.. Fsus2/A. E/Eb.. E/Eb... E11/b9. Am/Gb.. Am6 Am6.

Nonetheless he continued to perform until his death in 1961. Tenor Guitar Blank Chord Charts Here's something every tenor guitar player needs! Asus2/C.. a8) Aadd9.. Aaug/D.

Guitar chords Tablatures Videos What's on Contact Links Tablatures - Music for tenor guitar. D/E.... D/E..... D/E...... D/E....... d4) D+ D. D.. D.... D/B.. D/B... D/B.... D/B..... D/E D/E. b2) Bbdim/G. Fadd9. Eb/D. Bbm/Gb. Dsus4/Gb.. Dm Dm(#5) Dm/B. Bb/G. My view, as you might guess, is why suffer unnecessarily - life is to short and there are too many tunes to learn! Abm/E.

A5.. A6.... A6..... A6/7. g1) Gbdim7. Csus.. Csus2 Csus2. Fiddle players may also care to check out the mandolin chords pages for chord ideas as standard fiddle and standard mandolin use the same tuning. Csus2/B.., Csus2/E.. Csus2/F. Am7sus4,Amin/maj9. Ddim Ddim/B. Special thanks to the Mandolin Cafe's primary business partners.

d3) Db#5. You can play p ower chords with this tuning, but that’s not all you can do. Scale charts for Guitar, Banjo Mandolin and Fiddle (violin), Scales & Arpeggios for keyboard with exercises, Beginners Harmony, Constructing accompaniments, melodies etc, complete textbook for music students, MUSICAL MEMORY - A System To Cultivate The Musical Memory For Musicians, How to set song lyrics to music and easily create a tune - A non-technical guide for hands-on musicians and song writers, Learning to play the bluegrass instruments by Rick Townend, 12 bar blues on any instrument. Currently we have charts for: Guitar, 5 string Banjo (G tuning DGBD and C tuning CGBD), Piano, Ukulele (C tuning GCEA) and Mandolin (the mandolin chords should also work for GDAE tenor banjo) are provided. G6. G Were you in the livin' room, chillin' watchin' television? Adim/F.. Asus.. Asus... Asus.... Asus2, Asus2/Ab. The idea of searching for tenor banjo chords is a great one. Cadd9.., Cdim Cdim/A. Gb/E. Don't those chord shapes look like the top four strings of a guitar. Bbm/D. With all of the following tunings, the first step to learning chords is learning where the root notes are. Rather than trying to learn tons of different chord shapes, it may make sense (for banjo and guitar anyway), to learn just a couple, and use a capo to get the other keys. Fm/Db. D/G.. D11. Ebm7 Ebm7. E/D. Ab/F, Ab4 Ab5. The fiddle (violin) chords are of course for two strings only, and only for the most commonly used keys in traditional music folk music. A6/7sus. Conventions used: Sharp and flat chords can often be expressed in two ways, e.g. 6/9 = 6/add9 (Major triad plus 6th and 9th) Bbdim/G.. Bbdim/Gb. (no 3rd) = 5 (Root and 5th - Power chord), Gbm/E, Gbm/E,, Gbm/E. He enjoyed immense success as an entertainer, making the transition from the vaudeville halls where he got his start in the early 20’s, to the silver screen throughout the 30’s and 40’s. Bb/Db. A#5..A#7. Bb/G.. Bb6.

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