telus internet 75 speed

I tried the modem speed test with the following results. Test the speed of your Wi-Fi connection by running an Internet speed test on a wireless device. 75 Mbps. It results in quite a significant hit due to Optik TV bandwidth use. That is better than the T2200H and Cisco 5Mhz separate modem.

Get TELUS high speed internet for your home today! Duh!!! Order online for a $50 bill credit . For example, if you cancel at the end of month 18, there are still 6 months remaining in your term. All Optik TV off first, 4 HD channels in use for the second set of results. (or partial month) remaining in your term. The new modem is actually not that much faster in downloading with a 3 ping, 69.7 down, and 20.9 up. The first test I did gave me a 80 Mbps download with 1 HD in use?? If you received a gift with purchase, you have 21 days to return it.

or should I contact TELUS? This is not “normal” speeds. I told them that I can get 76 Mbps with no Optic TV on, but the internet slows down to 58 Mbps or so when the Optic TV is on. and tried speed test(TELUS website speed test) on both wire and wireless. The 30-day satisfaction guarantee does not apply. We’re moving to a virtual installation process by combining our technician team with the latest video chat technology to guide you through the install from the outside of your home. It appears TV steals bandwidth from the Internet. It’s worth trying to contact TELUS and see if they can try to rectify the line issue, but sometimes there’s no real fix possible other than waiting for fibre. So, I guess I can answer my own question now about what you can get with Internet 75 on copper. After 30 days, if you cancel your internet service, the fee will be $15 for each month (or partial month) remaining in your term.

Maybe give them a shout and have them check. I'm testing with a computer hard wired with Ethernet. On a copper internet 75 plan, the upload speeds will be around 15Mbps. Is it normal to getting lower speed than advertised speed 75? The faster one is download and slower the upload of course.

There's a speed test tool built into the T3200M as shown in the image below. The T2000H used two bonded lines as well. AFAIK 75 can be delivered with only one line. Should I get a better download than 69? With 58 Mbps left for internet with 4 HD Optik channels in use that would suggest about 7.5 Mbps is being used per HD channel. TELUS leads the market with download speeds up to 1,500 Mbps and upload speeds up to 940 Mbps so you can stream, … If that's the case it is a fairly easy fix. We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. I wonder if they remembered to change the port profile on their end when they did the upgrade. I suggest you contact TELUS and go over some basic trouble shooting. Contact Telus and have them check the line profile to ensure everything is set correctly. However with a 75 Mbps connection, you should be seeing comparable speeds on both 5G and 2.4G is you are sufficiently close to the router, and your devices have properly connected to the router.

I had a wired and wireless Optik TV turned on and tuned to two different HD channels when I did that test. @RonAKA - As I mentioned earlier.

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