swgoh first order zeta priority

Prioritize Jyn until she is 7 stars and any gear for your characters that is specific to this store. Bossk is a FANTASTIC character to farm for his Bounty Hunter leadership and his ship, but he is a late tier hard node farm. You will want a team of 5 scoundrels (including Bounty Hunters) to do Credit and Training Droid Heist events when they pop up every 7-10 days. Tarkins capital ship give you an attack boost for each debuffed enemy, Biggs gains taunt and regains protection every time you place target lock on an enemy, and When Vader's Tie Advanced comes in he places DOT and Attack down on all enemies giving you an even bigger attack boost.

TLDR; My priority recommendation after running the team: B2 (required), GG(L)(required), GG/droideka(both very important), B1(always last), Magna(optional).

Palp's Leadership, Thrawn's Unique, Palps Unique.

It's just as/more important that legendary characters? Grievous lead and B2 are the TM engines. Ghost and Phantom will be in store more often.

It seems like a big reason to zeta B1 is to protect him from Grievous lol. It is worth purchasing some of your mod energy refreshes if you can afford them. Sam is a reformed personal finance blogger that now focuses on mobile gaming and the obsessively fun "Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes" (SWGOH).

If not, then remove her lead from the list and the order will remain the same. An absolute monster.

What do I use this character for other than for this ship? It gains tm every time you attack a target locked enemy, which results in it being the fastest ship in the match.

You should easily be able to obtain Palpatine when your PS is at lvl 75 gear lvl 8 with a full set of mods on them (will cover mods below). You may be level 60, 70, or even 85, but you are still trying to organize yourself and create a plan to get R2 and CLS for an example. This means you have to have five 4 star dark side ships to get Tarkin's capital ship to 5 stars. The best team in the game to focus on early is the Phoenix Squad (PS). Your First Order team should be Kylo Ren Unmasked (KRU) and Kylo Ren (Cantina Battles), First Order Officer (Cantina Store), Captain Phasma (Guild War Store) and First Order Tie Pilot - FOTP (Fleet Arena Store/Hard Node Battles). On top of that they are THE best early F2P arena team you can put together. Her leadership will easily beat Palp lead teams and she is only in danger of losing to Traya lead teams, which you won't see too many of in your shard for your first year of play.

It's something for a well-played character on a long match against a team without much cleansing. Starting over will more than likely allow you to rank higher in your Squad Arena and Fleet Arena, netting you more crystals, which will allow you to farm faster. Rex is great for PvP and on defense, as shown by Clash HERE, at least until Shaak Ti zeta can be gotten. Vader's Tie Advanced does what it did in the previous team, but without Slave 1 in the team as well Vader will always get called out first when on defense. It is important to rank up as high as possible in your squad arena every day in order to receive the most free crystals you can.

I'd say skip the Magna zeta entirely unless you're a completionist and hit B1 absolutely last of the other 5. They will likely put and keep you in the top 50 for a while, but eventually you will get pushed out to top 100, and then top 200 as you level up to 60-75.

Marquee characters are P2P characters that you won't be able to get to 7 stars for a few months (until it is farm-able) without spending. Can be helpful vs NS teams (due to their poor cleanse, and a current counter for droids), but that's about it.

The thing with GG lead zeta is the current meta teams all have mass cleanse. ), Hermit Yoda (Sith Raid/Jedi Arena Team/Future Legendary Event?

Revans team constantly cleanse each other, traya unique cleansing, even cls/RJT teams that utilise R2 cleanse.

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