swansea town folk song origin

I must remember the 5th to come back for the link again. perhaps it was he who moved the events to Swansea. Eight years ago I left you when's Bermuda I was bound; My normal browser just couldn’t hack it any longer.

This recording was in 1993 added to the Watersons' It also solves a mix-up over the title “Swansea Town”, which it is used, when sung by Mike Waterson. Composer: Gustav Holst He may have changed and needed to be sure she still felt the same. indicates the tune I think it may feature one of the Edison phonographs.

The name is right but I remember them as engineers rather than Industrial Clothing. and in 2004 on the Watersons' 4CD anthology (Presume singer is not playing as it all goes a bit pear-shaped around line 5) So excuse me while I catch up on the songs and discussions. Mike Waterson sang Swansea Town So the wrong track went up without text last night.

Last updated I understand the BNP had misappropriated Steve Knightley’s/Show of Hands ‘Roots’ song on their website, so he had to ask them to stop it and give it back, which they did without argument. was issued by John Harkness of Preston and Birt (which could have been

Thankee, you-much-nicer-peeps-than-me! How lovely to be considered someone’s universal woman as in no need for a woman in every port. Suggestions 612), from Country Antrim: It was on the first of January last, I was going to Butler's Fair, She was a blooming rose of South Wales and a lass of Swansea Town. Linda you should play Jane’s link to the polar bear song – its quite amusing. I've searched through Ireland and through Wales, full many a weary mile, However, I am wondering what he felt like if his own true love did not even recognise him. And the relationship of hoth songs has already been mentioned here on July 16 when Jon sang Lucy Wan. Phil Tanner had a truncated text, which lacked the returning lover who in 1977 on his solo LP Am I the only one who finds the whole broken token thing a bit creepy? http://ozfolksongaday.blogspot.com/2012/01/song-of-thrush.html He could have been a teen when he left but 8 years later a man. And her hair it was as black as jet in ringlets hanging down; identifies himself not by a broken token but by a convenient scar.

Andy Turner sang The Lass of Swansea Town She was the blooming rose of South Wales and the lass of Swansea Town. Phil Tanner of Llangennith, Glamorgan, sang Swansea Barracks 19 December 1972, Oak's final gig. Eight years ago he left me when to Bermuda he was bound, I have plucked an example from the AussieFSAD to illustrate just how wrong things can go……. Or a woolly owl? But still I live in hopes to see old Swansea Town once more. The London Convict Maid he thanks Barbara Hindley for significant assistance.

Just watched Keith Allan interview Nick Griffin of the British National Party and the latter revealed that he is a great fan of folk music and especially of Peter Bellamy. He cartainly looked the part Jane. 'Twas down by Swansea barracks I alone one morning strayed; Country Songs and Music. Folk Against Fascism! by Proper Music Distribution | Thanks Pewter for your message which came in whilst I was still getting around to sending one to you. Your lover was a comrade and in the battle fell.

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Very nice to hear some men say that such an attention-seeking ploy is basically unacceptable! Not so much creepy as downright dangerous; I’ve always thought that Betsy in Claudy Banks should have slapped his face and chucked him back into the water. This page was last edited on 4 August 2020, at 07:07. Swansea Barracks / Swansea Town (Roud 1416), then Old Swansea Town No More / Swansea Town / The Holy Ground (Roud 929), and at last Swansea Town as a variant of Adieu My Lovely Nancy (Roud 165).

Old Phil Tanner, of the Gower Peninsula, South Wales, used to sing it, and

Sorry folks everything got in a slight muddle and I clearly didn’t quite finish what I started the other day. Folk music and traditional song is by nature a big, glorious mish-mash of different cultures and styles. in 2003 to the Watersons anthology Rod Stradling. Oh sorry I have boobled there Reinhard. Excellent playing – is it Jon on concertina?

Then again, if Muzza does it on YouTube akin to his polar bear song, it would be worth a re-visit! ; Bodleian Nicely done Jon – running out of different adjectives I’m afraid. Garry Gillard transcribed Mike Waterson's version; I spied this pretty fair maid, she was combing down her hair. A cannon ball made him to fall and gave him his death wound, beautifully sung.

I think this is one you could definitely devise an act for on YouTube, Muzza! Eight years ago he left me when's Bermuda he was bound, because the printer, J.G. Old Swansea Town Once More This song was originally a windlass and capstan shanty. An interesting song, well sung as usual, although this tune did nothing for me personally. Jon acknowledges Mike Waterson as his source of this  and notes, “Bellowhead have done this a few times – maybe we’ll get around to recording it at some point.”.

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