suzuki samurai performance engine

Picture shows the 1600cc swap kit and engine all crated up as you would recieve it. Run the fuel pump wiring into the engine compartment through the grommet above the battery and into the passenger compartment.

You’ll need the complete engine with all the hoses and pulleys. Especially when they have the skills to build and maintain their own rigs.

The 1.6L has bigger intake and exhaust ports. Weber 32/36 Carburetor Kit for Suzuki Samurai G13 K600E Electric Choke. Compare. The 1.6L 8-valve engine can also accept modifications such as the Thorley header, MSD ignition, and other great components to help soup up your new setup. As it is newer engine for your Samurai, and are in California, you may need to have a 'referee' do an inspection for the CARB approval. Getting a complete fuel tank from a 1990 or newer Samurai which has the pump already built in the tank. Â, 2.

Now install the wiring harness you had modified by Trail Tough. Check out these girls posing with Suzuki’s!

The ignition coil can be mounted to the firewall on the passengers side at the mounting location for the steel vacuum line that goes from the manifold to the brake booster. Now you can install the Sidekick/Tracker starter. Mounting hardware and adaptor systm 10. The engine and transmission is removed by removing the (4) 14mm motor mount bolts, (2) 12mm transmission crossmember bolts, and the (2) 14mm bolts that hold the brace below the tranny. One side of the box bolts to the side of the fenderwell using the original air box mount. Our 1.6 liter engine kit provides you everything you need to install a 16-valve 1.6 "Big Block" Suzuki (Sidekick or Tracker) engine to your Samurai for that extra power you dream of, and deserve. 3. Install the new passenger side motor mount and drivers side motor mount shim.Â. uw Suzuki :.

When gathering parts for your conversion keep in mind that 1996 and up motors are OBDII and will not be smog legal for California. Click on the 'Contact Us' button to share your submissions.

Now you can drop the new motor and transmission in to the Samurai. Since the majority of the wiring is connected  under the dash on the passengers side you should mount the ECM up high on the firewall behind the glove box.

13. Of course, if you have a body lift installed then you don’t even have to worry about it. $2,300.00 Regular price $19 95 $19.95. You may be looking at the wrong part for your needs. You can re-use your stock 1.3L manifolds, flywheel and clutch with the 8-valve 1.6L as well.

Mount the ECM securely using rubber grommets for isolators.

Their small size and agility give them the ability to go about anywhere. ft. Capacities Fuel Capacity 10.6 gallons Engine Oil 3.7 Quarts Engine Coolant 5.34 Quarts Transmission Oil 1.38 Quarts Transfer Case Oil .

Some of these vehicles can […], It’s great to see women active in the sport of off-roading. The Trail Tough kit includes replacement front body bushings to raise the front clip (hood & fender area).

3. Remove the air box, disconnect and remove the battery, and label all the wiring and components so you know what it is later. This swap can be inspector friendly. Orders: 888 801-7271

The engine swap is easier if you remove the engine and transmission together.

This is greater horsepower than most 1.6L 16-valve Suzuki engines can produce running small tires. Make sure you remove the ground from the starter.Â, Once you begin hoisting the engine out, make sure the distributor does not hit the firewall and that the harmonic balancer pulley doesn’t hit the radiator support near the hood latch.Â, 2. WAKE UP... the answer is here!

Now you can install the ECM. We will communicate with you after ordering to arrange the freight billing and transportation. You’ll need the fan, starter, alternator, coil, air cleaner, exhaust manifold and head pipe. 959 Media. Performance Accessories Weld-On Shock Mount. Others have cut down the cable bracket, took off the support for the crossover tube, and adjusted my hood latch up as far as it would go and put some washers under the rubber stops to space them down.

Hasn't been a problem for many California customers though as this is a cleaner burning fuel injected engine. 5.

Since the 1.6/16v is a taller engine, the front clip may have to be raised a little for proper hood clearance. Remove the 10mm bolt and reinstall it through the coil bracket and the hard line mount with the coil wire facing the distributor. 6.

Even without modification to your 1600 engine you can expect to gain up to 25 horsepower over the stock 1.3L motor using a fully bolt on kit. You’ll have to install the speedometer that you had modified by Trail Tough. You can use an external fuel pump from an 89 Ford F-150.  It is a two wire hookup and accepts a 5/16 fuel line.Â. You’ll have to make custom mounts for the air box with mass air sensor.


Wij leveren de meeste onderdelen uit voorraad. Add the proper camping gear, and they can […], The Suzuki SX4 is a compact car and crossover developed jointly by Japanese automaker Suzuki and Italian automaker Fiat.

You must be logged in to post a review. The 1.6L swap adds very little weight keeping the Samurai a very light and nimble trail machine. Suzuki Samurai Engine 1.3. Performance Upgrades for Suzuki Samurai, LOWEST PRICES on Samurai Performance Upgrades, We offer a full line of Calmini Performance Products for the Suzuki Samurai. Regular price $299 95 $299.95. 11. For the fuel line connections, you can use high pressure rubber fuel line between the motor and Samurai hard line. You can do so by calling Richard or Cody at (813) 610-7706.

Tech: (435) 654-1149. You will need the motor, wiring harness, everything attached to the wiring harness, instrument cluster and air cleaner assembly. You’ll need the fan, starter, alternator, coil, air cleaner, exhaust manifold and head pipe. If you are looking for Performance products or accessories for your Suzuki Samurai, we hav This is an old build, but it’s still pretty cool. The North American market […], I’ve looked at numerous overlanding vehicles online, as well as in person at the Overland Expo in Flagstaff Arizona. With 16-valve engines, you’ll need the engine wiring harness, everything attached to the harness, under dash wiring harness, ECM, instrument cluster and air cleaner assembly.

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