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So I could go either way, but on my rifle that I depend on as my first one I would grab if SHTF, it has a Surefire Scout light on it with a Cloud Defense mount for the tape switch.

It also adds extreme versatility by allowing the light body to be mounted as closely as possible to a variety of popular rail accessories, such as a Dual Beam Aiming Laser (DBAL) or Advanced Target Pointer/Illuminator Aiming Laser (ATPIAL). These days, there is no excuse not to have a weapon light on any weapon you are using for defensive or tactical applications. Its massive button is easy to activate, that even under stress, you won’t be challenged by the ergonomics. Who doesn’t love options? I doubt it matters to you, but if it does you should consider the fact that Surefire does NOT currently produce an IR head for single-battery scout lights. The Surefire X300U, affectionately nicknamed the UBoat, is the number one choice in pistol lights for armed professionals.

Not a newcomer but rather one that has been proving itself time and time again. It has solid powerful light when I compared it to my SureFire M300 Mini Scout. The M600 was my go-to rifle light as a Marine. The M600 is a powerful weapon light that comes in various sizes and power levels. Northern Red's Zack Harrison Explains It, Cost-Effective, Rechargeable Power for SureFire Tactical Illumination Tools, Safety + comfort = world-class hearing protection, The World's First Duty-Grade Micro-Compact WeaponLight. I want to see, and feel the quality of what I buy. The PL Valkyrie is made for full-sized or compact guns, and can even be attached to a long gun and still be a good home defense light. Out of Stock. SureFire Scout Lights deliver darkness-defeating illumination to give you the tactical advantage in any low-light situation. The big wide world of weapon lights can be quite confusing. The PD35Tac has two modes with multiple settings in each mode. The DSF is programmable with a variety of modes and an easy set of controls. The M Series are made to be recoil-proof and that means it’ll take the recoil from anything from your dainty M4 to the mighty 12 gauge (see full specs). This replaces the Tactical modes with a push button momentary on/off switch.

Which one do I actually recommend? Activation is easy: Simply click the push-button tailcap switch or press its pressure-activated tape switch, included on appropriate models. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. This limits your potential with the light. SureFire 123A Lithium Batteries. And it's still a great pocket light. Simply pivot the WeaponLight body to allow optimal light positioning, then lock it down securely with a screwdriver or multi-tool. It was a bright light due to the dimpled basel. The Tactical kits comes complete with a Fenix ALG-01 mount that wraps around the base of the light. The first being turbo with 1,000 lumens, the second being a 60 lumen low light, and of course a 1000 lumen strobe. For a weapon light, a Surefire Scout weaponlight will do just that. Positive identification of a threat isn’t a helpful suggestion; it’s an absolute requirement. Stone Reliable. Is one better than the other? Surefire makes a multiple of Scout 300 series and 600 Series and a Dual Fuel version and you never mention which one your comparing. The Scout Light Pro Dual Fuel’s recoil-proof, ultra-high-output LED delivers 1,500 lumens of blinding white light when powered by a SureFire SF18650B rechargeable lithium-ion battery or 1,200 lumens when powered by SureFire 123A batteries. It can be dropped, tossed, thrown, submerged in God knows what and just keep clicking. With an impeccable record of service in conflicts around the world, they are the top choice of elite military and law enforcement operators. $24.95 - $149.00. This little Streamlight does quite a bit and is made for the most popular concealed carry guns. Both Surefire and Streamlight are great products, with strengths and weaknesses, but your doing a disservice to your viewers with your incomplete and shallow review……. And I mounted one on my ar15 carbine. We all knew that SureFire is the standard. Surefire M Series Scout Light. You can trust them with your life. Streamlight vs Surefire – Which Is Better? The best choice if: You prefer a high-quality, white light-only WeaponLight on a semiautomatic rifle with a 16-inch or longer barrel.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The M312V Scout Light® is lightweight and compact, but it’s tough as nails. In my opinion for handheld lights I’m going with Fenix, but for weapon lights, it’s Surefire all the way.

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And no weapon-mounted light is more durable. Streamlight ProTac Railmount versus Surefire Scout weapon lights. SureFire Scout Lights have always provided the life-saving benefits in a low-light gunfight. And a little later mounted ine on my ar15 carbine. Gear that is used and vetted by only the most accomplished/published gunfighters in the business. On top of that it has 500, 200, and 8 lumen modes.

The best choice if: You require both white light and infrared light for NODs use with a weapon that offers limited rail space or your weapon of choice is an SBR, submachinegun such as an H&K MP5 or MP7, or a pistol-caliber carbine. with class-leading performance, durability and versatility, switching superiority, and a low profile that reduces barrel shadow on longer-barreled rifles. The PL Valkyrie wouldn’t be my first choice, but it’s far from my last. I've found the both are both quite useful. SureFire Mini Scout Light Pro Infrared The Mini Scout Light Pro IR is the newest 3-volt model in our line of multi-spectrum Scout Lights. And the Streamlight flashlights cost nearly 1/3rd when you want to outfit an AR-15 with a touchpad (as seen in image below). Choose Options. JOIN THE SUREFIRE TRIBE. These light levels allow the DSF to switch between indoor and outdoor environments easily. The Outdoor mode features the same 1000 and 60 lumen modes along with a 1000 lumen strobe. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon";

It’s a handheld light adapted to use on a weapon. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Support authentic military journalism and a 100% veteran editorial staff. With its recoil-proof, ultra-high-output LED delivering 1000 lumens of blinding white light, the Scout Light Pro is ready for action. This little 100 lumen light is well suited for close-range defensive encounters and helps a lot with making positive identification of a bad guy. Picked up a streamlight protac rail mount 1 after only using surefire for years. There's a Difference. All Rights Reserved. Powered by two SureFire 123A lithium batteries, it produces 350 lumens of white light and 120 milliWatts of IR output. #GunsDaily #AR15 #GunPorn #PewPew #RangeDay. Every Scout Light Pro features SureFire’s new Low-Profile Mount (LPM), which allows the user to optimize the light’s position relative to the rail. And regardless of some opinions on the light being to bright. Constructed of lightweight aerospace aluminum, Scout Light Pros have no appreciable impact on weapon handling characteristics.

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