supernatural demon names

The British Men of Letters saw potential within Mick and sent him to the Kendricks School. In "Captives," the ghost of Kevin returns to ask Sam and Dean to rescue Linda who he has learned is still alive from another ghost named Candy. Having made a crossroads deal with Gunner ten years before, Duke offers to keep the hellhounds at bay if Gunner works for him, a deal Gunnar reluctantly takes. Instead, they put their victims into a dream-state where they play out a fantasy in their mind where their wish has come true while the djinn feeds off of them. Having just lost Rowena as well, both Sam and Dean are devastated by the news. Later, Cole with Dean and Sam work together to help his friend, Kit, after the latter's wife, Jemma, reported his weird actions. As the demon and his minion Jackson are about to kill the hunters, Becky retrieves Ruby's Knife and kills Jackson with it, allowing the Winchesters to overpower the Crossroads Demon whose deals are revoked by Crowley who is bemused when she excitedly recognizes him.

Luther refuses to help Asmodeus and exorcises the messenger instead. Dean hunts a nest of six vampires solo in "The Werther Project" to "take the edge off" of the Mark of Cain's influence on him. Charlie reappears in season 14's "Optimism" where she goes on a hunt with Sam. Michael "Mick" Davies is an operative from the British Men of Letters, portrayed by Adam Fergus. Nothing worked, until a Borax cleaning product used by Sheriff Jody Mills upstairs dripped from the ceiling; the chemical was significantly more painful and corrosive than anything else used, which Bobby affirmed to be the most effective countermeasure to Leviathans, in tandem with decapitation as long as the head was kept away from the body. Shortly afterwards, the compound comes under attack by vampires and Mick is shocked to learn that the Alpha Vampire is behind it as the British Men of Letters intel places him in Morocco for at least a decade.

Ruler of the Crossroads - The King of crossroads is the position which is the Leader of all crossroads demons. In the episode "Ghostfacers", they produce a television pilot, which covers their investigation of a house that is haunted every leap day, where Sam and Dean make a guest appearance; however, Sam and Dean manage to magnetically wipe their footage. The demon performs a ritual that restores Josie's body to perfect condition and it is repossessed by Abaddon. While everyone believed that Cain had killed Abel because he was talking to God, Cain actually killed him because he was talking to Lucifer. As Luther has left his property, Barthamus uses the chance to kill Luther through decapitation, but the Winchesters renege on the deal out of disgust for Barthamus' actions. The Knights of Hell are resistant to the ancient demon-killing knife of the Kurds, holy water and holy fire.

Sensing his "father's" weakened state, Asmodeus announces an intention to keep power for himself in Hell and imprisons Lucifer and Castiel. Rowena considers running, but ultimately stays behind to keep the rift open without Lucifer's grace. Seven years later, Castiel is inspired to look into Jimmy Novak's old life after recent events with Hannah.

Buckley and Travis Wester, are self-proclaimed professional paranormal investigators. Unable to fix the Key and to save Oz, Clive shoots himself to force the Wizard to Earth to heal Clive and save himself.

Some have even forgotten that they were once human. However, the detective she called in to help turns out to be the Leviathan Edgar and he kills the angels and captures her and her son. When Mary calls for everyone to show any weapons they possess, Mick has nothing useful and admits to having never taken a life before. necromancer or witch. At the end of the episode Sam pulls a prank on them by posing as a Hollywood producer on the phone. Josie, disguised as a nun, is revealed to be in love with Henry despite his being married with a son and is disgruntled by the nuns treatment of her.

Mick and Sam manage to extract Justin's live blood before killing him and Dean injects Claire with the werewolf cure.

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